Sunday, October 17, 2010

Early Childhood Development Talk at Prince Court Medical Center

The text I received last Friday..

Well I was supposed to attend this talk yesterday at PCMC with my dear husband. Unfortunately, sigh.. Mr. Husband was still stuck on the oil rig. The good news is anticipated to be heard by end of this week.
"Dear oil and gas deep down the earth, why can't you just flow and make our life easier and a lot more merrier? Huuhuu.."
At first I'm thinking of going alone, since it was some kind of talk that I really insisted to go before this (being my 1st son is going to celebrate his 1st birthday soon, I need to know more about his childhood development). Besides, I really wanna update Dr. Anna (Faheem's pediatrician) regarding his condition now. But hello.. The event was on Saturday. Early Saturday morning? Me? Going just by myself some more? I guess it's better to choose the second option - To have a real good superfluous sleep with my little men. Yeahh..

Hopefully PCMC will repeat the same talk in a later time!

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