Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kisah Kelahiran Faheem - The Birth Story

I've been longing to blog about the delivery of my first son all this while. But as always, I don't have the right time to do so. Poor Faheem, he's 8 months already and only now I have the time to share the nice story with the public. Hehe. Well, it's fasting month and I got spree time during lunch break. Nak buat keje? There's nothing urgent lah (Heheh..) Nak tido like everybody else? Oh I'm not a tido-siang person. Hence in order to kill time, I'd better started typing something real good. Hopefully dearest Faheem will read this some day.. :)

Our little bundle of joy was born on the 13th of December during his 38th week, with a normal delivery (SVD) but with the help of Mr. Pitocin and of course, Miss Epi. We (me, gynae & hubby) decided to induce the delivery due to the reason that Faheem doesn't gain weight for the past 2 weeks before his delivery. It's just me that keeps on developing width but not the little men. The gynae suspected the placenta was no longer effective that explains how the nutrients I consumed only gets in me and not delivered to him.

My husband and I was taken a back actually for the option given by the gynae since I really wanted to experience a normal delivery without any drugs (every first timers are like this I reckon). Dear gynae convinced us that by the 38th week the baby is matured already and there is no harm in doing so. And most of her patients had undergone the same thing. I searched a lot in the internet regarding the procedures and after 3 days of gaining knowledge from the net and close relatives, I finally gave her the green light.

Those days, papa Faheem was working at Vietnam (err.. until now actually). He gets a-week leave and rushed home. I was admitted to Prince Court Medical Center on the 12th of December, Saturday. My parents along with my in laws accompanied us to PCMC. We headed straight to Women & Child Center and was pleased to know that they are waiting for me. I was transported to my room with a wheelchair. The room was nice and the nurses were very polite too. We stayed in a single room complete with LCD tv, attached bathroom, sofa bed and the best part was, the scenic KL view - facing up papa's office! :)

Few hours flies with the CTG monitoring, blood pressure, IV injection and yummy food. Until the most horrifying part came, Mr. Pitocin! Ya Allah... Only god knows how hurt it was! :( The pain was even doubles than anybody else due to my own size (I'm an S size mommy). I don't need to elaborate more about this, married couples should understands :) And to our surprise, the first Pitocin doesn't work on me! Tak LUT langsung ok.. Dear gynae needs to put in another tablet. The pain was unbearable.. Again for the 2nd time? Subhanallah.. I cried a little this time (It's not crying laa.. macam bergenang air mata camtuh. Eceh!) But in the same time I tried my best to gain strength and courage since this is only the first part of the journey. And NOT the baby delivering chronicle as yet..

Until mid night, there is no sign of real contraction at all. Braxton Hicks just come and go. The gynae was quite surprise too. Two Piticons still can't smooth-en you yah! :p But again, this was normal for an S size lady like me plus yeah.. a first timer. I was in pain starting from the 2nd Pitocin at 6pm until mid night. The pain was partly due to the Pitocin, but the rest was the method!! :( I'm quite moody those few hours. Nor my husband, my mom or my MIL may cheer me up. The nurses keep asking me weather I wish to opt for epi or what so ever. Dengan penuh yakin I answered NO. Konon nak jadi hero kan.. Until past mid night, the hormones just got haywire due to the terrible pain and the night shift nurse advised me this..
"I'm sorry, but you looked really bad mam. Seriously. There's no need to bear the pain like this since we have everything to help you deal with it. And it's safe mam.. Don't.. Pls don't push your self like this.."
Mr husband tried his best to persuade me with epi. We had a short discussion few times and finally, OK. Epi pls help me. I was then transferred to the labor room again with a wheelchair (Suke sangat naik kerusi roda tau! Ngeee..) off to the labor room. Tapi masa tu mama tenang lagi.. Buang masa panic2 time tu since it's not the REAL time yet. The labor room was big and it's dedicated just for one patient at one time. And there's a sofa bed just beside my right where dear husband may take a nap from his exhausted body and his panda eyes. Sian sangat papa tau Faheem. Papa has been with mama all the time except when he's out for food and solat. He didn't even take a bath for almost 2 days, in order to keep me accompanied! Thank you so much sayang.. :)

The handsome anesthetist came and briefed me regarding the procedures (that I have already knew. Hehe.. I read a lot about pregnancy and delivery and all before this. Even dear gynae always said, "Ok, you know everything, senang tak payah banyak cerita". Heheh) We would never risk ourselves just because they are doctors right? Done with it he asked me whether I have any questions. I asked him regarding the side effects for having this procedure since I heard a lot of people complaining of back aches.

