Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Birthday Cards Story of Mr. Spouse

Last Saturday I'm doing some spring cleaning in the master bedroom, our room of course. Well the long-awaited good news has finally arrives. Hello world, Mr. Husband will no longer be a weekend husband by next week. So long Saigon! Hehe. So I need to re-organize the wardrobe and spare some space for his clothes and all. I've been happily occupying the 11x8 ft. closet with my very own stuffs for more than a year now. Err..

I don't have any idea why is the closet was so jam packed being 85% of the fillings are mine! I'm not a shopaholic. Well I can turn out a shopaholic but the things I desirably shopped are things that aren't be kept in the garments wardrobe (I'm more towards home deco and kitchen deco spending and apparels ranked 3rd in the list). More over, ever since I get married I have transported (for 3 times now) few of I-just-don't-want-it-anymore and I-just-can't-fit-it-anymore to my mom. (And she will channels them to the needies i.e single mothers, orphanage centers and all..)

Regrettably, my own stuffs can still be considered as too much in there! Despite the piles of sweats pouring in while the little men was sleeping soundly during his afternoon nap, I only managed to spare one column for the beloved husband. Owh dear.. Maybe we should dedicate the 3rd bedroom just for the bajus? I know many people are doing the same thing. It's time to seriously consider that now. Sigh..

While I was busy with the chores-of-the-day (and throwing out some insignificant stuffs), I came across this lovely cards =) Ahhh.. It's the birthday cards I received from my darling husband from the first year we get to know each other! I was starlet at first and indeed I feel like crying.. To be reading back those wonderful wishes makes me melt and damn.. He was so sweet. Frankly speaking I've never thought a guy (sportsaholic cum driller of a kind) would get inside the Memory Lane or anything similar to choose birthday cards for their special someones. Just a candle light dinner and a super nice presents will do. Nevertheless, my man did!

This is the first birthday card I get on the first year of knowing each other. UNTUK AWAK. How comel was that? Heee.. The wishes was rather comical and cute back then =) This was the first stage when the affection and adoration between a guy and a girl has started to bloom as days went by. But I didn't put too much hope on him those days since he's being offshore most of the times (It's quality hour issue here) and I think he doesn't really healed from the broken heart he faced years back. First love has always been sickening hurt and I do respect it since I do experienced it too. So we just kawan2 until both had realized, yeah.. the chemistry is there baby! =)

While this is the second birthday card I received in the second year of relationship. We are so madly in love hoho and we decided to get engaged approximately 4 months after my 26th birthday =) And the sweet love cherishes rapidly after the engagement ceremony taken place. He's been such a splendid extra-caring person I've ever met! Before we get engaged die macam biasa2 je. But he really changed when I'm officially his fiancee. The meaningful wishes..

I'll always be grateful that the path I took in life led me to you
You've brought me so much through the years
So much tenderness, so much love
You've been strong when times were rough
And hopeful in the face of uncertainty

You've shown me happiness I couldn't found on my own
The happiness that comes from caring and giving to another person
That's why I'll always be so thankful
For the love I've found in you
And so glad that we are walking the beautiful path of life together

Just me and you!

And it was so obvious that I did asked him why are you being so compassionate and adoring as if I'm his sole obsession. And he answered, there's a hadith from Rasullah SAW (refer below) that said whenever a men and a women have tied for engagement and both agreed to get married, no other guys should ever try to get close to her what more to get married to her. Meaning, they belong to each other now and both future hubby and wifey should take care of each other. But still don't misjudged soal halal haram because we're still bukan mahram. I'm flattered! Syoknye ade tunang caring sebegini. Hihiks.
Daripada Ibnu Umar R.A bahawa Rasulullah SAW telah bersabda yang bermaksud: Kamu tidak boleh meminang tunang saudara kamu sehingga dia (membuat ketetapan untuk) memutuskannya. (Riwayat Al-Bukhari dan Muslim).
And this is the birthday card for the 3rd year of being together that is also the 1st year of living together. We just get married and done with all the receptions and honeymoons when suddenly I'm positively pregnant! Bunting pelamin =) Syukur. Murah sangat rezeki dari Allah SWT. Syukran ya Allah. Segala perancangan kami sentiasa dipermudahkan yang Maha Esa sejak kami mengikat tali pertunangan hinggalah kini.. Alhamdulillah. This is what he wishes for the soulmate that carries his forever loved offspring.

