Friday, July 2, 2010

Weekend Well Spent - Of Macy & Ayam Penyet!

Alhamdulillah.. Syukur ke hadrat Ilahi sebab papa Faheem dapat jugak balik KL last weekend. He has been on the oil rig for 16 days and LUCKILY there's some problem arisen that forced the drilling operation to be halted for a couple of days. Without hesitating much he takes the opportunity to get reunited with the ever-missed family! :) Horeyy! We really miss you papa :) And thank you so much for making the huge effort to come home even though you are really stressed out and exhausted that time. Hugs! :)

I received a call from dear husband just before he gets on the chopper last week. An always-awaited call from someone that is so dear, made from the offshore of Vietnam. His first sentence was "Mama.. Dapat dah.." Alhamdulillah! I'm so pleased to hear that. It feels like all his sacrifices for being apart from the darling family and the hardships he faced as to travel and working abroad plus me running the little family all by my self have been paid off, fairly.. Syukur ya Allah atas nikmat tersebut! Been wondering what it is all about? It's something to do when a company 'appreciates' its' employee.. :)

This entry is mainly of regards things that we managed to do on a very tight 3-days schedule. First and foremost we went to Macy Home Furnishing at Damansara. Just opposite The Curve to be specific, it's in the same building with Ikea. I've been longing to go there for so many times before this. Until one day I get to know from their Facebook page that Macy is handling a sale that weekend. Dear husband pulak ade kat KL, ape lagi! Hehe.. :D

Speaking of furniture I've been dreaming to change our sofa ever since I get married. Haha.. No hard feelings my dear! :D Well currently we're using the out dated Carvenzi L-shape sofa. It really has worn out. Seriously. And talking about the quality? You may tie back to my previous entry regarding the Shoe Cabinet. By the way, the sofa has been used for almost 4 years now. My husband purchased it during his bachelor years. Can you imagine his friends lepaking on the sofa watching football every single day ever since the comfy couch is in the bujang house?? Lucky us the sofa cover is washable and thank you Febreeze! :p

The second thing that I really yearn from Macy is the storage ottoman! The first time I saw it was way months back when we visited our good friend's house at The Saffron, Sentul East. I fell in love with that 2in1 bench at that instant. It's just perfect as a storage for Faheem's toys that are growing more each weeks. Less headaches for Saturday spring cleaning! That's the main purpose :) Oh I almost forgot. I also need one-seat sofa. Been eying for one after I've downloaded quit a number of interior design apps from my iPhone :p But didn't purchase anything as yet. Still haven't found the suitable one plus there's no urgency for that too. I searched around Macy store but none attracts my eyes. Seek at Ikea before and found Ikea STHLM but it's quite pricey. I can get a 3-seater at Macy if we double that numbers. Huhu..

When it's approaching lunch hour we went to have ayam penyet at Waroeng Penyet, The Curve. Quit a few times I've overheard my good friends mentioning about this ayam penyet thingy at The Curve and only now we had the chance to get a taste of it. And the rating? I shall give it 3 out of 5 stars. Huhu.. Me and the babysitter had dishes with ayam while papa Faheem gets his rice with a fish. It's tasty but soooo parched. I almost chocked my self a few times.

There's some sort of sambal and kicap but it's not enough. We're typical Malays who have our rice with dishes yang ada kuah-kuah. Baru la laju sikit kunyah.. Hehehe.. But still the food is nice :) It doesn't has it's own web page yet but you may look up the menus here. As for the drinks we had something goes like es gembira? (it's pink colour btw), cendol and fresh orange. The orange juice was really bad. It tasted so like a cordial! Huhu.. But the rest is ok. Good enough to quench the thirst on a Saturday luncheon.

Faheem was a bit cranky while we were having lunch that day. Well, it's his nap hour.. And we really have to bare with it. I can see dear husband was somehow a little bit stressed out seeing his baby acting like that. Plus he's so hungry and tired some more. Been traveling with chopper, ferry, mini van, taxi and aeroplane in the same day and I simply dragged him for a window shopping in the next day? Sounds like such an inconsiderable wife isn't it? Hihi.. This always happen when you have a weekend husband. Everything just gets in the real tight schedule when he's at home! Believe me.. Hehe :D I love u to bits muchkin! :) But it lasted just a few minutes. We'd speed up the munching session and the three of us had to take turns in order to take Faheem for a walk outside the restaurant while the other one is having her meals. Hehe..

Little Faheem fell asleep just when the last person done with her lunch. How relieved! :D The babysitter went shopping for dresses while me and dear husband take a rest at New Zealand Natural. I had chocolate ecstasy and strawberry surprise ice cream while he's just fine with a mineral water. My husband consumes a lot of water everyday. Seriously. If I were to fill up the 3L jug every morning, it will comes empty just in a few hours! And he's now teaching our son to be just like him. A sportsmen that drinks a lot of plain water :) We discussed about so many things that time. Especially the long-pending issues that arise due to his absence in KL. Oh I really miss this quality hour of me and my other half..

Mr. Man managed to make a few phone calls to his friends just to say hi. Well he's been away from KL quite some times now. He keeps on telling me that he wish to organize a small get together like makan-makan at our house, and invites all his bestest buddies. He did organized once just before he was seconded to Vietnam. And the second time will only takes place when he's back for good end of this year. IsyaAllah..

Before went home, we stopped by a roadshow by Kia Forte at the centre court. I shall update it in the next entry. Faheem needs his mommy now!


  1. hehe.. muchos gracias mi amor! :) don't forget patch adams dvd aipp!

  2. Same goes to me dear..every time we having our makan2 outside, we had to speed up the makan2 session (kdg2 tercekik sebab laju sgt makan). Me, husband & her grandmom had to take turns for a walk outside the restaurant. The 'best' part is, abi Irdina selalu relax je...tak tau ke umi dia pn dok lapar gak..huhuhu...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. hi linda! :) heheh.. same je kn rupenye budak2 ni. it become worse kalo kte outing tu kacau die punye nap hour. aduyaiii... oh cmtu pulak ye abi ni. umi die wat majok2 la sket tgh mkn tu.. moncong sket kee.. msti abi prasan nt, siap tlg suapkn trus kt umi time umi handle irdina. cube jgn x cube! hehe :D



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