Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I got FREE ottoman from Macy!

Yaa.. yaa.. This is among the best FREE gift I have ever received for this year! :) Yeayy.. Still remember the entry that I went to Macy before this? If you're not, click Weekend Well Spent to find out more. Just a few days days after my last visit to Macy Home Furnishing's store at Ikano I noticed a very interesting status at Macy's Facebook page. They encouraged us to let them know our wish list at Macy. Without hesitating much, I respond to that status mentioning the ever long-awaited storage ottoman.

To my surprise, Macy's rep replied it with thanks and asked me to drop them an email regarding my wish list. I emailed them immediately and within seconds I get a reply informing that I'll be getting the Gibson storage ottoman for FREE as a compliment for being the first fan to reply the said status! I was like.. jumping joyfully at that instant! :) Alhamdulillah.. Without more ado I 'cc' copied the emailings to beloved husband and he was delighted to read the happy mails.. ;)

I went to pick up the ottoman with my mom about 2 weeks after that (since dear husband is still at offshore). The Macy's rep asked me to come over their main store at Seri Kembangan but I requested it to be shifted to Ikano. Much nearer to my house. At first the friendly Macy guy brought us the plain beige ottoman. Having a little boy I'm afraid it will stains all over in just a few months! So I asked the humble men can we choose on our own? With a smiling face he said yes! Hehe.. Suke sangat. Around 10mins jugak me and my mum tried to decide which one to take home. Nasib baik abang Macy tu cool je :)
Finally we had chosen this one! It suits the theme color of our living area. Err.. well I do think so :D The main purpose of this storage ottoman is to keep Faheem's toys. Dear Macy, we thank you so much and looking forward to get a new settee at your store in a few months to come! (I'm so attracted with Lionel and Townsend. 50% off plsss??! Heeehe..) Muchos gracias again! :)


  1. Bestnya tetibe jer dapat free gift camni... Bila laaa luck husband aku nak kembali nih.. Hahaha.. slalunya dia yang menang2 benda2..

  2. ohoo luck encik pejoi ke.. fyi aku n hubby x penah2 dpt free gift ke cabutan betuah ke ape. ni la die 1st time. mane x excited. haha..

  3. WoW! Nice sgttt! Free pulak tue =)) kak.. akak beli TV cabinet tue kat mane ek? terberrrkenan la pulak hehe ;)

  4. Haha... Last 2 years adalah tahun luck kami berdua.. Dia dapat 42" Panasonic Plasma from Senq.. aku pulak dapat 21" Samsung from office annual dinner.. So kirenya luck aku hanya half dari saja laa kan.. bcoz he got 42" while I got 21".. Hahaha.. So kalau dia tak menang apa2, aku LAGIII laa tak menang ape2.. :p

  5. asna: ala cikai2 je tu asna. umh asna lg luas dr umh ktrg. kne pkai tv cab built in mcm dlm show house tu bru padan. sila cc kpd incek fakri. kikikik.. tu local punye asna. akak bli kt kedai perabut kt genting klang.

    mash: gle ber lucky lucky! 42" tu. besnyeee.. aku dlu2 nk amik 42 gak tp xde bajet. yela bru kawen. 3,4 bulan duk keje baya hutang jek. hahaha. so angkut la 32" je. skg ni da ada LED tv la plak. hrp2 annual dinner thn ni turn aku plak dpt LED tv. kekeke..

  6. wowee!! best ngat dapat free gift!! 1st one to reply the status lak tu.. pantas giler.. ehehe.. semoga btambah bertuah after this! :)

  7. Tula.. Btol2 kebetulan yus. Hopefully cmtula. Aminnnn!!! Tq yus dear! :)



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