For The One I Love

I used to dream that someday
Somewhere, somehow
I would meet someone very special
Someone who would make
My life complete in every way
Some one I could talk with
Who would truly understand me
And who'd walk along beside me
Hand in hand, heart to heart

But I no longer need to dream..
Because you are
My dream come true..

Magnificently sweet! Last but not least the latest birthday card I received this year, when our little bundle of joy has turned 4 months (young cheerful boy!). It's a Vietnam handmade card this time! The paper quality was good and the picture of violin and flowers were super nice. This reminds me of him, he used to sing me various songs through his guitar when he's at home. Oh dear..

I should stop this cheeky weeky entry of the love bugs now. Someone might have vomit otherwise. Haha. By the way, my dear husband. Let me say how deeply indebted I feel for your kindness, your showering loves every single moments towards me and lil Faheem. There's nothing that may stop us from being in love from the day we get excited with the replying emails to the days we'll be judged in front of the Almighty. May we always be blissfully together until jannah al firdausi. Amin..

P/s: The pictures quality were poor indeed.
iPhone will never behaves when there's insufficient light!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tentang perempuan itu..

For three consecutive days, I've witnessed something that has given an impact (more or less) in my life, precisely as a muslim. Like any other typical working days, I went to the musolla to perform the Asar prayer. And there's a women, in the musolla. The one that has given a significant transference in my life as one tiny khalifah in this world. Well she's one of the top managements here, and we have known each other ever since I was employed to this GLC company.

She has always been a very busy women. I reckon most managers are. As far as I had observed, she rushed most of the times. She talks in fast mode and she just gets her things done quickly, she can get her scarf done in 2 secs, but still look nice la. There are times she babbles a lot regarding the work loads she had and dejectedly, she used to missed the Zohor prayers when her works really ties her down. Nauzubillah..

Well, it's not that I have never missed my solat. I do missed it. I do subuh gajah and sometimes even subuh dinasour and I do 2-in-1. You know what I mean. I'm not a good muslim. But to missed it during working hours is somehow unacceptable for me. From 1 o'clock to 415pm, there is about 4hrs we have to actually arrange our times and try our best to get a 10mins slot for Zohor prayer. But deep down my heart, I do realize, I'm not in her shoe. Maybe she is such a super busy career women that is beyond my imagination. Who knows?

Until the past three days, I saw the women doing something that I have never seen before. She keeps on reciting the Quran in the musolla! Rasa sejuk hati ni tengok die baca dan dengar suara makcik tu melafazkan kalimah2 Allah. I just tengok saja. No specific feeling struck in my heart. But today, it comes to mind (and heart of course), WHY am I such an ignorant? WHY can't I just follow what she's been doing in the musolla?? It takes you just a few minutes to recite the Quran. Plus there are bundles of Quran on the shelves but I never had any intention to get it and what more to read it. And how bad was that! I feel so bad. Seriously.

It has been a while I didn't recite the holy Quran. Only Surah Yassin setiap malam Jumaat je kalo rajin. Itu pun nowadays tak dapat habiskan satu surah being the Maghrib period is short and my babysitter is staying with us. She needs to get a bath and solat too, so I have to take care of my son soon after I have performed the Maghrib prayer. Again, alasans. As far as I can remember, I only recite the Quran continuously during school days and yes, pregnancy. Huhu.. Itupun surah Luqman dengan Maryam je. Duk ulang yang tu lah hari2. Time lunch break tu rehat kat ofis sambil ON kn surah tu. Time kat rumah? Nasib baik Mr Husband yang asyik pesan baca Quran lepas solat Maghrib jemaah. Kalo die tak pesan alamatnye terus terlena atas katil la lepas solat. Biasa la time pregnancy kan. Asyik penat plus ngantuk je kerjanya.