And the answer was very pleasant and convincing ones. He said NO, there is no side effects and there's not even a research done regarding the said question. Those who faced back aches after the epi was subjected to other matters such as osteoporosis, aging issue or others but not EPI. We smiled and the procedures took place in just a few minutes. And what mama still remember was, the real good feel of numbness and lalokness.. Serious!! Best sangat.. Now I know why they are drug addicts, well in a bad way ok!

Mama was sooooo happy in the labor room with the help of Miss Epi. Feels like the seratonin keeps on pumping in non stop! :D I just SLEEP and feels sleepy and EAT and EAT the nice foods in the labor room. Hehe.. My mom and MIL always come in too see how my condition was and papa still be my bestest companion in the room. Nenek Faheem keep on reminding me to drink the air selusuh (with air zam zam) and air akar fatimah (from mecca) when the TIME comes. My mum made the drinks by herself. Coincidentally, my cousin Kak Ma and Abang Fathi just back from Mecca of performing Hajj and she did bring back few of the roots. How does it tasted? Err.. Like a very bad herb drink I supposed! Huuu..

The next day, it's Sunday the 13th. The continuous CTG traced a few numbers of tiny contractions but the opening still remains at 3cm. If I'm not mistaken, during the 14hours in the labor room, the nurses came to check the opening twice. Huuu.. I hate it like argh.. Though I'm on epi but I still don't like it :( Until 4.30pm, there's still tiny contraction but the opening was 8cm! Ya Allah.. Mama da start panic. Lalokness just disappeared in a blink of an eye. The 2 nurses keep on smiling while preparing what so ever it is on the cabinets. They told me that they have informed my gynae and she is on her way now. Is that a good news or what? Oh boy!

Dear gynae popped in the room just a few minutes after that with attires as if she's just back from the shopping malls. Haha.. But that's kinda cool. At least.. To see her childish look, colorful dresses with the naughty jokes makes me feels at ease. Time flies so fast.. And as far mama can remember, I really had a very tough time to get Faheem out from tummyland :( Been struggling for almost 20mins! Ya Allah.. Pushed and pushed with no signs of Faheem coming out. The pain was even unbearable when suddenly I have this extra pain at my right buttock! Dear gynae said it was probably Faheem's leg pushing my pelvis bone. I don't really care about the pain I'm having at the cervix since I already have a firm mind set before I get in the hospital. (Every mothers faced this and it's nothing. Eceh!) Tapi tetibe tuhan uji mama dengan sakit yang lain pula dikala I'm struggling my heart out to deliver the little men..

The pain at the back is more horrifying than the 'delivery' pain. MasyaAllah... Time tu satu je mama ingat, maybe tuhan nak hapuskan segala dosa2 kecil mama selame ni kut. Mama sakit sangat Faheem time tu. I have to bear with two kind of pains while trying to deliver you out to the world! Papa pun da kuar air mata time tu. He holds my hands and kisses me and he did recite something. Mama tak ingt pulak surah ape yang papa baca time tu. Until one time mama cakap.. Sakitnye Ya Allah... Dear gynae looked at me with a different look. I guess she's thinking weather the baby can come out or not. Should she opt a surgery or not. Haha pepandai je mama ni kan.. The nurses keep on pounding spirits and courage to mama. Sungguh.. Semangat gile dorang jerit2 :D
"Ok here comes the contraction.. Pushh pushhhhh... lagiiii...!!"

Until I feel something suam2 kuku down there. "Sayanggg baby da keluar! Alhamdulillah.. Ya Allah!!" kata papa Faheem. Mama still mengah and happy a bit because the suffering finally comes to an end but I'm wondering.. Why my baby doesn't cry???? Ya Allah.. Faheem jangan buat mama risau macam ni plsss...! Only after 6 seconds, lil Faheem throws his first voice out! Ahamdulillah.. How relieved! Papa keep on kissing me with joy and excitement until the gynae told him that the little miracle is ready to be azan & iqamahkan.. I was crying of happiness while dear husband holds the tiny baby and started to azan at his ears. Before this mama dengar papa iqamah time nak solat same2 je. But this time he's performing the azan to welcome the latest tiny member of the family! Syahdunye ya Allah... Syukran Ya Allah!

I was really really exhausted. I think I'm almost blank after that. As far as I can remember, the gynae told me that she's taking the baby for a thorough observation and she instructed the nurses to keep me in the labor room first. Papa told me that he's going to check out the baby and he wanted to solat and sujud syukur and bath and all.. Then mama tak ingat ape dah. Mama terlena dalam kepenatan yang amat sangat...

