Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two moons on 27th August (Nuzul Quran)?

I received a chain e-mail from my sis yesterday, as stated below.

Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting August. It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eyes. This will cultivate on August, 27 when Mars come within 34.65M miles off earth. Be sure to watch the sky on Aug, 27th 12.30am. it will look like the earth has 2 moons.
The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287.
Share this with your friends as NO ONE ALIVE TODAY will ever see it again!

My first impression? Owh excited ok! Da plan malam ni nak bertenggek kat balcony mengadap langit sambil makan freeze macaron :D But then something just gets in my mind this morning. Is it true? If I'm not mistaken, I've read something more or less like this one before. Let's Google!

And I'm quite shock with the results. This is just hoax fellas. The email has been circulated around the world wide web since 2003. Well if you think you are smart enough in school and very good with numbers you may check out this site :p Physics Forums. I'm so not into mathematics so I just skipped that one hehe. But seriuosly it's a very convincing and mind blowing debates by the astronomy geniuses.

For a brief explanation for this good old hoax, you may refer to NASA Science. I found this website much easier to understand for someone who doesn't have any moons, planets and galaxies backgrounds. Hee.. Here's short notes from NASA:
  1. It is true that Earth and Mars are converging--you're now 300 miles closer--but even at closest approach the two planets are separated by a gulf of tens of millions of miles. From such a distance, Mars looks like a star, an intense yet tiny pinprick of light, never a full Moon.
  2. A backyard telescope pointed at Mars on August 27th may reveal vast clouds of dust partially eclipsing some of the planet's familiar surface markings. Or it may reveal a totally orange ball—that's what Mars looks like when the dust storm kicks into high gear. Take a look; every night the view improves. You're now 1000 miles closer to the planet Mars.
  3. So.. you should forget about Mars on August 27th, right? Not so fast. While there won't be Two Moons on August 27th, there will be Two Eyes! At 3 o'clock in the morning on that date, Mars will rise in the eastern sky alongside the red giant star Aldebaran. The two red lights side-by-side will resemble two eerie, unblinking eyes. This is worth waking up for!
I get excited back again. But.. Can the Two Eyes be visible to us in Malaysia? Hukk.. I really hope so. I've tried searching in today's newspaper if there's any press conference or just short infos regarding this by Angkasa Malaysia but to no avail *Sigh.. FYI My hubby's good friend (aka Asna's hubby) is currently in Oklahoma for a business visit. And he did stated in his Facebook page that he may stop by the Houston Space Center soon?? Oh how I wish!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kisah Kelahiran Faheem - The Birth Story

I've been longing to blog about the delivery of my first son all this while. But as always, I don't have the right time to do so. Poor Faheem, he's 8 months already and only now I have the time to share the nice story with the public. Hehe. Well, it's fasting month and I got spree time during lunch break. Nak buat keje? There's nothing urgent lah (Heheh..) Nak tido like everybody else? Oh I'm not a tido-siang person. Hence in order to kill time, I'd better started typing something real good. Hopefully dearest Faheem will read this some day.. :)

Our little bundle of joy was born on the 13th of December during his 38th week, with a normal delivery (SVD) but with the help of Mr. Pitocin and of course, Miss Epi. We (me, gynae & hubby) decided to induce the delivery due to the reason that Faheem doesn't gain weight for the past 2 weeks before his delivery. It's just me that keeps on developing width but not the little men. The gynae suspected the placenta was no longer effective that explains how the nutrients I consumed only gets in me and not delivered to him.

My husband and I was taken a back actually for the option given by the gynae since I really wanted to experience a normal delivery without any drugs (every first timers are like this I reckon). Dear gynae convinced us that by the 38th week the baby is matured already and there is no harm in doing so. And most of her patients had undergone the same thing. I searched a lot in the internet regarding the procedures and after 3 days of gaining knowledge from the net and close relatives, I finally gave her the green light.

