Thursday, May 27, 2010

Family Day at Vietnam?

About last week, husband dearie told me that his company will be organizing a Family Day this coming July at Hue, Vietnam. We are so excited, especially me! That will be our first holiday as one small happy family-of-three :) My husband eagerly asked me every single day to check out the air tickets and also make a survey regarding the destination that we shall be heading for.

As for the air tickets, I guess there will be no hassle at all since there will be no public holidays here in Malaysia neither in Vietnam during the said event date. That means the chances to get the tickets is there, no need for early purchasing. Fair enough.

Unfortunately, there are few things that came to my highest concern while searching information about Hue. Is this the place we are going? Along with that little boy? Hm..
  • First and foremost I searched all the pictures related to Hue. And surprisingly what i saw was that very classic pagodas? I may be enjoying it if I were to travel with the husband. But with a small kid that knows nothing about history? Err..
  • According to Wikipedia, Hue is an ancient capital of Thura Thein and used to be the imperial capital of Nguyen dynasty. As such it is well known for its NUMEROUS monuments and architecture. I don't think little Faheem wants to see those rigid and off colored buildings? Do you?
  • Referring to my best travel guide, Trip Advisor. The best things to do at Hue are: motorbike adventure tours and visits to numbers of tombs, pagodas and monuments. Erk..
  • And the climate? It's hot and generally wet. Similar to Malaysia but more rains. Duh.. My husband did mention that it is a 2 hours up-north flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Hue. And the location of Hue is nearby the 4 season boundaries. His Vietnamese mates informed that Hue will be super hot during July! Oh boy..

After few times of discussion with dear husband, we have made up our mind. Hue is a big NO. We preferred a place whereby both parents and children will get the best out of it. He suggested any local places would be nice. Less travel hours, less tiring too :)

Ok, lets started searching for a local cuti-cuti destination now!



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