I'm awake about 1 hour after that. The nurses told me that my family were so worried since I'm not coming out from the labor room. They get me changed and cleaned. I feel so fresh and contented! They transported me to my room with the Paramount patient bed (like they have in mama's office, ngeee). Just when I'm at the entrance of the wards, I can see my mom and MIL. They are smiling, but I can see the WORRIED-NESS keep on flashing from their eyes. I think the nurses might have told them what I've gone through during labor. In my room, I chit chat a bit then everyone just got back home. It's 10pm already and everyone was so exhausted, of tiredness in the labor room and tiredness due to waiting anxiously outside the labor room :)

Little Faheem was being taken care in the Neonate's ICU since he was born under weight which is 2.44kg. Since mama can't still move much, papa will take pictures of you every half an hour and we just laugh and smiles happily seeing you sleeping soundly in your nice crib. FYI there's only Faheem in the NICU!! So mama tak bimbang langsung. Because mama knows there are 4 nurses that will monitor just you 24/7 ok! =)

When the feeding time comes, the NICU nurses will ring us up and papa will bring mama to you with a wheelchair. Papa suke sangat bawak wheelchair tu laju2! Excited sangat nak jumpe Faheem tau :) Slalu kene tego dengan misi2 cantek sekalian. Haha.. But mama da tak saket ape2 pun time tu. Seriously. Sakit yang amat during labor je. Lepas keluar tu dah tak rasa ape dah.. Sehat, segar-bugar, kuat dan semangat! Syukran Ya Allah..

We stayed there for 8 days since Faheem had a mild jaundice and he needs to be monitored under the Billi lamp. We have the insurance that covers for everything so seboleh2 dorang nak kite stay lame2 kat sane kan :p Both mama and papa really have fun staying there. The oh-so-nice food, the pleasant ambiance and the nice nurses! Feels like one big happy family there! :) And there's also one Indian nurse that lovessssss to have a longgg conversation with me. Nenek Faheem even refer that women as mak-angkat-mama ok! Haha.. Okla tu, at least mama got another company when having meals while papa is busy tuning in to EPL on my bed!!

Ok. The happy and unforgettable story of Mr. Zul's tiny family has come to an end. I hope this short note may benefits those who reads it. You, your wife, or your family members might experience the same thing :) To Faheem, mama and papa loves you so much. It's such a bless to have you here! Mama and papa doakan Faheem akan jadi anak yang soleh, dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik dan sentiasa didalam rahmat yang maha Esa.. Amin! Here's the latest of Faheem's picture. Introducing you the new ambassador of the Cold Storage! Ngee.. :D


  1. faheem dh boleh nk dpt adik dh mama baru citer faheem's birth ye hihi. anyway lisa kt sini lain plak. mmg usually mana2 hospital takkan bg drugs if not really needed (emergency). diorg kata sbb ada side effects although as u said xde reliable research pun pasal ni. mcm kt sini what they mean is like kdg2 ada mom yg bila dh dpt epi dia xdpt rasa contraction sndiri thus susah nak push although she can be guided, ada yg lalok xleh fokus smpi xlarat nk push, ada yg later2 sakit pinggang sbb the epi not administered correctly ke and etc. lain tempat lain kan and ada la pros n cons tu. mcm aku plak bila dah 2 kali ni. hopefully after this i can go through labor so au naturel again hihi. previous 2 experiences made me feel so good and satisfied. although masa 'abid dlu mmg very looong one and aku bukan setakat mintak epi tp suruh doc cser je terus yelah sakit lama sgt 13 hours aku pun dh exhausted. but that's special case la kan. but still xdpt epi or anything! mintak2 la utk adik2 ihsan Allah permudahkan lagi. tapiii kena la tabah lagi menahan labor pain ye! insyaAllah!

  2. ohoo gtu pulak. lucky u! aku mmg serba salah ngat dlu. tp ble dh tau faheem x membesar, risau sgt takut die keluar nnt malnutrition pulak (nauzubillah!). so go on je dgn pitocin tp da janji awal2 dgn gynae no epi. tp sbb pitocin tu buat hal. mmg x jln lgsung dgn aku. da la the way they put in the thing! ya Allah.. Ngeri. hopefully the nx bb xdela masalah tumbesaran mcm abg die tuh so that mama hanya akan ke spital ble sakit nk deliver sajo! aminnnn..

