Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tiny yet precious

I just found out that one blade of Faheem's tiny fan has torn :( It's the Little Bean's Flexi Clip Fan. Though this small fan seems nothing to him (since he easily get bored with his toys), this fan is crucial when there is a routine maintenance by TNB and worst of all, a sudden electricity cut off. With the extreme hot and dry weather these days? I can't bear to see him sweating and cranky. I need to get another one at Jusco this evening!

By the way, it's just RM19.90 :)


  1. Hi Mama Faheem!!

    Patut la blog lama dah bersawang.. rupenye dah beralih angin.. Ok.. Yours will be in my blog roll after this.

    Letak banyak2 sket gambar Faheem.. Dah jarang nak godek fb nowadays. Tapi blog hopping is a must! Hehe..

    p.s.: Guess I'm the first to comment? Yay!! \(^^)/

  2. hi cikyus! itula die.. sejak pregnen dlu mmg susah sgt nk berupdate blog. skg faheem da besa sikit bru la bole nk merajinkn diri kembali menaip. hehe :D



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