Sunday, May 23, 2010

Surprise Guest

Approximately mid day, i have received a surprise visit from Pak Tam and family, that is my husband's side from Kulim. As what i mentioned, it's a surprise visit. They never inform me that they're coming over. And FYI me and the babysitter haven't taken our bath yet. As so you know.. It's Sunday! I woke up as early as 7am but so busy with the housekeeping and playing around with the little kid and this and that and it is as simple as.. I just forgot to take a bath? Oh lord!

I was even so panic because there's nothing to serve them. I'm planning to do some grocery shopping at Carrefour that evening. It's my Sunday routine by the way. To cut a long story short, Mak Tam had to take care of Faheem first while me and my babysitter is having shower. Well, at 12pm? Duhh! And i can only serve them with sirap limau and keropok. "Better than nothing!." Said the babysitter. Haha.. I'm dead meat if my mom knows about this. No Joke.

Ok, enough with the humiliating story. Ngee.. :p Take a look at this mug mat. I only manage to use it when we have guest coming over. Do you like it? Well i do! Hehe. It's one of the birthday presents i get from the lovely husband this year. He bought it at Ho Chi Minh City. And the glass? I guess everybody knows it is Ikea's Diod, handcrafted. It does match with each other right? :)

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