Sunday, June 6, 2010

The walker or the babysitter is to be blamed?

I received a call from abah (my dad) early this morning. It's 7.30am and his first sentence was, "Dah bangun belom?" Haha.. Cepat2 je I reply dah dah.. Padahal tengah mamai lagi time tu. Ampun bahh.. Tipu sunat hari Ahad :D He asked weather I have read today's Harian Metro. And of course the answer is NO, I'm still on the bed.. duh! Well yesterday, there was one misfortuned event of a 7-months baby. He died after falling from his walker. Innalillah.. Such a tragic event for a little baby. He's the only child some more! :( MasyaAllah.. I hope his parents will have all the courage with them to face this heartrending incident of their little precious. Amin..

You may read the whole story here: Pengasuh Bayi Cuai

The reason abah called me at that instant because he was so concern with little Faheem after reading the news. Well I have started putting him in his walker since 2 weeks ago. Abah repeatedly mentioning on not to let him in his walker all alone by himself. I really have to agree with abah. No matter how solid or big the walker is, unpredictable incidents may happen in a blink of an eye if you ever loose sight of your little ones.

That's the reason why I'm so fussy while searching a walker for Faheem before this. Most walkers that I found were very simple. You know, with that 4 sticks crossing each other. Until one day I saw this baby walker. It's My Dear: 2 In 1 Baby Step and Walker. I just fell in love at the first sight when I first saw it while browsing LittleWhiz. Me and dear husband eagerly search for one (in order to physically look at it before purchasing) at Jusco and Toy's 'R' Us but to no avail. I get frustrated a bit. I really want it but I want to see it in real life first.

After gave up of searching finally we've made up our mind. Let's purchase it directly via the internet. Hopefully it is as good as we have read in the descriptions. And the pictures too! After 4 days of waiting anxiously finally the most awaited obsession has arrived. And alhamdulillah.. We have made the best decision honey :) I love it and so do Faheem.

These are the walker descriptions:
  • convertible to a training walker (it's a bonus!)
  • all plastic, luxurious walker with 3 leg
  • 3 height level adjustment - will keep fit your growing baby
  • sound, light & toy can stimulate and entertain baby's sense of sight, hearing & touch :)
  • wide base for stability (the most important criteria)
  • weight : 5.8kg

By the way, I fixed the walker all by my self. Until that I realized, yeah.. I am an engineer! Haha..


  1. wawa bestnyer walker faheem! canggih tul brg2 bb skrg kan. rasa mcm nk jd b jugak je hihi. btw aku plak mmg xplan nk guna walker sbb rmh jepun kecik plus aku prefer bb to move by himself. tp kwn dh bg free so guna gak la. just utk ltk ihsan kt dapur masa aku msk. tu pn skrg dia dh xnk dok dlm tu (terpaksala aku back carry wahhh penat!). to me walker can be a big help la kalau nk ltk kejap2 time kiter wat keje. but during other time better bg baby learn to crawl. lambat jln sket n crawl lama2 sket xpe. sbb crawling important for baby's mind development! :D

  2. aku pulak bli walker ni sbb faheem tu active sgt. die beguling2 atas toto tu within seconds da smpai lantai dh. risau nnt kang tehantuk kpale or mulut ke lantai. so that walker is a good help la time nk msk ke, solat ke, rehat2 kejap ke. same la mcm ihsan. 5 min je plg lame die nk stay dlm walker tu. lps tu duk angkat2 tgn nk bgn. kne bwk beguling, maen lompat2, maen gelak2, bru die nk duk dlm walker blk. aduhaii.. aha. aku pn duk usha ari2 ble la awang ni nk merangkak. kekeke.. skg asik angkat2 bontot time mengensot tu. ihsan merangkak bpe bulan ina?

  3. hi lisa..dah ade blog ye..
    hoho besaunye walker faheem...
    betul kate ayah lisa..kene tgk2 kan die dlm walker..bende kalo nak jadi, bile2 mase pun bole..sekelip mate je twin tak gune walker..hehe nita pun cam ina prefer him to move by himself..lagi pun dua org kan..kang penuh walker kat umah..

    ok anyway jgn lupe add nita add lisa jugak keep in touch dear...muuaah polok syium kat faheem

  4. halu halu nita.. :) aha saje ngengade nk berblogging. padahal bukan ade mase sgt pn. hihihi.. itulaa.. sejak ade walker, stroller n bb cot dlm umh tu, rs sempit sgt2 umh. kdg x saba nk tgu faheem besa, bleh simpan sume bnde tu dlm stor. hehe.. :D okie dokie. nt lisa add nita k. hugsy to the handsome twins!

  5. hey i a stopping by from MBC. LOve ur blog. ur son is cute. I wanted to follow u but cudnt see the follow button
    Do visit me if u get a chance

  6. ihsan 6 bln baru meniarap sndiri. agak lambat tp sbnrnya normal je. pastu laju plak merangkak masa 6 bln stgh pastu duduk. skrg ni dh berjln smbil berpaut. memanjat ala2 komando. tinggal xmelompat n terjun tiruk je lagi. mmg xsabar je lisa tp bila dia dh pandai serious ko teringat2 je time dia xpandai lagi. penat! hihi. kesimpulannya skrg ni aku xkisah dh n enjoy je d moment :D

  7. neelam: hi momma zara and zidan! thanks for dropping by. ive already added in the button. keep on sharing valuable parenting infos ok! :)

    ina: ohoo mcm tu. faheem ni xleh nk balance lg nk duduk. berat kut. berisi btol die skg ni. smlm check up da 7.3kg at 6months. gemuk gebu gempal. kekeke..

  8. hi u nak tanya sikit, walker ni kan dia boleh pusing ke kiri ke kanan semua tak mcm normal round shape walker? ke sbb roda dia besar dia hanya boleh kedepan n ke belakang? i pun tgh survey walker utk anak. yg ni design nye mmg sgt cool! can u email me? thanks sgt2!

  9. hello back! nop nop.. this walker is totally the same as other walkers. dpn, belakang, pusing kiri, pusing kanan. sume bole. i was curious about the same thing before this! hehe. sbb kalo tgk gamba mcm it has a limited maneuverability kn. but it's not. the wheel that u r seeing is a dummy one ;) the real wheel is actually covered inside the 'dummy wheel' it self. u shud go get one! =)



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