Back to the main intention here. Finally the slightest eman in me drives me to take a Quran on the shelf. But suddenly I remembered there was iQuran app in my iPhone. I'd prefer the later one. Since it comes with translation, I can bookmark it, add some notes plus the bright colors may sooth my eyes while reading. I can also choose the reciters. But I'm afraid I'll disturb others who's performing solat with the amazing voice of the sheikhs, well from my phone? So it's a no. I had always turned ON the Quran recitation by Sheikh Husary whenever Faheem had bad dreams and he started meracau like duhh.. and I get so panic. Huhu. And the Quran helps. Alhamdulillah.. As for today, I chose Surah Ar-Rahman to begin with. And to my amazement, I can finish almost 40 lines in about 8mins! How easy it was to tambah pahala and feel good all day long. And you're still reluctant to do so?

Done with that. This is my new motivation of the day - To recite at least 30 lines of Al Quran everyday, after the Asar prayer, being there's no meetings etc. If she can do that, why can't I? I shall start with Al-Baqarah and hopefully towards the end. Lets see until when will this motivation lasts.

Oh shaytannn! Go away!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When the little men refuses spoonfed..

Just two days before the little one turns the figure to 10, he has started to refuse his main course, which is the chicken porridge. He only consumes about half of it and sometimes even lesser than that. And it took us 1 hour plus just to feed him! I'm so upset and this has given me headaches since than. What's wrong my boy?

On the second day, the babysitter texted me again regarding his food refusing behavior. I was like.. Oh boy. Not now please. Momma is so stressed out at work and you don't want to finish your meals? Momma made you the chicken/vegetables/fruit rice porridge - NO. I tried Cerelac (Rice & Chicken) - NO. Cerelac (Rice & Mixed Fruits) - NO.
Aiyohh.. But lucky me Faheem wasn't cranky or whining or crying or what so ever. He's just.. Tak mau makan!
Before going back home that day I tried searching the baby recipes in the net. Especially from Annabel Karmel and Wholesome Homemade Baby Food. My head keeps on spinning. Why oh why.. Maybe he's getting bored with that same thing everyday? But he only has 4 teethes, what choice do I really have? I mean besides puree?

Or maybe he started to fall with something a bit sweeter, such as fruit juice? Apples.. bananas.. When suddenly I realized there's Farley's Rusk in the cabinet! I purchased it about weeks ago when my mom advised me to started feeding Faheem something coarser in texture. I ring the babysitter at that instant and directed her to feed him the biscuit. Alhamdulillah.. Faheem likes it! He keeps on munching and asking for more =)

Ohh.. Now I know. You're a big boy now huh? Wanna eat like ones too!

I'm feeding Faheem just Farley's for the next 2 days. I know it's not nutritious enough to give him just a plain biscuit to crunch for a day. But it's way better than nothing right? On the third day the chicken porridge routine feeding was a success and the rusk has been treated as his snack between meals. Though he didn't consume the porridge as much as before, but he started his makanan ruji back again. And that was a huge relief for me.

While today, that big question mark has now come to an end. Now I totally understand why in the whole world is Faheem behaving such ways. Oh thanks to the internet! Wholesome Homemade Baby Food
Suddenly your baby has refused to eat her food when you try to spoon feed her. She may refuse to eat from the spoon in a variety of ways that are a bit upsetting to parents. Relax Mom & Dad, your little baby is growing up and refusing to eat from a spoon is part of this blooming.

And what does the internet recommends me?
We have found that when our babies reach this new milestone, offering them a bowl and a spoon is one of the simplest ways of appeasing and encouraging them. We mix up their meals as usual and let them try to feed themselves.

Oh yes indeed, this is quite messy and you'll be cringing as food flows down the highchair and over those plump, cute little baby legs; the food will make it's way through baby's hair and probably into the ears too. And just when you think your baby will never manage to find her mouth - Success. Sit back and watch your baby delight in her newfound sense of independence and accomplishment.

I've been planning to let him feed himself before this. But imagining the disastrous floor and the murky kid I'll be facing? Aahh.. But now I realized it's a good thing to do in order to deal with the growing up kid. Sooner or later he will properly-eat by himself too isn't it. Lets kick off the self feeding outline this coming weekend!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Early Childhood Development Talk at Prince Court Medical Center

The text I received last Friday..

