Monday, August 9, 2010

The Vein Viewer

Early Friday morning my boss handed over me an equipment catalog and told me that we shall be receiving the equipment in the afternoon. I saw it at a glance and say.. "Do we really need this? Do we??" and my boss just laugh. "The doctors will never stop buying" he said. I put on the table and continue reading the technical evaluation panel's minutes and reports.

Almost 3.30pm the technical person arrived and the acceptance procedure takes place. As usual while the techs are busy with the electrical safety testing, I take the opportunity to play around with the latest mini-tech baby in the office while chit chat-ing with the friendly amoi :)

I was starlet when she pushed the ON button and put her bare hands underneath the lamp. I can see the veins clearly within second! Ya ya.. I already saw the same image in the product catalog but I thought the procedure would require any contrast injection and never expected it to show the result that fast. Oh by the way, if you are wondering what's the purpose of this equipment, this is a vein viewer (that helps both the medical person and the patient) during the needle poking session (it's a layman term), weather it's for blood sampling or IV injection.

This procedure is at NO harm to the adults but when it comes to kids? Babies some more?! I still remember when lil Faheem was down with high fever and some rashes found on his wrist and ankle last month. I brought him to Prince Court for a blood screen and that was the first time I saw my little boy being jabbed with the needle at his peripheral vein! :( More over, Faheem's body was folded with blankets to ensure he doesn't move a lot so that the nurse may get her job done at ease and the needle might not break. (Owh scary!)

I almost cried when the nurse tapping his hands to get a clear view of the veins and the sounds of him screaming when the needle touches his skin was indescribable. And looking at this machine reminds me of that heartrending situation of my baby and I really want to change my statement now. Oh I love this machine!

FYI this equipment is not that very high tech machine or what. It's not even classified as medical equipment (since no applied part is attached to the patient). This equipment was created accidentally when the scientists/engineers were making research for something else. And the technology used is the same as being applied in the pulse oxymeter (the SpO2).

This Invention of The Year (as stated by the TIME Magazine) has just arrived in Malaysia recently and no hospitals has ever purchased it as yet. I really hope all the peads center will get this equipment, at least one at their place and mommies out there would have a better peace of mind when bringing their babies to the medical centers! Plus the nurses would have a lesser time to actually find the accessible veins of the cutie babies.

Owh what a revolutionary technology!


  1. aku baca je tajuk entry n baru tgk gmbr aku dh rasa haaa bagus la ada alat cmni. ada org kesian vein dia susah nk nmpk smpai bengkak2 tgn. org bsr pn xtahan kalau asyik kene cucuk byk kali tp xdpt ini kan lg baby. teringat ihsan last day dok spital by d time nurse handed im over to me tgn dia kene amik darah rupanya. ada saki baki air mata. dgn muka sememeh masam belum mandi lg. pastu nyenyak tdo penat nangis kot. siannn sedih sgt waktu tu. skrg ada lg parut tecikkk je.

  2. bagusnya....noli pun jenis yg susah sikit nak nampak vein..kalau nak ambik darah,memamng kena banyak kali cucuk baru dapat...siap tukar tgn kanan ke kiri, tak dapat dapat ...last last kena ambik kat atas tapak tgn, bukan kat lengan...lagi la sakit....kalau ada alat macam ni...senang la sikit... :)...selamat berpuasa lisa!..

  3. aha.. aku pn memule x pasan pape tho faheem ade kne jaundice time kt spital tu. yela.. bru je jd mak kn :D aku tau once in a while drg msti wat blood test jgk utk anak aku. tp x pnh tefikir pn nk check tgn die time2 bf die tu. ms blk umh mandi2 kn die bru nmpk parut tecikk setitik kt tgn die. tetibe teringat time die duk dlm AICU dlu kdg2 msti nurse pgil ckp bb nk susu, faheem plak tgh meraung x hingat. jgn2 bru pas amik drh time tu. oohh anakku.. ciannn.. huk

  4. nolin: oh yeke.. salu yg darker skin tone susah sket nk tgk veins die. noli yg puteh melepak cmtu pn susah eh. hehe :D tp yela kn. depends pd veins masing2 jgk. ade yg timbul ade yg tenggelam sikit. so far lisa x pnh la smpai kne cucuk 2,3 tmpt. ngeri! hukk.. selamat berpuasa jgk noli! and selamat habiskn cendol itu... heee..

  5. ala, benda nih ada banyak kat rumah aidi-safuan. buang2 jer kat tepi rumah. =P

  6. err.. hi aidi-safuan! :p yo yo je bnyk kt umh. bg cni sket la kalo cmtuh.. ngeee..

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