Friday, May 28, 2010

Pulau Lang Tengah

I'm so not in the office-mode right now. Only two things that keep on mingling in my mind these days: Faheem's first day of munching good food and that holi holi day this coming July. Hmm.. While searching for local vacation spots I have stumbled upon this beautiful place that I have went before. And I got a feeling like making a 'belated' review of my stay there. Well I didn't manage to babbles about it in my previous blog. Due to the time constraints (as always). Been busy with weddings, then expecting, then JCI Accreditation, then having a kid and bla bla..

The wonderful collage as above was captured on 2009 during our 1st honeymoon at Pulau Lang Tengah, Terengganu. Our 2nd honeymoon was at Bali Island, Indonesia. I shall update the later in the next post. Pulau Lang Tengah is actually very small and it is a secluded island sandwiched between Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian. But the tourist density at Pulau Lang Tengah is way lower than both of them. Redang and Perhentian somehow are too crowded with homo sapiens, especially during the peak seasons. Even the cutie nemo gets afraid of them I guess. Hehe

We stayed at D'Coconut Lagoon for 3 days. And we just love it to bits! We went snorkeling in the calm blue sea, walking side by side at the sea shore, swimming in the sexy pool out facing the beach, having a romantic candle light dinner with the fresh sea breeze and jungle trekking too! :) We wished to go round the island. Especially that sportsaholic husband, he's the one that was over excited about it. Ngee..

It take you only 2 hours to complete the whole trek round the island. Can you imagine how small the island is? :) But we have been advised by the rangers not to do so since it was still in monsoon season and the trek was slippery. It's too risky. Moreover we'll be going without any rangers accompany. Big NO. And so, we just strolled along the mighty white beach for about 1 hour.

And the negative side? FYI there are only 3 resorts available for accommodation (pls refer to the map above) hence it is a good idea to book in advance. And for those who have been staying in any small islands before, you have to agree that the price of a clean drinking water is sky high. Hence, purchase few bottles of mineral water before you off to that scenic island.

Clean water is crucial for a healthy body!

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