Thursday, June 10, 2010

His 3rd Pneumococcal Vaccination

Yesterday was Faheem's another injection day. He got vaccinated for Pneumococcal & Hepatitis B plus a syrup of Retrovirus. Among all of the vaccination sessions, the injection that includes Pneumococcal and Hep. B are the ones that I'm very less likely of. Well, it involves two needles poking at one time! Huu.. Seeing my little precious crying in pain when his pediatrician started her routine job was so heartrending :( More over, a mild fever is anticipated about 5 hours after the injection. I don't like it. But for the sake of your health, I really have to face this..

By the way, Pneumococcal Vaccination is not a mandatory in our country. Meaning the government doesn't have a subsidy program for it. And it also means that we have to pay on our own. Errkk.. :(

This was his 3rd time of Pneumococcal Vaccinations. The first one was during his 3-months old, the 2nd one on his 5-months and the latest one was on his 6-months birthday. My poor boy caught a mild fever during his 1st Pnemococcal Injection. But alhamdulillah.. There's no sign of fever at all for his 2nd and 3rd injections. His tiny body might have startled a bit after receiving his first Pneumococcal Vaccination, that's why he got the temperature I guess. But it's not that serious. I didn't even bother to use the thermometer since his body doesn't seem to feel hot that much. He keeps on weeping sadly for almost 2 days and he didn't want to lie down without me hugging him. My poor little baby..

During the 1st and 3rd Pneumococcal Vaccinations, papa Faheem wasn't around. He was working at Vietnam and his work really ties him down. I just went to the medical center with Faheem and the babysitter. But luckily this time around papa is coming along! :) I'm so excited because if he ever catch a fever that day, there will be additional hands to cope with the little men. Simply that. Haha.. :D

By the way, what is Pneumococcal Vaccination's for? Well from a layman say (that is most probably me) Pneumococcal Vaccination is crucial to prevent Meningitis. According to Medicine Net Pneumococcal Vaccination is a method of preventing a specific type of lung infection (pneumonia) that is caused by Pneumococcus Bacterium. The vaccine is injected into the body to stimulate the normal immune system in order to produce antibodies that are directed against Pneumococcus Bacterium.

There is also a short article about Pneumococcal Vaccination that I found through the online newspaper, The Star Online. The sentence that really caught my eyes stated that -
Since 60% of the pre-school children are carriers of the Pneumococcus, children who attend day care centers are more likely to become infected due to increased exposure to the bacteria in the daycare setting.
Hmm.. In next 3 to 5 months I will be sending Faheem to day care centers while me and dear husband are off to work. His babysitter isn't able to stay with us anymore longer because his elder sister (which is also my aunt, we're relatives) is staying alone with her 4 kids. (Her husband had just passed away few last weeks.) So she really needs a company to run her daily living as a single mother. Err.. Yet another head aches for a working parents.. :/

In late afternoon we went 'test drive' Honda City! And we just love it :) The handling was super smooth, with awesome interior and exterior. Well we decided to swap in our 1.5 compact with a 1.6 sedan after having a little kid. We need a bigger trunk that can slot in the baby stroller with other luggage. Currently we only manage to fit in ONLY the stroller in our trunk. And that was a huge troublesome. Actually we've been eying eagerly the Honda City and Kia Forte for the past few months. We searched the internet review first and then went to the show rooms and met the sales advisor. Forte seems to have more advantage on the price and size. But not the second value. We would never use that sedan for the rest of our life. When the right time comes, we may need to shift to MPVs or SUVs. Especially when this tiny happy family grows! :)


  1. ala faheem ciannya...takpa takpa, nanti jadi kuat ....lisa, faheem nampak matang dan bijak...baru 6 bulan kan...noli ingat dah setahun...nampak besar.

  2. hi norlin. aha.. faheem cpt btol besa. lahir dlu 2.44kg je. msk 6 bulan da 7.3kg! hehe. susu kuat sgt die ni. ble faheem bleh jmpe haikal ni..



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