Those days, papa Faheem was working at Vietnam (err.. until now actually). He gets a-week leave and rushed home. I was admitted to Prince Court Medical Center on the 12th of December, Saturday. My parents along with my in laws accompanied us to PCMC. We headed straight to Women & Child Center and was pleased to know that they are waiting for me. I was transported to my room with a wheelchair. The room was nice and the nurses were very polite too. We stayed in a single room complete with LCD tv, attached bathroom, sofa bed and the best part was, the scenic KL view - facing up papa's office! :)

Few hours flies with the CTG monitoring, blood pressure, IV injection and yummy food. Until the most horrifying part came, Mr. Pitocin! Ya Allah... Only god knows how hurt it was! :( The pain was even doubles than anybody else due to my own size (I'm an S size mommy). I don't need to elaborate more about this, married couples should understands :) And to our surprise, the first Pitocin doesn't work on me! Tak LUT langsung ok.. Dear gynae needs to put in another tablet. The pain was unbearable.. Again for the 2nd time? Subhanallah.. I cried a little this time (It's not crying laa.. macam bergenang air mata camtuh. Eceh!) But in the same time I tried my best to gain strength and courage since this is only the first part of the journey. And NOT the baby delivering chronicle as yet..

Until mid night, there is no sign of real contraction at all. Braxton Hicks just come and go. The gynae was quite surprise too. Two Piticons still can't smooth-en you yah! :p But again, this was normal for an S size lady like me plus yeah.. a first timer. I was in pain starting from the 2nd Pitocin at 6pm until mid night. The pain was partly due to the Pitocin, but the rest was the method!! :( I'm quite moody those few hours. Nor my husband, my mom or my MIL may cheer me up. The nurses keep asking me weather I wish to opt for epi or what so ever. Dengan penuh yakin I answered NO. Konon nak jadi hero kan.. Until past mid night, the hormones just got haywire due to the terrible pain and the night shift nurse advised me this..
"I'm sorry, but you looked really bad mam. Seriously. There's no need to bear the pain like this since we have everything to help you deal with it. And it's safe mam.. Don't.. Pls don't push your self like this.."
Mr husband tried his best to persuade me with epi. We had a short discussion few times and finally, OK. Epi pls help me. I was then transferred to the labor room again with a wheelchair (Suke sangat naik kerusi roda tau! Ngeee..) off to the labor room. Tapi masa tu mama tenang lagi.. Buang masa panic2 time tu since it's not the REAL time yet. The labor room was big and it's dedicated just for one patient at one time. And there's a sofa bed just beside my right where dear husband may take a nap from his exhausted body and his panda eyes. Sian sangat papa tau Faheem. Papa has been with mama all the time except when he's out for food and solat. He didn't even take a bath for almost 2 days, in order to keep me accompanied! Thank you so much sayang.. :)

The handsome anesthetist came and briefed me regarding the procedures (that I have already knew. Hehe.. I read a lot about pregnancy and delivery and all before this. Even dear gynae always said, "Ok, you know everything, senang tak payah banyak cerita". Heheh) We would never risk ourselves just because they are doctors right? Done with it he asked me whether I have any questions. I asked him regarding the side effects for having this procedure since I heard a lot of people complaining of back aches.

And the answer was very pleasant and convincing ones. He said NO, there is no side effects and there's not even a research done regarding the said question. Those who faced back aches after the epi was subjected to other matters such as osteoporosis, aging issue or others but not EPI. We smiled and the procedures took place in just a few minutes. And what mama still remember was, the real good feel of numbness and lalokness.. Serious!! Best sangat.. Now I know why they are drug addicts, well in a bad way ok!

Mama was sooooo happy in the labor room with the help of Miss Epi. Feels like the seratonin keeps on pumping in non stop! :D I just SLEEP and feels sleepy and EAT and EAT the nice foods in the labor room. Hehe.. My mom and MIL always come in too see how my condition was and papa still be my bestest companion in the room. Nenek Faheem keep on reminding me to drink the air selusuh (with air zam zam) and air akar fatimah (from mecca) when the TIME comes. My mum made the drinks by herself. Coincidentally, my cousin Kak Ma and Abang Fathi just back from Mecca of performing Hajj and she did bring back few of the roots. How does it tasted? Err.. Like a very bad herb drink I supposed! Huuu..