Well I was supposed to attend this talk yesterday at PCMC with my dear husband. Unfortunately, sigh.. Mr. Husband was still stuck on the oil rig. The good news is anticipated to be heard by end of this week.
"Dear oil and gas deep down the earth, why can't you just flow and make our life easier and a lot more merrier? Huuhuu.."
At first I'm thinking of going alone, since it was some kind of talk that I really insisted to go before this (being my 1st son is going to celebrate his 1st birthday soon, I need to know more about his childhood development). Besides, I really wanna update Dr. Anna (Faheem's pediatrician) regarding his condition now. But hello.. The event was on Saturday. Early Saturday morning? Me? Going just by myself some more? I guess it's better to choose the second option - To have a real good superfluous sleep with my little men. Yeahh..

Hopefully PCMC will repeat the same talk in a later time!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

From Nasi Dagang to Red Velvet Cake

It's 12.45pm and I'm so so full right now! Burrpp.. Well today is another makan2 event at our department. As I repeatedly quoted before, happy tummy brings happy faces! =) Pay revise? Bonus? Annual increment? Birthdays? Weddings? Naaahh.. We're not celebrating anything. It's just that we are so blessed to have such a bountiful (yet still single) Mr. Manager who loves giving us treats at any time of the day! Hee.. Thank you Boss! =) And this is what we're having today..

The Coffee Bean's signature classic of scrumptious Royal Chocolate Cake, which is my favorite! I still remember having a slice of it with beloved husband at Low Yat just last month! With yummy hot chocolate.. Ahh.. Tempting. Enough Said. (And suddenly I miss my dear husband so much.. He's still at offshore.. On the oil rig.. But he did rings me up almost every hours! =) Hugs meLove!)

Oh by the way, Coffee Bean is a Halal franchise outlet certified by Jakim Malaysia (Referring to the Halal logo). So muslims, you may check out ANYTHING at Coffee Bean! Halalan Toyyiba! Where as Starbucks, they are only certified halal for ONLY the coffee products. I mean their coffee drinks but not the food. I've contacted Jakim myself. So, choose wisely fellas!

There's also Red Velvet Cake! I have never get a taste of it before. But I do read some where in the net that says the cake used some kind of rich coloring to make it look such red hot. But who cares. As long as it's tasty (for your own taste buds) and you never consume it like every single day?! Hehe.. But regrettably, I don't really fancy it. It's too sweeeeeeeeeeeettt!! Just like the macarons that I've tasted for the first time last 2 months. Eeeuuu.. Enough. I will never get a slice or even half a spoon of it.

Next is the Chicken Mushroom Quiche, Chicken Pie and Tuna & Spicy Chicken Puffs. All of them comes in In A Puff party packs. Not to be forgotten the pretty pack of Chocolate Delight. Speaking of chicken mushroom quiche, it has turn out to be one of my favorite too ever since I have safely delivered my 1st son. I'm having it on the 3rd day of confinement at Coffee Bean, Prince Court Medical Center with my husband! Haha..

No joke fellas.. :p I don't really believe with that pantang larang berjela2 during confinement. You have to eat each and every kind of HEALTHY and nutritious meals in order to build up the over stretched muscles and gain back the strength after such massive battle that you have gone through in the labor room. Even my confinement nanny at kampung says so! But still, slash the hot and spicy food yaa..

As for the Chocolate Delight, there's Brownie's, Opera Cakes, Royal Chocolate, Chocolate Tarts and Chocolate Eclairs. Need not to elaborate more I guess. Happy salivating loves.. :D

Oh not to be forgotten, there's also makanan tradisi Malaysia! Which is actually the main course. Makanan tradisi kene letak last2, sebab hari2 bole makan.. Ngeee.. The Nasi Dagang is from Restaurant Ulek Mayang. Where as Karipap and Koleh Kacang was purchased earlier by my clique, not sure from where.. via her good friend I supposed. Nasi Dagang and Koleh Kacang are actually a signature course and dessert from my hometown, Terengganu! =) FYI Ulek Mayang is a traditional Malay dance originated from Terengganu. It was believed (those days) to cure sick fisherman with the help of seven beautiful princesses. Nice huh.. =D

This is a more appropriate sentence to describe it by Tourism Terengganu:
The ulek mayang is a pre-Islamic religious trance dance accompanied by singing and music in Terengganu, originating from an unknown nearby island in which the Malay orchestra, comprising drums, gong, violin and accordian is used (Shafiee Ahmad 1992).

