Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Celebrating half a year with a flu

Approximately a week after his last vaccination schedule of this year (on six months), dear Faheem was down with flu! My poor little boy.. :( He has never catch a flu before this. I guess the biggest reason for him getting sick was too much of exposure to the outside activity recently. Well he went out for 2 days in a row just a few days after he got vaccinated for his 3rd Pneumococcal. On Friday his nanny brought him for early-raya-shopping at Sogo KL. You know how congested Sogo is during Friday's luncheon right? And the next day I tagged him along a cousin's wedding at Galeri Shah Alam. It was drizzles a bit and we stayed there for hours since it's also a long waited big family get-together.

Faheem started to get cranky on the next day after we attended the wedding. He seems can't afford a good sleep. He kept on changing positions and when he failed to get the best arrangement, he started to cry. At first I thought he had a bad dreams or anything related. When I get back from work the next day, he was sleeping soundly on my bed and I was about to take a rest by lying beside him. While trying to kiss him, I can see as if he was having difficulty to breath. I asked my parents and they noticed the same thing during lunch time that day. Ok, my baby is getting a flu!

I'm terrified? Oh yes I am. This is the first time I will be handling a cranky baby with flu. I hate flu like so much and I know how hard it is to treat a little baby with a running nose. Being an adult I always panic like duhh whenever my nose blocked with mucus and what more for a little baby who doesn't know how to blow by himself? Thank goodness my mommy was staying with me that day. I do need extra hands to cope with the unhealthy men! By the way my parents along with my sisters and two cutie nieces were spending the 2nd week of school holiday here :)

I went to see the doctor right away when I noticed he really got a stuffy nose. The doctor gave him a nose drop for mucus decongestant and medicines for fever and cough (if he ever catch them after this). I was quite surprised because there's no real medicine for his flu. I asked the doctor and she simply said 'no need' with her eyes focusing on the pc monitor. What ever.. What can you really expect from a GP right? A GP doing locum some more. Huhu. Papa Faheem continuously advised me to bring poor Faheem to his pediatrician at Prince Court. But I guess I should monitor his condition first. Since he doesn't catch any fever and he's as active as usual. Errr.. unusually active sometimes! hehe..

I purchased a Japlo baby suction unit at Guardian. But I don't think it is useful, at all. It's hard to suck his mucus with the thing. And the pressure while pressing the pump was rather low. Only suitable for blowing Faheem's bath bubbles I guess. Huu.. When the nose drop has nearly finish, I went to the 2nd GP to get Sterimar for Faheem. I'm using the same thing during pregnancy those days. It doesn't work all the times but it does work plus it's very safe, for pregnant ladies and babies.

It has been one week Faheem is having flu. I really hope he'll be recovering soon. Yes, it is painful too see him like that. Plus it also brings side effects on me as a working mom. I get so demotivated at the office. Worry too much and headaches and body aches simultaneously gained due to not enough of quality sleep..


  1. mmg slalu dgr n susah nk dpt ubat for baby under 1 yo selagi sakit xteruk. sbb ubat xelok sgt utk diorg. flu n cold mmg take time utk subside. but mmg penat lah nk jaga anak kan sementara nk sihat. sabar byk2 kay n dont worry too much. ihsan sesekali hingus meleleh jugak tp bknlah selsema apa pn. by tghari dia kering. mebi sbb sejuk la byk kuar blk lewat2 mlm. slalunya kalau jd mcm ni aku mandikan pagi lewat2 sket n jap je. kepala pn xbasuh until hidung dia betul2 kering.

  2. salam lisa. kenal jaja tak? jaja ade add lisa kat fb, tp still waiting confirmation. faheem tua 1 bulan je dr ank jaja yg ke 2ni, dia lahir bln 1. dia pun seme jugak, dh nk semgu dh. kesian kn kalu tgk ank tak sehat. ank jaja suke tdo niarap, dh ah seme, kadang tak selesa dia tido g tu, tp bile dibaringkn, dia niarap semule. hopefully, ank kita sehat lah nanti...

  3. ina.. faheem pulak time pagi ok. msk tgh ari meleleh sikit. ptg ok. msk time nk tdo mlm meleleh blk. huukk.. arini mcm da ok. tp time die nap kejap kul 8 tgk2 meleleh lg. sikit je actually. tp sbb die x reti hembus kn. so x slesa la die. mandi mmg aku x sempat nk mandikan la. tp da pesan kt toksu tu mandi jap2 je pagi n ptg tu..

    oo jaja eh. bru cek kt fb td. kt fb tu da ade dkt 100 friend request. bnyk org tah pape. sbb tu jarang cek. jaja ni yg mane satu eh? lisa tgk2 x dpt cam la muka tu. sori sgt. jaja kt ss2 ke dlu? nt lisa accept k. itula.. susah ati sgt. bdn pn penat je. pg ofis x smanagat dh skg. huuukk

  4. ha'a....jaja yg ss2 dulu. jaja tgk fb lisa kat noryn..dia kate ye ah lisa yg se skol nge kita dulu. pas darjah 6 trus lost contact, tak cam sgt ah. ok..nti jgn lupe add tau. ctk blogspot lisa...tertarik jaja tgk. jaja try wat jgk, tp tak jd pun. nk online lame2 tak leh, ank ni kacau. nk mian jugak dia.mmg ah kesian tgk ank tak sehat, nti baik ah tu...ank jaja pun batuk2 lg. esk kene inject 5 bln, hopefully takde pape ah pas kene inject nti.

  5. ic ic.. lisa da add da :) cantik eh? hehe.. men blasah je buat. actually bukan ade mase sgt pn nk ber blog2 ni. tp sbb dlu2 da start, so rs rindu plak nk menaip blk. eceh.. :p

    faheem da baek seseme mgu lps. alhamdulillah.. dlm 10hari jgk la die seseme. skg da rs fobia plak nk bwk die pg public. huhu..



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