The next day, it's Sunday the 13th. The continuous CTG traced a few numbers of tiny contractions but the opening still remains at 3cm. If I'm not mistaken, during the 14hours in the labor room, the nurses came to check the opening twice. Huuu.. I hate it like argh.. Though I'm on epi but I still don't like it :( Until 4.30pm, there's still tiny contraction but the opening was 8cm! Ya Allah.. Mama da start panic. Lalokness just disappeared in a blink of an eye. The 2 nurses keep on smiling while preparing what so ever it is on the cabinets. They told me that they have informed my gynae and she is on her way now. Is that a good news or what? Oh boy!

Dear gynae popped in the room just a few minutes after that with attires as if she's just back from the shopping malls. Haha.. But that's kinda cool. At least.. To see her childish look, colorful dresses with the naughty jokes makes me feels at ease. Time flies so fast.. And as far mama can remember, I really had a very tough time to get Faheem out from tummyland :( Been struggling for almost 20mins! Ya Allah.. Pushed and pushed with no signs of Faheem coming out. The pain was even unbearable when suddenly I have this extra pain at my right buttock! Dear gynae said it was probably Faheem's leg pushing my pelvis bone. I don't really care about the pain I'm having at the cervix since I already have a firm mind set before I get in the hospital. (Every mothers faced this and it's nothing. Eceh!) Tapi tetibe tuhan uji mama dengan sakit yang lain pula dikala I'm struggling my heart out to deliver the little men..

The pain at the back is more horrifying than the 'delivery' pain. MasyaAllah... Time tu satu je mama ingat, maybe tuhan nak hapuskan segala dosa2 kecil mama selame ni kut. Mama sakit sangat Faheem time tu. I have to bear with two kind of pains while trying to deliver you out to the world! Papa pun da kuar air mata time tu. He holds my hands and kisses me and he did recite something. Mama tak ingt pulak surah ape yang papa baca time tu. Until one time mama cakap.. Sakitnye Ya Allah... Dear gynae looked at me with a different look. I guess she's thinking weather the baby can come out or not. Should she opt a surgery or not. Haha pepandai je mama ni kan.. The nurses keep on pounding spirits and courage to mama. Sungguh.. Semangat gile dorang jerit2 :D
"Ok here comes the contraction.. Pushh pushhhhh... lagiiii...!!"

Until I feel something suam2 kuku down there. "Sayanggg baby da keluar! Alhamdulillah.. Ya Allah!!" kata papa Faheem. Mama still mengah and happy a bit because the suffering finally comes to an end but I'm wondering.. Why my baby doesn't cry???? Ya Allah.. Faheem jangan buat mama risau macam ni plsss...! Only after 6 seconds, lil Faheem throws his first voice out! Ahamdulillah.. How relieved! Papa keep on kissing me with joy and excitement until the gynae told him that the little miracle is ready to be azan & iqamahkan.. I was crying of happiness while dear husband holds the tiny baby and started to azan at his ears. Before this mama dengar papa iqamah time nak solat same2 je. But this time he's performing the azan to welcome the latest tiny member of the family! Syahdunye ya Allah... Syukran Ya Allah!

I was really really exhausted. I think I'm almost blank after that. As far as I can remember, the gynae told me that she's taking the baby for a thorough observation and she instructed the nurses to keep me in the labor room first. Papa told me that he's going to check out the baby and he wanted to solat and sujud syukur and bath and all.. Then mama tak ingat ape dah. Mama terlena dalam kepenatan yang amat sangat...

