Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Birthday Cards Story of Mr. Spouse

Last Saturday I'm doing some spring cleaning in the master bedroom, our room of course. Well the long-awaited good news has finally arrives. Hello world, Mr. Husband will no longer be a weekend husband by next week. So long Saigon! Hehe. So I need to re-organize the wardrobe and spare some space for his clothes and all. I've been happily occupying the 11x8 ft. closet with my very own stuffs for more than a year now. Err..

I don't have any idea why is the closet was so jam packed being 85% of the fillings are mine! I'm not a shopaholic. Well I can turn out a shopaholic but the things I desirably shopped are things that aren't be kept in the garments wardrobe (I'm more towards home deco and kitchen deco spending and apparels ranked 3rd in the list). More over, ever since I get married I have transported (for 3 times now) few of I-just-don't-want-it-anymore and I-just-can't-fit-it-anymore to my mom. (And she will channels them to the needies i.e single mothers, orphanage centers and all..)

Regrettably, my own stuffs can still be considered as too much in there! Despite the piles of sweats pouring in while the little men was sleeping soundly during his afternoon nap, I only managed to spare one column for the beloved husband. Owh dear.. Maybe we should dedicate the 3rd bedroom just for the bajus? I know many people are doing the same thing. It's time to seriously consider that now. Sigh..

While I was busy with the chores-of-the-day (and throwing out some insignificant stuffs), I came across this lovely cards =) Ahhh.. It's the birthday cards I received from my darling husband from the first year we get to know each other! I was starlet at first and indeed I feel like crying.. To be reading back those wonderful wishes makes me melt and damn.. He was so sweet. Frankly speaking I've never thought a guy (sportsaholic cum driller of a kind) would get inside the Memory Lane or anything similar to choose birthday cards for their special someones. Just a candle light dinner and a super nice presents will do. Nevertheless, my man did!

This is the first birthday card I get on the first year of knowing each other. UNTUK AWAK. How comel was that? Heee.. The wishes was rather comical and cute back then =) This was the first stage when the affection and adoration between a guy and a girl has started to bloom as days went by. But I didn't put too much hope on him those days since he's being offshore most of the times (It's quality hour issue here) and I think he doesn't really healed from the broken heart he faced years back. First love has always been sickening hurt and I do respect it since I do experienced it too. So we just kawan2 until both had realized, yeah.. the chemistry is there baby! =)

While this is the second birthday card I received in the second year of relationship. We are so madly in love hoho and we decided to get engaged approximately 4 months after my 26th birthday =) And the sweet love cherishes rapidly after the engagement ceremony taken place. He's been such a splendid extra-caring person I've ever met! Before we get engaged die macam biasa2 je. But he really changed when I'm officially his fiancee. The meaningful wishes..

I'll always be grateful that the path I took in life led me to you
You've brought me so much through the years
So much tenderness, so much love
You've been strong when times were rough
And hopeful in the face of uncertainty

You've shown me happiness I couldn't found on my own
The happiness that comes from caring and giving to another person
That's why I'll always be so thankful
For the love I've found in you
And so glad that we are walking the beautiful path of life together

Just me and you!

And it was so obvious that I did asked him why are you being so compassionate and adoring as if I'm his sole obsession. And he answered, there's a hadith from Rasullah SAW (refer below) that said whenever a men and a women have tied for engagement and both agreed to get married, no other guys should ever try to get close to her what more to get married to her. Meaning, they belong to each other now and both future hubby and wifey should take care of each other. But still don't misjudged soal halal haram because we're still bukan mahram. I'm flattered! Syoknye ade tunang caring sebegini. Hihiks.
Daripada Ibnu Umar R.A bahawa Rasulullah SAW telah bersabda yang bermaksud: Kamu tidak boleh meminang tunang saudara kamu sehingga dia (membuat ketetapan untuk) memutuskannya. (Riwayat Al-Bukhari dan Muslim).
And this is the birthday card for the 3rd year of being together that is also the 1st year of living together. We just get married and done with all the receptions and honeymoons when suddenly I'm positively pregnant! Bunting pelamin =) Syukur. Murah sangat rezeki dari Allah SWT. Syukran ya Allah. Segala perancangan kami sentiasa dipermudahkan yang Maha Esa sejak kami mengikat tali pertunangan hinggalah kini.. Alhamdulillah. This is what he wishes for the soulmate that carries his forever loved offspring.

For The One I Love

I used to dream that someday
Somewhere, somehow
I would meet someone very special
Someone who would make
My life complete in every way
Some one I could talk with
Who would truly understand me
And who'd walk along beside me
Hand in hand, heart to heart

But I no longer need to dream..
Because you are
My dream come true..

Magnificently sweet! Last but not least the latest birthday card I received this year, when our little bundle of joy has turned 4 months (young cheerful boy!). It's a Vietnam handmade card this time! The paper quality was good and the picture of violin and flowers were super nice. This reminds me of him, he used to sing me various songs through his guitar when he's at home. Oh dear..

I should stop this cheeky weeky entry of the love bugs now. Someone might have vomit otherwise. Haha. By the way, my dear husband. Let me say how deeply indebted I feel for your kindness, your showering loves every single moments towards me and lil Faheem. There's nothing that may stop us from being in love from the day we get excited with the replying emails to the days we'll be judged in front of the Almighty. May we always be blissfully together until jannah al firdausi. Amin..

P/s: The pictures quality were poor indeed.
iPhone will never behaves when there's insufficient light!


  1. awww.. the mushy entry... hehehe.. suke!

  2. me love it!! so much!! tp kdg2 rs malu plak..kekeke..

  3. yus:
    glad u like it =) but i hope i didn't do this mushy2 entry so often. ade yang meluat nt. kikikiki..
    tu laa.. sape suruh sweet2 sgt. kn da termalu sndrik. btw sila la sweet2 lagi lps ni yeh! smooches hunie! ;)

  4. owh...sweet gila bangcik!! tak ku sangke..heheh
    kak lisa, ure glad to be his wife =)
    sebab dedolu time kcik2 salu gak kne buli dengan bangcik...ngehe
    n ktorg salu je visit bang cik kat SMAP labu..still remembering til now..

  5. haruslah.. ;) tak rugi rupanya bersabar dulu2.. tho the distance has always been an issue for us. "good things come to those who waits" mmg btol2 applied kt kak lisa & bangchik. alhamdulillah..

    haah. bangchik ade cite dolu2 korang salu pg smap jmpe die n bangchik pn salu pg umh korng kn. bangchik da bnyk kali nk bwk akak n faheem pg umh korang, tp mcm la die lekat kt KL sentiasa kn. huhu.. but one day we will! =)

  6. lisa, sumtimes kena gak mushy2.. hehe.. hepi for u! my partner x bg kad.. salu bg present je. i guess he's not that romantic type kot.. hihih

    p.s: en zul.. jgn malu2.. hahaha

  7. ohoo baeklah. hihi. en zul tu pn bukan la romantic sgt, but he's sweet2 gtu la. for me it doesn't matter being cards, dinner 4 two or presents. (so far i'm having the three of them every year, hoho!) most important thing is that one never forgets birthdays and anniversaries. Even a spoken wishes will do! xtau la pd org lain, but for me that's compulsary. If u remember the dates, meaning u appreciate what's happening during the dates. only when u appreciates u will remember-by-heart those dates =)



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