Thursday, May 20, 2010

Siakap 3-Rasa

This is our forever favorite white meat dish.. Siakap 3-Rasa. If you have Kerapu? That would doubles the excitement. Mr. Husband has been traveling back to KL almost every weekend from Ho Chi Minh City. As a token of appreciation I'm making his favorite meal during Saturday's luncheon last week. The crunchy salad may looks a bit overloaded and kinda messy I really have to say. But who cares. We love it to bits! =D

It's such a wonderful feeling to see your loved ones smiling broadly when he knows that he'll be having his favorite meal that day. And with that naughty hugs and kisses while you are busy with the hot pan and turner? Ahh.. Don't you think that marriage life is so beautiful?! =) Alhamdulillah..

A good friend of mine, which is also a bride-to-be requested this recipe. That's the reason why I'm uploading this post. Thanks Asna! At least akak da bole slowly menaip balik! Ngee.. Anyway, this is a very simple kind of 3-Rasa. I just use anything that is already in the kitchen. Hehe. Give it a try to impress your beloved ones. As Chef Gusteau (Ratatoille) keeps on repeating, Everyone Can Cook!

The Ingredients:
  • 1 ekor ikan siakap (of course)
  • Chilly Sauce (pick your best brand)
  • 6 ulas bawang merah (or you can use bawang besar if you like)
  • 1 ulas bawang putih
  • 10 tangkai cili padi (if you love to have it spicy)
  • 2 batang serai
  • Beberapa helai daun limau purut
  • 3 tangkai cili merah
  • 2 biji tomato (chopped)
  • 1 btg timun (chopped)
  • nenas (chopped)
  • gula, garam & perasa
Fried the fish first and put aside. Then you may start to saute the bawang besar+bawang putih along with serai, daun limau purut and cili padi until it becomes yellowish and smells good! Then pours in some water accordingly, chilly sauce, timun+tomato+nenas and gula+garam! When the 3-Rasa sauce tastes exactly as you wished for, pours it onto the fried siakap. And your yummy lunch is ready by then! =)


  1. Yeay! thank youu!!
    Nie yg nak buat suprise for him hehe ;)

  2. buat jgn x buat! nt da selesai hal kawen mawen kitorang bejalan ke umh k. dgn incek faheem skalik :)



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