Saturday, June 26, 2010

He needs a new toy!

I do not pamper that little men with too many toys all this while. I think he is still small to actually learn how to play with his toys. Enough with The Coloria musical mobile elephant that his daddy bought when when he was a newborn, a fancy Hippo Playgym that he used to bite and squeeze when he was 2 months plus (thank you auntie Hanis!), a Sassy rattling toy & Bright Starts grab and spin when he was 3 months plus and a Gosig Terrier soft toy when he was 4 months plus. For me, those kind of toys are nothing but objects that are very helpful to distract little Faheem from going cranky :D

Only when he celebrated his 5 months birthday I decided to get him a 'healthier' learning toy. It's a VTech Roll & Wiggle Caterpillar. I picked that one because it has 3 song lyrics and 8 nursery rhyme melodies sang by a caterpillar! Haha.. Cute sangat! :D The funny caterpillar comes with 2 modes - learning and musical. When it switched to learning mode, the caterpillar started to 'teach' ABC, 123 and simple shapes & colors. That happens when Faheem spins the roller. Where as the musical mode keeps Faheem entertained with the cutie sound that his mama used to memorized during her primary years. Goshh.. Thanks to Mrs. Tan for making me remember-by-heart most of the nursery rhymes! :) Oh the bright red light will flash with the sounds too!
I know Faheem doesn't really understand anything as yet. But I guess it's good to give him the hearing, touch, taste and vision exposure in the early years. He's now 6 months plus and he seems bored of the same toys everyday. Beside his toys there are also few other non-toys that are his forever favorites: TV remote control, momma's iPhone, baby wipes and his latex changing mat! Sigh.. He really needs a new interesting ones. And so yours truly went to Jusco on her way back home this evening and spotted a 3 in 1 learning set by Fisher Price. I've spent like 45 minutes at the kids area (you'll never get enough of testing each and every kind of the toys!) and that threesome in a box really catch my eyes. It comes with a Ducky Rattle Staker (I used to have one when I was a kid), Turtle Shape Sorter (and this one too but those time it's not a turtle) and a Counting Animal Friends (it comes with music if I'm not mistaken). But poor Faheem can't sit by himself yet. Maybe I should wait until then? Oh.. I remember giving a Peek-a-boo Cuckoo to little 'Athifah when she's turning one few months back. Or I should get the same thing to Faheem? Err..

But mommies, don't just purchase anything without reading the labels. Below is one good note from an article regarding Toys Safety. You may also like Tips for Toys Safety.
Buy toys only from outlets and companies you trust. The UK Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents recommends the following: "Look for the official European Community (CE) symbol on the toy. This is a claim by the suppliers that their toy meets the requirements of the EC Toy Safety Directive. Products without the mark may not be intended as toys but as novelties which may not be safe for children to play with. Look also for the British Toy Manufacturers Association 'Lion Mark.' One of the requirements of this trade association is that members' toys will meet the safety requirements. Buy from suppliers with a good reputation for safe and reliable toys. Many will be members of trade associations whose rules call on them to meet high standards."
By the way, today is my boss' 47th birthday. He treated us Subway for lunch and I chose Hot Subs, Chicken Teriyaki. And we get few slices of San Francisco Coffee's chocolate cheese cake when we're back from the Friday lunch break :) Yummy and yummy. It's very delicious I have to say. The chocolate tastes so rich and the sweet-sourish of the cheese makes it nothing but a perfect cake. And suddenly I'm thinking of Martha Stewart? Hmm..

Ok. Here comes the birthday wishes. My dear boss.. Though you are one of the most annoying person that I have ever met in the whole universe, I still owe you something. The precious knowledge that I gained from you, every single working days. May you live happily for the rest of your life. And may you find the perfect soul mate asap. Happy Birthday Mr. NS! :p

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Celebrating half a year with a flu

Approximately a week after his last vaccination schedule of this year (on six months), dear Faheem was down with flu! My poor little boy.. :( He has never catch a flu before this. I guess the biggest reason for him getting sick was too much of exposure to the outside activity recently. Well he went out for 2 days in a row just a few days after he got vaccinated for his 3rd Pneumococcal. On Friday his nanny brought him for early-raya-shopping at Sogo KL. You know how congested Sogo is during Friday's luncheon right? And the next day I tagged him along a cousin's wedding at Galeri Shah Alam. It was drizzles a bit and we stayed there for hours since it's also a long waited big family get-together.

