Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby Dalam Hujan

It was raining heavily this morning. I was awaken by the sounds of the pounding rains at 615am. Sluggishly.. I closed the window pane and get on the bed again. With closed eyes I get myself covered with the fluffy quilt and try to get another 10mins of nap pleasure. Oh why oh why today is a working day..

Done with everything I rushed out to the car park. It was drizzles already but I'm sure there must be traffic congestion all around KL this morning. Heavy rain means smart tunnel kicks in means Tun Razak stuck means everywhere macet pak! Duh..

While listening to my fav T.O.E by Paramore, I witnessed this heart wrenching view on the windscreen =( There's a mama and papa who rides the motorcycle with a tiny baby in the middle! The mama keeps her head nodded to get the rains off her baby and she covered the poor baby with her rain coat. I guess that's why she's not wearing any. Only the papa and the baby does.. Ya Allah.. Kesiannya.. =(

Suddenly the traffic light turns green and all I can hope for is the rain would stop at that instant. But that's not my lucky day. We reached another traffic light and it was raining heavily all of a sudden. I was like.. Ya Allah.. Macam mane ni...!! If I were not rushing to the office that time, I think I'll offer the mother and baby a ride. But I'm already late and I don't have any idea where is this family heading for! Maybe we're not in the same direction?

And it turned out Yes. We're not sharing the same lane. I'm heading straight but the poor drenched up papa has turned right. And I never see that baby again after that..

Sampai ofis.. Hati masih lagi sedih..
Kasihan sangat kat baby tu..
Anak kite ditatang bagai minyak yang penuh.
Anak orang lain.. Hanya itu yang ibu bapanya termampu.
Terima kasih Ya Allah atas segala nikmat yang Kau kurniakan kepada kami sekeluarga.
Dan Ya Allah lindungilah anak kecil itu. Jagalah kesihatannya..
Janganlah demam..
Janganlah selsema..
Semoga family tersebut sentiasa dalam lindungan-Nya.
Aminnn ya rabbal aalamin..

Monday, September 27, 2010

SafeEgg and Salmonellosis

I went to Cold Storage as usual yesterday to stock up next week's fresh veges. While approaching LTK Omega Plus at the egg shelves, a sales person came by and recommended the SafeEgg. I saw it in Tv commercials, magazines and all but never think of purchasing it. High quality means high value means more money. Ya ya.. Nak beli telur pun kedekut kan.. :p

SafeEgg uses Korean Technology in producing pasteurized eggs that are super clean. (Err.. Well, near to that :D) Pasteurized eggs are eggs that have been pasteurized in order to reduce the possibility of food-borne-illnesses (especially Salmonellosis) in dishes that are not cooked or lightly cooked. And this reminds me of dear husband. Ooh.. He's a number one fan of half boiled eggs!
There are 2 types of SafeEgg packaging which is the normal one (orange cover) and the DHA added (green cover). I took home the DHA added to give it a try.
I received a call from beloved mama last month asking me to read an article of How Does Salmonella Get Inside Eggs in Yahoo! website. If you still remember, United States was shaken with the Salmonellosis outbreak those time. Frankly speaking, only then I realized how vital is chicken poop on-the-egg-shells to us!

According to Wikipedia, Salmonellas may develop diarrhea, fever, vomiting and abdominal cramps. The treatment may vary from intravenous fluids to medications and antibiotics. Each person will receive different kind of treatments due to the various stage of the immune system. And don't be surprise fellas, it may starts with a slight fever.. To long-lasting disabling effects!

Thank you SafeEgg for coming over to Malaysia.
Now there's a safer way for Mr. Man to have his half boiled omega every day!


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