Sunday, July 25, 2010

My new hobby!

Well well.. I have a new hobby now. Pls pls put away the stamp album! (Gee.. I used to collect stamps and I think my husband doesn't know any head or tail about that). Haha. Such a cute story down the memory lane.. I started collecting stamps when my dad shifted from a school teacher to a 9-5 officer at Ministry of Education. I saw plenty of fine-looking stamps on each of the letters that he received. I told abah that I'm fond of that tiny beautiful and colorful stamps and abah simply keeps the stamps for me since then.

travels a lot too those day, so I get my stamps collection growing more and more quite fast :) Oh ya, I managed to get few precious stamps from the days before the independence years through my late grandmother at kampung too. (Al-fatihah untuk nenek kesayangan kami, Hajjah Wan Kalsum Binti Chik). During weekends pulak abah dearie will help me peeling off the stamps from the envelopes using the steam of the boiling water. Owh.. I think I really miss my childhood years now. And I miss abah too! :(

Enough with the excessive intro. Being a new mother to a 7 months plus boy, I've gained a new hobby now which is preparing Faheem's food! I'm not that keen into cooking before I get married tho my mum cooks almost every meal each days. Well I have an older sis that can cook like anything just like my mom (she's the oldest! she should know everything in the kitchen right? haha) and a younger sis that loves to EAT and MUNCH and anything similar. So she simply cooks too. Being in the middle? I just eat anything that these lovely girls prepared for the family.

But every thing started to change when I get married. My husband wants me to cook as much as possible during weekends and considerably during weekdays (as he understands that his wife is a working lady). He told me that very first rule from a HUSBAND on our first weekend just when we're done with all the receptions and honeymoons. Oh dear.. Sayang kan suami, saya iyo kan sajo. Kikiki.. Lucky me, Mr husband just knows how to appreciate whenever I cook and that makes me feels so excited doing things in the kitchen. He makes jokes, he cleans the whole house, he gets Faheem entertained, he hugs, he kisses so on and so on. Oh he gets the kitchen cabinet fixed before Faheem was delivered too. Thank you sayang! That's how I started to love cooking :)

But this time it's not siakap tiga rasa or masak lemak kacang panjang. It's Faheem's food. Hehe. When Faheem started solid last month, I gave him Cerelec to start with since it's the simplest food. And he likes it, good boy! And now, on his 2nd month of having solid, I think I should give him self made rice porridge. More nutrients and it's fresh. Tambah-tambah lagi, I prepared it by myself. Air tangan mak kan.. :) First and foremost, I need a suitable blender or grinder. I already have a free Philips blender that I get when attending Philips seminar last year. Been using it to make chili boh, bawang boh, lada hitam and so on. I know it's not smelly or what, but still I insist on a new blender. We always get extra excited for the FIRST baby right! Ngeee..
I went to my favorite baby store just near the house to get the Philips Avent mini blender and feeding set. To cut a long story short, I tak jadi beli! Why? because I get so annoyed with the salesgirl! Dah la muka masam mencuka, duk sibuk sikat rambut n pkai lipstick je kat kaunter tu. And she talks to me as if I'm the biggest burden she has in the whole universe! My patience comes to the limit when she had torn the user manual (tho accidentally). It will never happen in the first place, if she gets the things done properly! Geram gile hoke, I just get out from the store like a free bird and said, "Tak jadi beli lah!" Uurghh.. Geramnye bile teringat balik kisah ni. Huhu. Fortunately, I found another Philips mini blender at Carrefour the next day. It has everything similar to Avent's except it doesn't provides you the fork and spoon plus the storage which is, I already have all that. And the best part is, I saved rm50! :)

Currently, Faheem is having blended porridge of salmon, broccoli, carrot and potato twice a day. So far alhamdulillah.. He never refuse it. My boy weighs 8.3kg at 7months 2weeks! Weehuu.. Chubby mommy's boy! But I'm bit disappointed with the salmon actually. I went to the Cold Storage just near the house but salmon was to no avail. Went to Jusco and found few slices but it's not that fresh. The fresh salmon would be near to red-orangish in color. Living in KL, where can you find fresh salmon right? *trying to ease myself here. Huhu. Takpela. Janji salmon jugak and it's not that bad after all. There are few types of salmon; the Atlantic, the Pacific. The one that I found is the Trout ones.

Protein just gets in the menu and next is the vitamins and fiber. I choose organic broccoli , potato and organic carrot (mama papa tak makan organic food pun, tapi untuk anak.. pergh.. organic pun organic laa.. hoho). I remember reading my hubby's Men's Health that said the darker the flower heads of the broccoli, the better it is.

This periuk is one of the cookware sets that I get as the wedding gifts. Well we get 3 box of cookware sets actually! To whom it may concern, we owe you very much! You never know how much it helps us all this while :) The one which is in the picture is the smallest in the box and it's so cute isn't it! I never use that one before this. It's great to fully utilized all the things that you get for FREE :D

When the porridge is done, I get it finely blended and keep in two portions, of lunch and dinner. I used a ceramic bowl since it's easier to reheat the next day and yeah, it's safe. Actually there are 2 smaller wet & dry mill beakers (as u can see in the picture) complete with the plastic covers and it fits my Little Bean's warmer too. But Faheem's nanny was wondering, is the plastic of the beakers is BPA free? Malas nak fikir panjang, I letak dalam ceramic bowl aje. Langsung hilang was was :D Wrapped them with plastic cover and get them in the fridge! Phew..

Tamat sudah cerita hobi baru ku..
Papa Faheem tak jadi balik week end ni.
His well buat hal lagi. Keluarlah cepat wahai minyak dan gas..

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