Faheem started to get cranky on the next day after we attended the wedding. He seems can't afford a good sleep. He kept on changing positions and when he failed to get the best arrangement, he started to cry. At first I thought he had a bad dreams or anything related. When I get back from work the next day, he was sleeping soundly on my bed and I was about to take a rest by lying beside him. While trying to kiss him, I can see as if he was having difficulty to breath. I asked my parents and they noticed the same thing during lunch time that day. Ok, my baby is getting a flu!

I'm terrified? Oh yes I am. This is the first time I will be handling a cranky baby with flu. I hate flu like so much and I know how hard it is to treat a little baby with a running nose. Being an adult I always panic like duhh whenever my nose blocked with mucus and what more for a little baby who doesn't know how to blow by himself? Thank goodness my mommy was staying with me that day. I do need extra hands to cope with the unhealthy men! By the way my parents along with my sisters and two cutie nieces were spending the 2nd week of school holiday here :)

I went to see the doctor right away when I noticed he really got a stuffy nose. The doctor gave him a nose drop for mucus decongestant and medicines for fever and cough (if he ever catch them after this). I was quite surprised because there's no real medicine for his flu. I asked the doctor and she simply said 'no need' with her eyes focusing on the pc monitor. What ever.. What can you really expect from a GP right? A GP doing locum some more. Huhu. Papa Faheem continuously advised me to bring poor Faheem to his pediatrician at Prince Court. But I guess I should monitor his condition first. Since he doesn't catch any fever and he's as active as usual. Errr.. unusually active sometimes! hehe..

I purchased a Japlo baby suction unit at Guardian. But I don't think it is useful, at all. It's hard to suck his mucus with the thing. And the pressure while pressing the pump was rather low. Only suitable for blowing Faheem's bath bubbles I guess. Huu.. When the nose drop has nearly finish, I went to the 2nd GP to get Sterimar for Faheem. I'm using the same thing during pregnancy those days. It doesn't work all the times but it does work plus it's very safe, for pregnant ladies and babies.

It has been one week Faheem is having flu. I really hope he'll be recovering soon. Yes, it is painful too see him like that. Plus it also brings side effects on me as a working mom. I get so demotivated at the office. Worry too much and headaches and body aches simultaneously gained due to not enough of quality sleep..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

His 3rd Pneumococcal Vaccination

Yesterday was Faheem's another injection day. He got vaccinated for Pneumococcal & Hepatitis B plus a syrup of Retrovirus. Among all of the vaccination sessions, the injection that includes Pneumococcal and Hep. B are the ones that I'm very less likely of. Well, it involves two needles poking at one time! Huu.. Seeing my little precious crying in pain when his pediatrician started her routine job was so heartrending :( More over, a mild fever is anticipated about 5 hours after the injection. I don't like it. But for the sake of your health, I really have to face this..

By the way, Pneumococcal Vaccination is not a mandatory in our country. Meaning the government doesn't have a subsidy program for it. And it also means that we have to pay on our own. Errkk.. :(

This was his 3rd time of Pneumococcal Vaccinations. The first one was during his 3-months old, the 2nd one on his 5-months and the latest one was on his 6-months birthday. My poor boy caught a mild fever during his 1st Pnemococcal Injection. But alhamdulillah.. There's no sign of fever at all for his 2nd and 3rd injections. His tiny body might have startled a bit after receiving his first Pneumococcal Vaccination, that's why he got the temperature I guess. But it's not that serious. I didn't even bother to use the thermometer since his body doesn't seem to feel hot that much. He keeps on weeping sadly for almost 2 days and he didn't want to lie down without me hugging him. My poor little baby..

During the 1st and 3rd Pneumococcal Vaccinations, papa Faheem wasn't around. He was working at Vietnam and his work really ties him down. I just went to the medical center with Faheem and the babysitter. But luckily this time around papa is coming along! :) I'm so excited because if he ever catch a fever that day, there will be additional hands to cope with the little men. Simply that. Haha.. :D

By the way, what is Pneumococcal Vaccination's for? Well from a layman say (that is most probably me) Pneumococcal Vaccination is crucial to prevent Meningitis. According to Medicine Net Pneumococcal Vaccination is a method of preventing a specific type of lung infection (pneumonia) that is caused by Pneumococcus Bacterium. The vaccine is injected into the body to stimulate the normal immune system in order to produce antibodies that are directed against Pneumococcus Bacterium.