Tarian Ulek Mayang is another worshiping dance in the Malay dances. The dancing always begins with a person who is suffering from illness either when he catches fish, in the paddy field or any other daily activities in the society.

I went to Ulek Mayang in the early morning to tapau 15packs of Nasi Dagang, tho actually there are only 7 staffs here. Haha. Nevermind, if we just can't finish them all, we can always tapau back home. Heee...

Ok lah. I should stop typing now.
It's almost 2pm.
And I should be concentrating on abundant of reports on my desk now.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Just another feel good Saturday

I started my week end as usual. Nothing so special about it. Lead the shiny day with grocery shopping at Carrefour. But it was almost noon and my tummy has started to grumbles ever since I get inside the car. So we stopped by The Chicken Rice Shop and had a Twin Delight menu plus kerabu manggo. Oh I just can't get enough of it! Sedapnye.. Kenyang toksah nak cakap la. Huhu.. The happy tummy then drives the mommy to jump-start her shopping session at that instant. (I just can't stand the crowds at Carrefour during weekends!)

Half done with the groceries but get so upset with the lemau dan sungguh tak bermaya apples and broccoli =( So we off to Cold Storage to get a better ones. And indeed.. Cold Storage has never turn me down when it comes to freshest vegetables and fruits! Yeay.. Before heading home I went to the magazine-and-book's outlet to get something nice to read since I'm gonna start my sluggish weekend just at home soon after that. We already have the latest edition of Pa&Ma and Men'sHealth and T3. But this one??

Rahsia Anak Cerdas & Cergas
Tahun-tahun pertama anak yang serba mencabar

I know we can get just about anything with a click. You name it you get it. But I'm not spending my weekends in front of the lappy! With a boy that aggressively conquering the whole section of the house everyday? Nahh.. Me myself want this book. It's medium in size, it has every infos from a newborn till 6 year-old kids and oh it's a fully colored book. And most of all, it's cheap! =)

And this is where I started to read it. Facing up the swimming pool and greenery hills while feeding the little men his yummy dinner! Nice.. When Faheem's done with it, the babysitter strolls him along the pool and playground while me? I tuned in to Fly FM and started reading. And for god sake it was Saturday. With wonderful weather.. With the cool breeze.. With the cutie kids playing around the gazebo.. I'm blessed!

Half way with the reading there's Farah, my soft spoken neighbor came and we had a conversation mainly regarding the current resident issue. Well one lot of the club house was once to be renovated as a musollah but the other group insisted it to be remained as a kindergarten. And the space end up vacant till now? Sigh.. Being a working mommy, of course I choose the later one. There's more than enough mosques and musollahs all around this Malay compound. We really need the day care center here. The babysitter isn't going to live with us forever! So I need to consider this too. Hopefully in the next residence annual general meeting next week, the majority will votes the kindergarten. Amin!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Of Haagen-Dazs and Tissot Touch

Papa Faheem is in KL! =) He touched down KLIA at 12pm yesterday and rushed to the office. I only managed to meet him after the office hours. Well I think I was among the early birds to step in to MRR1 but it turns.. Naaahhh! I was tucked in the heavy traffic for almost 40mins, for a 3km route?? What ever..

Upon arrival at KLCC we went to the musollah first since he doesn't perform his Asar prayer yet. Here comes the interesting part. When I was about to have a sit at the bench near the Haagen-Dazs outlet, "Yang.. Haagen-Dazs..." I whispered.. Heee.. He smiled and all of a sudden I was being seated and the menu was in front of me. He asked me to choose anything as I wish and off he goes to the musollah :)

And this is what I'm having for dessert last night! Yum yum.. The paradise by Haagen-Dazs. This is the first time I'm having The Paradise and it was superb. The waffle was so crunchy just like a tasty danish butter cookies! And the sorbets, ice creams, chocolates and strawberries? It's sinfully appetizing. Thanks me luv!

