Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bali Island 2009

As promised: The trip review regarding our second honeymoon at Bali last year. In one shot, what do you really fond of Bali? And my sincere response is.. I can stay at a 4-star hotel with a cost of a 2-star hotel in Malaysia. And I may shop as much as the money flows because of the currency exchange and.. I'm staying at BALI for real! Hehe..

Who will resist good things with a good price right? =D

We stayed at Hard Rock Hotel Bali for 4 days. HRHB is a 4-star hotel. At first we opt for a 5-star hotel since it doesn't really cost us much. But most of the luxury hotels are located outlying the city itself and not in the heart of Bali, which is Kuta. They scattered along Nusa Dua, Sanur, Legian, Benoa and all. For those who intended to stay at super serenity places, those luxury hotels are just perfect for you.

However, being a youngsters couple who have just tied the knot, we need a lot of fun and entertainment at a nice yet romantic place! =) and HRHB is the one that we're searching for! More over HRHB is situated facing the famous Kuta beach. Which is just a walking distance to various stores of Indonesian craft centers and other local specialties. My good friend Hanis went there for their honeymoon earlier. Following their story of excitement on their stay at HRHB, we make a reservation at that instant!

Since that was our first time staying at Bali, we had chosen a Full Board package complete with a tourist guide. The good point of having a tour guide was we managed to go round all the wonderful places around Bali in a blink of an eye. Lucky us the tour guide was so friendly, competent and resourceful. They (2 of them) just knew what we want and where we wish to go. Plus they were hilarious too! Ooo.. I've started missing Bali now.. Huu.. Well, during the 4 days stay, we have went to (as far as I can remember):
  • Uluwatu sunset tour - located at the level of 250 feet above sea level. We had a romantic sunset dinner at Jimbaran beach - we had it twice! :)
  • Kintamani & Ubud tour - witnessed the traditional Barong and Kris Dance. Celuk village (famous of its gold and silver work), Mas village (a wood carving center) & Tempaksiring (the mysterious elephant cave)
  • Bedugul & Tanah Lot sunset tour - visited the famous Beratan Lake Temple built in Eleventh Century.

Well the pictures speak for themselves =)

The not so good part was: Unfortunately we were not able to enjoy to the fullest at HRHB. We've been traveling from mountains to beaches starting in the early morning till evening. The only time that we have, in order to get a stroll at the rock-on hotel was at night, before we went to bed and on our last day stay at Bali. We have told the tour guide earlier that we didn't wish to go anywhere. We just want to stay at the hotel until they pick us up to the airport. Reason being, we were so exhausted after the 3 days trip and we just want to have a good rest at the hotel and to enjoy the panoramic view of the Kuta beach.

But frankly speaking I have no idea why they are so crazy about the Kuta beach. From my personal view, the beaches at Pulau Lang Tengah, Pulau Redang, Pulau Tioman, Pulau Langkawi and every hot spot beaches at Malaysia are wayyy beautiful compared to Kuta. Hmm.. Maybe the tourists love it because of the high and strong waves. Well the westerner loves ocean surfing right.

In a nutshell, we just love our stay at Bali. If god's willing, we shall re-visit this nice place. Matta Fair here we come again!


  1. teehee.. telah review.. i wonder ape pulak my experience will be.. ;p

  2. honeymoon trip should be super nice yus!! jgn lupe post entry bali nt keh! :)

  3. hi u..i dulu g Bali bukan jakun sal apa, jakun pasal tengok Uluwatu murah giler...i stayed at Conrad Hilton tapi tak dapat menikmati keindahan hotel dan keadaan sekeliling sebab sibuk shopping and spa. Banyak tempat tak cover ni kat Bali hehe



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