There is also a short article about Pneumococcal Vaccination that I found through the online newspaper, The Star Online. The sentence that really caught my eyes stated that -
Since 60% of the pre-school children are carriers of the Pneumococcus, children who attend day care centers are more likely to become infected due to increased exposure to the bacteria in the daycare setting.
Hmm.. In next 3 to 5 months I will be sending Faheem to day care centers while me and dear husband are off to work. His babysitter isn't able to stay with us anymore longer because his elder sister (which is also my aunt, we're relatives) is staying alone with her 4 kids. (Her husband had just passed away few last weeks.) So she really needs a company to run her daily living as a single mother. Err.. Yet another head aches for a working parents.. :/

In late afternoon we went 'test drive' Honda City! And we just love it :) The handling was super smooth, with awesome interior and exterior. Well we decided to swap in our 1.5 compact with a 1.6 sedan after having a little kid. We need a bigger trunk that can slot in the baby stroller with other luggage. Currently we only manage to fit in ONLY the stroller in our trunk. And that was a huge troublesome. Actually we've been eying eagerly the Honda City and Kia Forte for the past few months. We searched the internet review first and then went to the show rooms and met the sales advisor. Forte seems to have more advantage on the price and size. But not the second value. We would never use that sedan for the rest of our life. When the right time comes, we may need to shift to MPVs or SUVs. Especially when this tiny happy family grows! :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The walker or the babysitter is to be blamed?

I received a call from abah (my dad) early this morning. It's 7.30am and his first sentence was, "Dah bangun belom?" Haha.. Cepat2 je I reply dah dah.. Padahal tengah mamai lagi time tu. Ampun bahh.. Tipu sunat hari Ahad :D He asked weather I have read today's Harian Metro. And of course the answer is NO, I'm still on the bed.. duh! Well yesterday, there was one misfortuned event of a 7-months baby. He died after falling from his walker. Innalillah.. Such a tragic event for a little baby. He's the only child some more! :( MasyaAllah.. I hope his parents will have all the courage with them to face this heartrending incident of their little precious. Amin..

You may read the whole story here: Pengasuh Bayi Cuai

The reason abah called me at that instant because he was so concern with little Faheem after reading the news. Well I have started putting him in his walker since 2 weeks ago. Abah repeatedly mentioning on not to let him in his walker all alone by himself. I really have to agree with abah. No matter how solid or big the walker is, unpredictable incidents may happen in a blink of an eye if you ever loose sight of your little ones.

That's the reason why I'm so fussy while searching a walker for Faheem before this. Most walkers that I found were very simple. You know, with that 4 sticks crossing each other. Until one day I saw this baby walker. It's My Dear: 2 In 1 Baby Step and Walker. I just fell in love at the first sight when I first saw it while browsing LittleWhiz. Me and dear husband eagerly search for one (in order to physically look at it before purchasing) at Jusco and Toy's 'R' Us but to no avail. I get frustrated a bit. I really want it but I want to see it in real life first.

After gave up of searching finally we've made up our mind. Let's purchase it directly via the internet. Hopefully it is as good as we have read in the descriptions. And the pictures too! After 4 days of waiting anxiously finally the most awaited obsession has arrived. And alhamdulillah.. We have made the best decision honey :) I love it and so do Faheem.

These are the walker descriptions:
  • convertible to a training walker (it's a bonus!)
  • all plastic, luxurious walker with 3 leg
  • 3 height level adjustment - will keep fit your growing baby
  • sound, light & toy can stimulate and entertain baby's sense of sight, hearing & touch :)
  • wide base for stability (the most important criteria)
  • weight : 5.8kg

By the way, I fixed the walker all by my self. Until that I realized, yeah.. I am an engineer! Haha..

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bali Island 2009

As promised: The trip review regarding our second honeymoon at Bali last year. In one shot, what do you really fond of Bali? And my sincere response is.. I can stay at a 4-star hotel with a cost of a 2-star hotel in Malaysia. And I may shop as much as the money flows because of the currency exchange and.. I'm staying at BALI for real! Hehe..

Who will resist good things with a good price right? =D

We stayed at Hard Rock Hotel Bali for 4 days. HRHB is a 4-star hotel. At first we opt for a 5-star hotel since it doesn't really cost us much. But most of the luxury hotels are located outlying the city itself and not in the heart of Bali, which is Kuta. They scattered along Nusa Dua, Sanur, Legian, Benoa and all. For those who intended to stay at super serenity places, those luxury hotels are just perfect for you.

