Saturday, June 26, 2010

He needs a new toy!

I do not pamper that little men with too many toys all this while. I think he is still small to actually learn how to play with his toys. Enough with The Coloria musical mobile elephant that his daddy bought when when he was a newborn, a fancy Hippo Playgym that he used to bite and squeeze when he was 2 months plus (thank you auntie Hanis!), a Sassy rattling toy & Bright Starts grab and spin when he was 3 months plus and a Gosig Terrier soft toy when he was 4 months plus. For me, those kind of toys are nothing but objects that are very helpful to distract little Faheem from going cranky :D

Only when he celebrated his 5 months birthday I decided to get him a 'healthier' learning toy. It's a VTech Roll & Wiggle Caterpillar. I picked that one because it has 3 song lyrics and 8 nursery rhyme melodies sang by a caterpillar! Haha.. Cute sangat! :D The funny caterpillar comes with 2 modes - learning and musical. When it switched to learning mode, the caterpillar started to 'teach' ABC, 123 and simple shapes & colors. That happens when Faheem spins the roller. Where as the musical mode keeps Faheem entertained with the cutie sound that his mama used to memorized during her primary years. Goshh.. Thanks to Mrs. Tan for making me remember-by-heart most of the nursery rhymes! :) Oh the bright red light will flash with the sounds too!
I know Faheem doesn't really understand anything as yet. But I guess it's good to give him the hearing, touch, taste and vision exposure in the early years. He's now 6 months plus and he seems bored of the same toys everyday. Beside his toys there are also few other non-toys that are his forever favorites: TV remote control, momma's iPhone, baby wipes and his latex changing mat! Sigh.. He really needs a new interesting ones. And so yours truly went to Jusco on her way back home this evening and spotted a 3 in 1 learning set by Fisher Price. I've spent like 45 minutes at the kids area (you'll never get enough of testing each and every kind of the toys!) and that threesome in a box really catch my eyes. It comes with a Ducky Rattle Staker (I used to have one when I was a kid), Turtle Shape Sorter (and this one too but those time it's not a turtle) and a Counting Animal Friends (it comes with music if I'm not mistaken). But poor Faheem can't sit by himself yet. Maybe I should wait until then? Oh.. I remember giving a Peek-a-boo Cuckoo to little 'Athifah when she's turning one few months back. Or I should get the same thing to Faheem? Err..

But mommies, don't just purchase anything without reading the labels. Below is one good note from an article regarding Toys Safety. You may also like Tips for Toys Safety.
Buy toys only from outlets and companies you trust. The UK Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents recommends the following: "Look for the official European Community (CE) symbol on the toy. This is a claim by the suppliers that their toy meets the requirements of the EC Toy Safety Directive. Products without the mark may not be intended as toys but as novelties which may not be safe for children to play with. Look also for the British Toy Manufacturers Association 'Lion Mark.' One of the requirements of this trade association is that members' toys will meet the safety requirements. Buy from suppliers with a good reputation for safe and reliable toys. Many will be members of trade associations whose rules call on them to meet high standards."
By the way, today is my boss' 47th birthday. He treated us Subway for lunch and I chose Hot Subs, Chicken Teriyaki. And we get few slices of San Francisco Coffee's chocolate cheese cake when we're back from the Friday lunch break :) Yummy and yummy. It's very delicious I have to say. The chocolate tastes so rich and the sweet-sourish of the cheese makes it nothing but a perfect cake. And suddenly I'm thinking of Martha Stewart? Hmm..

Ok. Here comes the birthday wishes. My dear boss.. Though you are one of the most annoying person that I have ever met in the whole universe, I still owe you something. The precious knowledge that I gained from you, every single working days. May you live happily for the rest of your life. And may you find the perfect soul mate asap. Happy Birthday Mr. NS! :p


  1. hi...found ur blog, nice blog..huhu...
    btw, im mummy zara...

  2. hi hi mummy zara :) thanx for dropping by. jenguk ur blog jgk td. bestla zara da start mkn nasi. my lil faheem pn akan start mkn nasi in a few days time ni. bleh share2 baby food recipe! hehe :D



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