I'm awake about 1 hour after that. The nurses told me that my family were so worried since I'm not coming out from the labor room. They get me changed and cleaned. I feel so fresh and contented! They transported me to my room with the Paramount patient bed (like they have in mama's office, ngeee). Just when I'm at the entrance of the wards, I can see my mom and MIL. They are smiling, but I can see the WORRIED-NESS keep on flashing from their eyes. I think the nurses might have told them what I've gone through during labor. In my room, I chit chat a bit then everyone just got back home. It's 10pm already and everyone was so exhausted, of tiredness in the labor room and tiredness due to waiting anxiously outside the labor room :)

Little Faheem was being taken care in the Neonate's ICU since he was born under weight which is 2.44kg. Since mama can't still move much, papa will take pictures of you every half an hour and we just laugh and smiles happily seeing you sleeping soundly in your nice crib. FYI there's only Faheem in the NICU!! So mama tak bimbang langsung. Because mama knows there are 4 nurses that will monitor just you 24/7 ok! =)

When the feeding time comes, the NICU nurses will ring us up and papa will bring mama to you with a wheelchair. Papa suke sangat bawak wheelchair tu laju2! Excited sangat nak jumpe Faheem tau :) Slalu kene tego dengan misi2 cantek sekalian. Haha.. But mama da tak saket ape2 pun time tu. Seriously. Sakit yang amat during labor je. Lepas keluar tu dah tak rasa ape dah.. Sehat, segar-bugar, kuat dan semangat! Syukran Ya Allah..

We stayed there for 8 days since Faheem had a mild jaundice and he needs to be monitored under the Billi lamp. We have the insurance that covers for everything so seboleh2 dorang nak kite stay lame2 kat sane kan :p Both mama and papa really have fun staying there. The oh-so-nice food, the pleasant ambiance and the nice nurses! Feels like one big happy family there! :) And there's also one Indian nurse that lovessssss to have a longgg conversation with me. Nenek Faheem even refer that women as mak-angkat-mama ok! Haha.. Okla tu, at least mama got another company when having meals while papa is busy tuning in to EPL on my bed!!

Ok. The happy and unforgettable story of Mr. Zul's tiny family has come to an end. I hope this short note may benefits those who reads it. You, your wife, or your family members might experience the same thing :) To Faheem, mama and papa loves you so much. It's such a bless to have you here! Mama and papa doakan Faheem akan jadi anak yang soleh, dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik dan sentiasa didalam rahmat yang maha Esa.. Amin! Here's the latest of Faheem's picture. Introducing you the new ambassador of the Cold Storage! Ngee.. :D

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Vein Viewer

Early Friday morning my boss handed over me an equipment catalog and told me that we shall be receiving the equipment in the afternoon. I saw it at a glance and say.. "Do we really need this? Do we??" and my boss just laugh. "The doctors will never stop buying" he said. I put on the table and continue reading the technical evaluation panel's minutes and reports.

Almost 3.30pm the technical person arrived and the acceptance procedure takes place. As usual while the techs are busy with the electrical safety testing, I take the opportunity to play around with the latest mini-tech baby in the office while chit chat-ing with the friendly amoi :)

I was starlet when she pushed the ON button and put her bare hands underneath the lamp. I can see the veins clearly within second! Ya ya.. I already saw the same image in the product catalog but I thought the procedure would require any contrast injection and never expected it to show the result that fast. Oh by the way, if you are wondering what's the purpose of this equipment, this is a vein viewer (that helps both the medical person and the patient) during the needle poking session (it's a layman term), weather it's for blood sampling or IV injection.

This procedure is at NO harm to the adults but when it comes to kids? Babies some more?! I still remember when lil Faheem was down with high fever and some rashes found on his wrist and ankle last month. I brought him to Prince Court for a blood screen and that was the first time I saw my little boy being jabbed with the needle at his peripheral vein! :( More over, Faheem's body was folded with blankets to ensure he doesn't move a lot so that the nurse may get her job done at ease and the needle might not break. (Owh scary!)

I almost cried when the nurse tapping his hands to get a clear view of the veins and the sounds of him screaming when the needle touches his skin was indescribable. And looking at this machine reminds me of that heartrending situation of my baby and I really want to change my statement now. Oh I love this machine!

FYI this equipment is not that very high tech machine or what. It's not even classified as medical equipment (since no applied part is attached to the patient). This equipment was created accidentally when the scientists/engineers were making research for something else. And the technology used is the same as being applied in the pulse oxymeter (the SpO2).