  3. aha masa ihsan pn actually dia dh mcm xmembsr sgt and induce sbnrnya tp naturally. aku n hubby awal2 lg dok ckp kt doc since early pregnancy masuk je 37 weeks nk induce yelah sbb takut kan jd mcm abid dlu tetiba je tau2 dh xde. tp doc xbg induce sesaja sbb my condition n baby ok. lgpun dia kata induce pn still ada risiko. yelah mana2 satu pn semua ada risiko kan. pastu at 38 weeks aku ckp kt doctor dh xnak tunggu nk bersalin jugak next week mcm tu la lbh krg hihi. pastu doc induce aku tp naturally la. dia buat membrane sweep. dia seluk n sweep guna jari kt membrane uterus tu. d 1st one xberkesan but after 2nd membrane sweep at 39 weeks baru effective. 2 hari lps procedure aku bersalin. masa abid dlu aku kena induced doc guna something like long rod n dia gunting kt dlm. that was so painful! mmg nangis xleh tahan! masa tu xguna tablet coz nk cpt2 kuarkan bb some more dia dh xde kan so my safety lebih diutamakan. pastu dpt pitocin iv drip. yang ke 3 nnt xtau la cmner hihi. tapi cmner2 pun moga dipermudahkan n janji kiter n anak2 slamat kan. itu yg penting :) btw aku dh teringin ni for no. 3 tp tula dh ada case kan so nk kena kumpul courage dlu hihi

  4. Salam lissa....sonok sgt baca xperience lissa.. :)
    teringat plak masa nak deliver Irdina dulu...
    Chot pn mcm lissa gak, memang dr awal dh set takmo amek miss epi...midwife tu 3 kali offer, tp Chot dgn rendah diri sambil senyum kata 'takpe, boleh tahan lagi'... :) sekali midwife tu ckp 'skrg boleh senyum lagi...'

    Chot masuk labor room kul 9pg, deliver pukul 2.48pm..alhamdulillah, normal delivery...sakit contraction tu mcm biasala...hanya Tuhan yg tahu..tp masa nk push tu, chot xrasa sakit...agaknya sebab sakit contraction tu lg sakit dr masa push...the 'best' part is masa nak push tu, chot xberapa reti...2-3 kali try, Irdina dah nak kuar, tp chot plak lepas nafas...masuk balik...chot dongak, ckp dgn asben sambil gelak2...'camne nak push ni biey??'....doc ckp, 'eh, tgk bawah ni..baby nak kuar dh...'...at last, irdina kuar jugk... :)
    pengalaman yang cukup indah....

    so, bila 2nd baby ni? hehehe...JOM!

  5. ina: ooo.. ade pulak induce naturally cmtu eh. bru aku tau. long rod and gunting?? ya Allah ape bende tu! seghiauuu aku baca :( itula kn. ape2 pn ade pros n cons nye. yang penting to minimize every risk for each method yg drg pkai kt kte according to our condition kn. ko cite2 psl 'abid ni sebak plak aku rs ina. i have no idea if i were in ur shoe ;( msti tuhan syg ko sgt2 sebab tu die uji ko smpai cmtu skali. tp syukur alhamdulillah jgk kejap je lps tu ko da dpt ihsan kn :) lps2 ni kalo aku kne induce lg (tp mtak jauh la) mmg serious aku xmo lg tablet tu ina. hukk.. teringin.. kekeke. da bnyk kali discuss dgn zull psl 2nd baby ni. die plak yg lg excited dr aku ok! :D insyaAllah lps faheem 1 yr nt bru nk pk serious sket. tp kalo tetibe eksiden skg ni, kami ok je. iyo iyo jek!

  6. linda: wsalam linda. haah. cite yg da belated sgt2 ni. hehe. bru je ade ms nk becerite psl ni linda. tgh2 lunch hour yg x boleh lunch ni kn :D eh same la mcm lisa! x reti nk push.. haha. pulak tu rs besalah sgt kt misi2 n gynae yg sungguh2 bg semangat suh push tp faheem x kua2 jgk. hihi. tp maybe lisa x pndai push sbb x pg antenatal class kut. zuhey pg vietnam mase 3 bulan last b4 lisa deliver. die blk KL pn weken je. nk pg sorang mmg tak la kn. tangguh punye tguh skali lgsung x pg kelas tu. hehe :D

    ai ai ai.. sorg lg tnye psl 2nd bb ni. tercabar ni! kekeke...

  7. hihi aku cpt2 dpt ihsan sbb apa tau. sbb aku dh xsabar. tambah2 bila dgr org pregnant or bersalin boleh naik gila, seriously! but alhamdulillah la bila dpt dia at least i could shift my mind on him n xdela melayan perasaan je sbb kehilangan abid kan. i was so depressed back then. ni bulan2 poser ni sokmo teringat ke dia ntah la nape. rindu. sigh. but anyway looking from another perspective aku redha n lega sgt2 dia pergi dgn cara yg mudah n dlm keadaan suci. dah selamat anak aku sorg. aku dh xyah risau pape. ni yg hidup ni nk kena didik baik2 ni! susah kan?!