However, being a youngsters couple who have just tied the knot, we need a lot of fun and entertainment at a nice yet romantic place! =) and HRHB is the one that we're searching for! More over HRHB is situated facing the famous Kuta beach. Which is just a walking distance to various stores of Indonesian craft centers and other local specialties. My good friend Hanis went there for their honeymoon earlier. Following their story of excitement on their stay at HRHB, we make a reservation at that instant!

Since that was our first time staying at Bali, we had chosen a Full Board package complete with a tourist guide. The good point of having a tour guide was we managed to go round all the wonderful places around Bali in a blink of an eye. Lucky us the tour guide was so friendly, competent and resourceful. They (2 of them) just knew what we want and where we wish to go. Plus they were hilarious too! Ooo.. I've started missing Bali now.. Huu.. Well, during the 4 days stay, we have went to (as far as I can remember):
  • Uluwatu sunset tour - located at the level of 250 feet above sea level. We had a romantic sunset dinner at Jimbaran beach - we had it twice! :)
  • Kintamani & Ubud tour - witnessed the traditional Barong and Kris Dance. Celuk village (famous of its gold and silver work), Mas village (a wood carving center) & Tempaksiring (the mysterious elephant cave)
  • Bedugul & Tanah Lot sunset tour - visited the famous Beratan Lake Temple built in Eleventh Century.

Well the pictures speak for themselves =)

The not so good part was: Unfortunately we were not able to enjoy to the fullest at HRHB. We've been traveling from mountains to beaches starting in the early morning till evening. The only time that we have, in order to get a stroll at the rock-on hotel was at night, before we went to bed and on our last day stay at Bali. We have told the tour guide earlier that we didn't wish to go anywhere. We just want to stay at the hotel until they pick us up to the airport. Reason being, we were so exhausted after the 3 days trip and we just want to have a good rest at the hotel and to enjoy the panoramic view of the Kuta beach.

But frankly speaking I have no idea why they are so crazy about the Kuta beach. From my personal view, the beaches at Pulau Lang Tengah, Pulau Redang, Pulau Tioman, Pulau Langkawi and every hot spot beaches at Malaysia are wayyy beautiful compared to Kuta. Hmm.. Maybe the tourists love it because of the high and strong waves. Well the westerner loves ocean surfing right.

In a nutshell, we just love our stay at Bali. If god's willing, we shall re-visit this nice place. Matta Fair here we come again!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mi Sup Ekspres?

Guaranteed (by yours truly) to be ready in 25mins! :p

This event happened last Monday. I was so hungry. I didn't have my lunch that day. Been busy with something else during the lunch break. On my journey back home just after the office hour, I feel like dropping by Domino's Wangsa Link or Pizza Hut Wangsa Maju or that forever favorite char kuew teaw stall just near the house. But it was drizzle a bit and I don't feel like going out from the car. Until I reached home, little Faheem and the babysitter weren't in the house. Oh i forgot. The babysitter took him for a stroll at the swimming pool and playground. I'm starving but there's nothing full-of-carbos in the house. And that cutie munchkin is not there to give me loads of hugs and kisses! I'm almost blank.. I need food!

Err.. What does Faheem links to food? It's simply that, the little kiddo may ease every kind of stress I'm having in my life. Yup. I'm serious!

I opened up the fridge and I can see few things that I can dig up to make one yummy dish for a dinner. And so I started making an express meal at 6.30pm and by 6.55pm it's ready! Haha..

The ingredient:
  • Any kind of ramen. I'm using the good old mee kuning
  • Onion (2 clove, sliced)
  • Garlic (1 clove, sliced)
  • Baby asparagus, mustard greens (sawi meh) & carrot (the more the healthier)
  • Fish cake or fish ball
  • Chicken meat (minced)
  • Chicken stock (1 cube)
  • Black paper powder
Fry the onion and garlic until it becomes lightly brown and smells nice. Then put in chicken meat and fry until it cooked. Pour in some water and put in one chicken stock cube. Until the soup boils, put in the fish cakes and fish balls. Reduce heat and simmer for 5mins. Then put in the asparagus and carrots. Don't forget the black pepper powder, as according to your spicy level likeness. Season to taste with sugar and salt. When the soup tastes exactly like you wished for, get the ramen in and lastly the sawi. Enjoy!

This recipe is highly recommended for those who are starving at home and only god knows how lazy you are to dine out. Hehehe.. :D


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