Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Shoe Cabinet

Finally there is a cabinet to fit in all the shoes?
Err.. Especially Mr. Husband's..
  1. Futsal boot
  2. Field hockey boot
  3. Football boot
  4. Jog shoe
  5. Tennis shoe
  6. Golf shoe
  7. Crocs
  8. Sandal
  9. Safety boot
  10. Office shoe
  11. And his wide range of selipar jepuns?
Gosh that is a lot. That's just his, what about mine? Thank goodness few of mines are nicely kept in the car and in the office (for a quick grab during exchanging of plans. Ngee..)

It has been a while actually I've been longing for a perfect shoe cabinet. But doesn't have the time to search for one. More over, ever since i have to take care of an active little boy and my husband is working abroad, 24 hours a day doesn't seem enough for me. Until one boring Friday.. I decided to find one! By hook or by crook.

And so during Jumaat break i drove off alone to Danau Kota. There's a Cavenzi store. Frankly speaking Cavenzi (being quite a big local furniture store in Malaysia), i do have doubts especially when it comes to Q. You know what i mean. But i have NO say to its design. Some of them somehow looks very trendy too. Seriously. But what I'm searching for is only a shoe case. I think i can just close one eye when it comes to that Q factor. Heh..

At first i was quite surprised to know that they have quite a lot of designs too. Big or small, medium.. High or low. Conventional type or the Ikea type. I'm so delighted that day. I know i have come to an ideal store to shop during a limited lunch break. Hehe. Among all of them I've spotted this nice white cum dark brown shoe case. It's the only Ikea-like design shoe cabinet with solid wood! It is spacious, you can even adjust the shelf in order to fit in bigger boots plus there is a place for umbrellas at the center. And how lovely is that? :)

I had take a look at the shoe cases at Ikea before. But it was rather small. I don't think it can occupy our shoes (me, hubby, that little kid with his babysitter?). Hm. Moreover most of them has to be fixed to the wall. Leceh meh..

In less than one hour, yours truly has purchased the said shoe cabinet. Yeay.. Time very well spent Lisa!


  1. I saw the same design at Ebay. I think if you were to sell that one there, you'll be expecting a lot of buyers.

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  2. This is a good design for a shoe cabinet. I just hope that it's made from high quality industrial products and equipment. This will ensure the ability of the cabinet to hold the entire weight of shoes when all shoes are in place.


  3. You're not sure if the furniture that you will buy is in good quality unless you check it personally.
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