Done with the pre-dinner we heading upstairs to the food court. My hubby insisted on soupy hot ramen and me, Kyros Kebab will do. Chicken kebab used to be my family favorite's since ages. But nowadays, it turned out not as what we always had. The chicken seems a bit spicy than usual and the french fries and veges.. Have been cut to half I reckon! :( Takpelah, syukur alhamdulillah dapat makan hingga kenyang kan!

Healthy tummy brings healthy faces! :) Done with munching session we off to the center court. There's a Tissot exhibition in conjunction with the KL MotoGP tomorrow. Again, he just can't take his eyes off the Tissot Touch. He's been fantasizing to have one since 2 years ago. Well we opt to have it as the wedding gift (hantaran) since mine is also Tissot (Fabulous Garden). But have to slash it due to financial constraints. Nak kawen dulu banyak duit nak pakai.. So hold la dulu. But now duit da ada sikit, tapi anak da ada sorang.. Most of the earnings will be channeled to the little one literally. So he postponed it again. Takpela yang.. Your current Victorinox pun still looks good with you :)

Time flies. Tetibe teringat Encik Faheem di rumah. Rindunye!! Terus bergegas pulang ke rumah. (Dengan meredah MRR1 yang macet banget buat kali ke dua. Sigh..)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Faheem Milestones' at Nine Months

These are the little men milestones' captured while stepping in to Sembilan Bulan:
  • He crawls 3 to 4 steps now. I thought he wouldn't have crawl before this!

  • Loves to scream. But in a very cute way. I don't know why. But he just screams.. :p
  • Sense of ownership is ON! He screams whenever we try to take away the toys or what ever things that he's playing with.
  • Can stack up his ducky rattle stacker that I bought for his 7-months birthday. Clever boy!

  • Loves to clap his hands aggressively when we started to sing "Tepok amai2.. Belalang kupu2.. Tepok Faheem pandai.. Mama upah shushu!" Comel nye..
  • Bored with the TV/astro/blu ray/air cond remote controllers already.
  • Knows how to use his tiny cutie index to scroll his fav baa baa black sheep/hush little baby/row2 your boat etc via mama's iPhone.

  • By end of 8 months he can call me "maaammmmma eeemmaaaammaa!" Sukeeeenye! :) I know you love me more than your week-end papa aight! :p
  • He waves both hands' Bye Bye! That makes me smiling all the way from home to the office each days.. :)
  • Can panjat2 the sofa/TV cabinet/ottoman/his bakul baju excellently. Beginning to cover more territory!

  • Panjat my back when I'm lying in front of the TV is his fav. Me likey so much! Sedap sangat.. It feels as if papa is rubbing my back ok! :D
  • Loves to 'play' with Men'sHealth/World Oil/Pa&Ma/T3. Err.. Tearing them innocently one by one. And he can stay put while tearing them up to pieces for about half an hour!! Syoknye mama boleh rehat.. :)
  • He's teething now! 2 ups and 2 downs. And he'll try his heart out to bite my nose, mouth and cheeks whenever he's angry. Haha..
  • He started to have chicken in his menu now. With apples and bananas puree. (Apart from the common salmon, broccoli, carrot and potato).
  • Hate strangers if we hold him. But if we just let him freely on the floor, he socialize nicely. That's my boy!
  • No more bathing in the baby's tub. He loves to stand up and play around with the water hose. And he laughs a lottttt in the bathroom. He just love bathing-hour since newborn!
  • Last but not least. He started to understands and realized when he's being scolded. Well yesterday I snapped his hand for pouring his porridge on the floor twice. And he cried! Tho for only 4 seconds :D Before this pukul sikit2 die buat dunno je. Siap gelak lagi! Hehehe..
I guess that's all I can remember for now. Looking forward to see his greatest achievement next. WALKING. Ya ya.. I know it's wayyy too early for that :D Luv you loads little munchkin! Keeps us amazed!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bole pandang pandang.. Jgn pegang pegang..

I'm on medical leave today. Been suffering from stuffy nose since yesterday.
Huukk.. Anyway, enjoice this cheeky song!
Oh, it's specially dedicated to those yang sedang hangat bercinta :D

Chorus: Boleh pandang-pandang jangan pegang-pegang
Duduk renggang-renggang bertambah sayang
Biar malu-malu biar segan-segan
Kerna malu itu
perisai orang beriman!


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