This Invention of The Year (as stated by the TIME Magazine) has just arrived in Malaysia recently and no hospitals has ever purchased it as yet. I really hope all the peads center will get this equipment, at least one at their place and mommies out there would have a better peace of mind when bringing their babies to the medical centers! Plus the nurses would have a lesser time to actually find the accessible veins of the cutie babies.

Owh what a revolutionary technology!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Of awards and rewards

What a Monday. I received two 2010 Friendship Awards! Terima kasih Puan Asna and Puan Rahayu =) I appreciate it so much. Never expected to receive anything so online-ish like that since I'm blogging just for fun and sharing any good infos to who ever that stumbles upon my oh-so-lame and not-that-regularly updated blog. Heheh.. :D

Bagi pulak award nie kat 5 orang yang korang rasa ada nilai-nilai PERSAHABATAN yang baik dalam DUNIA BLOGGING nie.
Ape nilai persahabatn yang ada pada setiap 5 orang tersebut?
Sila nyatakan perkara yang PALING hebat korang buat sebagai sahabat. Untuk kita jadikan panduan dan ikutan.

Ok. Here goes the awards!

  1. Mrs Fakri - knal online lepas tu makin rapat when she get married with my husband's uni mate & office mate :) p/s: Lps ni buat tomyam letak udang banyak2 lak k!

  2. Mrs Hafidz - Ayu pn same, my hubby's uni mate & office mate p/s: InsyaAllah.. Kitorang beraye KL thn ni. Nt faheem dtg golek2 kt umh korg k =)

  3. Mrs Latif - Inanots. My best ever buddy kt Taiping dlu. Pastu jadi uni mate tho different faculty. A good listener! p/s: Sorry sangat banyak susahkn ko dgn masalah2 hidup aku.. Thanks a lot! Really appreciate it.. Tak sabar tunggu ko blk dari Jepon!

  4. Mrs Pejoi - Budak huha2 classmate sebelah but same homeroom kat Taiping dlu :p Mempunyai anak kecil bernama Eesya yang sungguh petah berspeaking omputeh. Cobit cobit mulut tu bru tau!

  5. Miss Yusnira - Classmate kat Terengganu dulu! Teman belaja & bergelak ketawa di dalam kelas. Oh rindunye SS..
Sebagai seorang sahabat saya tak mampu nak buat ape2 yang grand untuk anda semua. Tapi saya akan sentiasa pastikan yang saya berdoa setiap hari untuk kesejahteraan kita semua di dunia dan akhirat. Amin ya rabbal aalamin...

Speaking about friendship.. Frankly speaking, I'm not that fond of that friendship thingy before this, I repeat BEFORE THIS. But hey.. everything happens for a reason right? Me being like that simply because I have a FAMILY that is my strongest backbone all this while. My parents, (especially my mom) is a very very protective mother. She will do anything to support and help her children from any burdens that we carries. Tho her actions are sometimes kind of extreme, she's so determine in making sure that she will solve each and every problems that her daughters are facing. That's how I become very much dependent on my family. I do have good friends, but I don't really rely on them in my life. My bad..

I've only started to have a new perspective on friendship when I started to get to know Mr Soul mate years back. He has a lot of good friends and he really rely on his friends just about anything! It's not that he's ignoring his family but maybe the environment that he's in all this while does. He loves his family so much but yeah.. he's a guy! Tak kan nak berkepit dgn family je kan? Apa saja yang dia alami dalam dunia ni, he'll refer it to his bunch of good friends first. And he does have a very peace of mind by doing so. They way he cherishes the friendship, the way he thinks about his friends make me think twice about the precious friends that I left behind all this while. Until one day I read/heard somewhere that says..
"Sahabat2 yang baik akan memberti rahmat kepada kita di akhirat kelak.."
Ooo boy. I have to make good deeds to all my friends starting now! It's the simplest thing to do and I should leave the ignorance part in me asap. Huhu.. I know every person has their own ways in managing their life. And I think it's time for me to give my parents a peace of mind. Need not to worry excessively about me anymore. I'm married to a wonderful man that can take a really good care of me just like my parents did. InsyaAllah.. And I also need FRIENDS accompany to help me live a better life. Thanks friends, for being there just when I needed you. God Bless All!


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