Monday, May 24, 2010

From bad day to mother earth

Yesterday my handsome Swift has been knocked up again. But this time it got hit at the back. After the disgrace story in the afternoon, now it's a bad event in the evening? What a day :( I was at the car wash center and yours truly was reversing her car until suddenly there's a knocking sound appeared at the back. Owh dear.. That guy went out from his car and man.. He was mad. The Indian fella was wearing a black t-shirt and he drives a black Proton Saga with more than 50% tinted screen and black sport rims! Only god knows how frightened I am that time. Being my husband is not around? Ammaa!!

But Alhamdulillah.. I had reversed the car smoothly and the bumper has done a very good job. Lega nya.. :) There's no scratch at all but a slight gap between the rear fender and the bumper. I had to push it up to close the gap. I guess the hook inside had broken because of the sudden impact. We have to wait for dear husband coming back from abroad, in order to get you fixed ok!

After that distressing incident I decided to take a stroll up the Cemerlang Height. I brought along the little men and the babysitter. Faheem loves to explore nature so much. When he's out from the house he will stare and started jumping at everything he has never seen in the house. The green tress, the flying birds, the fast cars, the peoples and all. Until sometimes he even forgets his milking hour! Dear boy.. :)

Papa Faheem loves to jog up the hill when he's still a bachelor those days. He always pursue me to be his jog partner. But he will only receive a yes from me if the event is at the resident's gym or Taman Tasik Titiwangsa or any other gardens or park. I don't want to be lying flat soon after that. I have a cutie little baby to take care of! Hehe.. But I will get you accompanied my dear. One fine day!

It is really an eye opener to drive up Bukit Cemerlang. The pictures below worth a thousand words. Another interesting 'activity' while you are up there is to gaze at the luxury houses. Some of them can't be categorized as a house though. It's almost a palace! Huu.. I wish to snap few pictures of that palace-kind houses but don't have the guts to do so. Those houses were VVIP's. I don't want to get involved with any problems after wards.

Speaking about luxury houses. Have you ever went to Nadayu Melawati? I mean the show house. That multi-million project is still under construction. See the web page and you may start day-dreaming now.

By the way, me and the babysitter keeps on wondering yesterday, which one is Bung Mokhtar's house? :) You know, That oh-so-lucky but not-so-young guy who married the beautiful actress. The wedding ceremony was taken place at his house in Cemerlang Height. Well, according to the newspaper la. What ever. May you both live happily ever after!


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