Wednesday, May 26, 2010

His First Food

In two weeks time, that little gentlemen will be having his first food! Being a new mother, oh yes I'm excited :) I'm planning to consult Faheems' pediatrician first to get the best ideas on what and how to serve him. Cereals or self made foods? Or jarred foods? The feeding schedule? Hm. His next appointment at Prince Court is this coming 16th of June. That is just 3 days after he will be turning six. Good. No need to make another appointment. You will get your food honey. Sabar ya Faheem. Good boy waits! :)

During Faheem's last vaccination, I did ask the pediatrician regarding the right age to feed him solids. Since he seems to put anything into his mouth. I've been wondering is he's hungry or it's just because of the itchy gum. But the answer was 6 months. Nothing solids until he reach that age. This is to prevent any allergies reaction to the baby since his digestive system isn't ready yet.

And so approaching June, yours truly has eagerly browsed through few ranges of baby foods at the baby store. The simple one would be the cereals. Cerelac by Nestle is the most common brand that I found. You know the smooth rice and grains with milk. All you have to do is pour in some milk and it's ready. As simple as ABC. There's also ready-to-eat baby food such as Heinz and Petit Gems. The Petit Gems seems more convincing since it has the Halal (UK) certification. I get to know about that through Pa&Ma magazine, of last month's edition if I'm not mistaken.
At first I thought his first food has and has to be the cereals. Since it is way simple food. Easy digestion! That's the word. And only after that I may slowly change it to the real yummy foods that comprise of chicken, fruit, vegetable and all. But according to my few good friends, it is to no harm to serve him real food (grinded) directly. Hm.. I'm a bit confused here. I shall ask the doctor's opinion first. I'm a newbie!

By the way, these are a few good notes, related to introducing your baby to his first food (for all the new mommies like me!).
Credit: Gourmet & Babycenter

  • A good rule of thumb is to start with rice cereal, which is gluten-free and less allergenic than other foods.

  • Introduce other solids gradually, one at a time, waiting at least three days after each new food. This way you'll get a heads-up if your baby has an allergic reaction to one of them (signs of an allergy may include diarrhea, a bloated tummy, increased gas or a rash).
  • Each baby will have unique food preferences but the transition should go something like this:
  1. Semi-liquid cereals
  2. Strained or mashed fruits and vegetables
  3. Finely chopped table foods, including meat and other protein sources
I should read more about this during the Wesak day off!


  1. at least 6 months is the best time. starts with finely mashed or blended cereal like rice, oat, barley etc. don't make the solid too thick and dilute it with water or ebm. can also start with vege or fruit puree as 1st solid. i think thin puree is rather suitable compared to mashed to pieces as 1st solid to avoid choking. although the latter is now becoming a trend. my baby even choked on thick finely mashed avocado. introduce 1 food at a time on 4 days basis to detect any allergy. then u can slowly mix the earlier introduced solids. after that followed by adding fish, chicken etc. 100% homemade solid is no doubt, the best... fresh and all. stock up frozen solids for a week if u want to save time. right way of storing solids could maintain nutritional value. commercial solids got too much sugar, preservatives and less nutritional content. u might want to carefully choose the brand though. but banana, avocado, apple could be handy for traveling. check out this website very informative and helps a lot! :)

  2. everdearest ina. it took some time for me to rply this comment. and to read it. haha.. u r such a novelist. pjg beno type!:D btw tq so much! uve been such a great help here. aku pn blur2 lg. sempat baca sikit2 je. nx appoinment tnye doc habis2 lah. thx for the link too. aku confius pape nt aku buzz2 je mama ihsan tu. thx again!



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