  8. ina: haah. aku tau. kalo aku jd ko pn aku mcm tu jgk. cpt2 nk pengganti. xla asik teringat je. aku ingt lg time kecoh psl ko tu aku tgh on the phone dgn hanis, aku tgh drive nk naik ramp ok time tu! (ofis aku multilevel car park) seb baik x eksiden. hoho. nk call ko xde number. nk email2 bagai ntah ble ko nk bc agaknye. so aku snyp2 jela, tgu masa ko sndri besedia nk online blk. hehe. (dasyat x daya ingatan aku? haha)

    btol tu.. faheem pn da makin besa ni. smlm aku bwk pg kinik sbb ada mcm nappy rash cmtu. 1st time berat die x naik for one month! tekejut gak aku. mmg die da lasak skg tp x expect smpai x berubah lgsung berat die. ritu ko ckp ihsan ade drop his weight jgk dlm 2kilo cmtu kn? skg da naik blk?

  9. mak aiii... giler scarry baca experience ko bersalin.. huahua... tapi gambar makanan itu yang aku tak bleh tahan.. dah aaa posa2 nih.. sabaq ja.. hahahaha...

    bila baca pengalaman bersalin yang amik masa lama2 camni (i mean sampai sehari dua) memang aa aku sangat cam serik nak pregnant lagi.. huwaaaa

  10. eh ko jgn ckp ihsan tu pengganti. perkataan sensitip tu for me haha. xsama la diorg lain. tp boleh kata ihsan pengubat rindu la kot. actually tiap2 hari rindu jugak. tp xdela parah sgt. tambah2 dok melayan ihsan yg melasak mmg xsempat la nk pk benda2 lain hihi. but once in a while mmg aku break down la jugak bila dh xtahan sgt. meleleh2 air mata time solat tu slalu je haha. haih anak... memang xleh lupa sket pun. xtau nk ckp cmner. ooyeke seb baik ko slamat ek. btw sapa yg bgtau kt ko dlu hanis ke? ingat2 balik wah serious aku diawang-awangan masa tu mcm dlm mimpi. i still can't believe i experienced all that.

    aah skrg berat dia dh naik tp slowly la sbb lasak kan. ritu dia xnak makan. so berat dia turun. eh tp turun dlm 200 g jela pastu stagnant. xdela byk pun. after 2 months baru naik balik drpd berat asal b4 berat dia turun tu. kalau smpi 2 kilo tu dh something wrong tu. ko xyah risau as long as dia sihat n happy ok ler tu. berat turun sket2 tu biasa la tu.

    ps: dh mcm tulis emel pulak :P

  11. mash: alaa mash. tu gamba bese tu. nk compare dgn gamba yong tau foo menggiurkan yg ko tepek ye ye dlu tuh! haha. itulahh aku ade jgk pk mcm tu kdg2. tp aku lg x sgup tgk faheem xde adik bradik lain. huuu.. aku ada prob dlu tu sbb doc advice induce. kalo x maybe just sakit bersalin je aku dpt (ye ye je aku nihh)

    ina: tula.. hubby aku pn ckp smlm, 'besfren jepon syg tu pjg nye die komen' kekkeke.. bulan2 pose ni aku slow skek la wat keje opis. blog, fb lajuu je. astargfirullah. keje mama faheem keje!!! :D ok2, sowi2.. ihsan sbg pengubat rindu.. :) ic. okla cmtu. berat die last month 8.3 n this month pn 8.3 hmm..

  12. entry y sgt2 touching..skek lg nk kua air mata bile tingat blk time faheem kua tuh..ohh dear..sbb tu laa Allah suh kte wat baik ngn parents..good lesson for us..and this entry will remind us the most memorable moment between me, u and lil' faheem =)

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. huk huk.. kn papa kn. so true indeed! (alhamdulillah atas rezeki anak yg tuhan bg ni kt kte..) tetibe teringat mak bidan yg urut mama time mama sakit blakang lps blk vietnam tu. die ckp org xde stretch marks ni waktu preggy tu sgt lah azab. mcm2 dtg. tp time deliver nnt dipermudahkan.. but that doesn't applied to me at all. sebelum dan semasa mama sakit :( hukk.. tp takpela, tak jadi MAK la kalo x de cabaran dan dugaan kn!




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