Saturday, July 10, 2010

Of Forte, City, Cruze and Mr. Soulmate.

Hi peeps. This entry is the continuation of the one before this. Done with the yummy ice cream and chit chat-ing with dear husband, we went sneak peek the Kia Forte at the center court of The Curve. Well, this the the 2nd time we have came across their roadshows. The first time was last month at Wangsa Walk Mall.

Actually we have booked Honda City but had always take a second thought of Forte. It biggest advantages that bother us night and day are its' size and price. Well we decided to book City before this simply because of its' V-Tech and most importantly the 3S - Service, Sales, Spare parts. Plus, being Malaysians we always opt for that H & T right. Whilst me? I really love the interior especially the oh-so-nice water repellent seats. Susu faheem tumpah? No need to panic mama! Ngeee.. :p

However City is rather small in size (only that the trunk capacity is bigger by 4L). Plus, it costs us 91k for a 1.5L that is equals my current Swift. Err.. Pricey and not value for money? There's also a difference of 10k between them! (City & Forte). If we were to invest it through Public Mutual or even ASB or what so ever it is, you know how much it may benefits us? Hmm.. We once opt for Civic but it cost us sky high! How would our monthly savings be by then? More over the current Civic has been like plus minus 4 years in the market and most probably will launch it's latest model by next year. You don't want to purchase an out dated model do you? So civic is a NO.

In order to please ourselves with that toughest decision making of the year, we make an appointment with the SA for a Forte test drive in the next day. And my first impression? Wow.. Forte is one big canggih machine lah. The features they have? Superb I may say. It has most of the features of that 100k-above-cars had such as the push start button, the smart key, the full automatic AC/heater and something with the rear mirror. Auto dimming if I'm not mistaken? I forgot what they call it but it helps a lot during night cruising. My husband drove it first then he asked me to drive since I'll be driving it more (he's out of KL most of the time). I drove all along Taman Tasik Titiwangsa back to the Kia Showroom.

The handling was smooth but the pick-up was not as good as City I have to say. The biggest drawback in Forte is the seat (mind you this comment is sincerely from a lady point of view). It looks very cheap, seriously. Sorry if it sounds too harsh. Huhu.. The audio system also doesn't seems to tune that well. I remember reading somewhere in the net that stated the same downside of Forte. The passenger side dash looks a bit plasticky too. Hukk.. :( To cut a long story short, it's a final now. Forte is a NO.

Credit: Paul Tan
While the decision making is still ding dong ding dong, we came across to the latest Chevrolet Cruze. I was like duhh! Another one just came in the list?? Fine.. As usual, I browsed the net first (especially Paul Tan's) and I think we should take a look at this one.. The price is still in the affordable-range but the OTR price merely exceeds 100k. It fits the price though, as Cruze only comes in 1.8L here in Malaysia. But, do we really need a big car? Big point to ponder now.

The exterior seems convincing and the interior looks classy too. It carries such a continental appearance, since it's under the GM roof. I've asked my boss and few cliques regarding the technical aspects and they gave me quite a good feed backs. So one new thing has been added up to our to-do-list. Shall meet up with the sales advisor soon to know more about the Cruze and test drive it. Over and over again! :/ Owh boy.. In the mean time, I have to get to used with the smaller trunk of Mr. Swift. Aiyoo..

On the next day, dear husband has been flying off to Ho Chi Minh City back again. How time flies.. :( He drove me to the office in the early morning and we had breakfast together at my office's cafe. Then he went home playing with his little men plus doing some housekeeping. Done with that he fetched me at the office once again and off we go to Maxis at KLCC. Well we registered for Maxis Broadband at Low Yat before this just to give it a try. Unfortunately, it wasn't able to receive any signal when we tested it in our house (from the 14th floor to be exact). Currently we are using the Celcom Broadband. Though the signal is always on/off, but it's better than NO signal at all.

We've terminated Wimax before and the same thing goes with Maxis Broadband. My my.. The Celcom broadband will be terminated too. We have decided to get in the good-old Streamyx in action back again. Living in a high rise building, you need cables people. Wireless is not a good option except with the receiver installed in the building. But I shall wait until my husband gets home another time. I malas nk pergi TM Point sesorang.. Let a husband do the thing. Hehe.. After done at Maxis we had lunch at Burger King KLCC, chit chat a bit and I'm off to the office while he's off to the airport. Again and again and again.. =(
Take good care of yourself my dear husband..
Will keep on counting days for you to return home..
Hugs and kisses from abroad!


  1. Oh dear. So many things to be think of after marriage n kids. -.-

    Btw, maxis broadband just boleh pakai up to level 6 if you're living in apartments. Yours is on the 14th floor. No wonder there's no signal. I terminated mine because the maxis service was sooo bad.

    Now happily using w1max. :)

  2. "tau takpe auntie yus.." kate faheem.

    hehe.. :D indeed yus, indeed. i think my body gets shrinking cmtu je sejak kawen ni. mcm2 hal nk pk, mcm2 hal nk buat. x habis hal kt ofis, hal kt umh pulak dtg. but that's marriage life. by hook or by crook u really have to face it with open hearts and a smiling face! :)

    i used wimax almost 6months b4 this. ok je. tp tetibe lps blk KL (lps pantang tu), trus xde line. asyik blinking ke red dot tuh. P1 nye technician pn penin. aduhai..

  3. hi there..thanks for droping by my blog..hang on tough ok..kalau rasa susah resign je n folo hubby.familyfirst remenber

  4. thanx sis. will keep on considering it over and over again until the other family member gets tired of hearing me and my hubby babbling :D take good care of u n the cutie lil one!

  5. dear mama gaga,
    i'll be off from shore again..
    lets go hang out ..when i get back..
    will bring u wherever u wanna go..
    that's a promise !!

    p/s- keep on with gud post darling~~

    papa gaga

  6. papa gaga! me miss u soo much.. ;(

    i'm back in office today n lil faheem is getting better too. hopefully he'll be in his best condition just when u arrive home sayang! aminn..

    lotsa hugs & kisses,
    mama gaga

  7. itulah ...
    forte memang mengancam abes ...
    but 2nd hand value for korean cars not so interesting laa ...

  8. yup. 2nd value pn one big issue jgk. tp forte mcm pisang panas kt singapore kn. maybe forte kt mesia ni yg downgrade sket kut? huhu..

    last week pg showroom cruze. 2x mengancam dr forte. lom smpat test drive lg. tp mcm mahal la pulok..



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