Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Faheem Milestones' at Nine Months

These are the little men milestones' captured while stepping in to Sembilan Bulan:
  • He crawls 3 to 4 steps now. I thought he wouldn't have crawl before this!

  • Loves to scream. But in a very cute way. I don't know why. But he just screams.. :p
  • Sense of ownership is ON! He screams whenever we try to take away the toys or what ever things that he's playing with.
  • Can stack up his ducky rattle stacker that I bought for his 7-months birthday. Clever boy!

  • Loves to clap his hands aggressively when we started to sing "Tepok amai2.. Belalang kupu2.. Tepok Faheem pandai.. Mama upah shushu!" Comel nye..
  • Bored with the TV/astro/blu ray/air cond remote controllers already.
  • Knows how to use his tiny cutie index to scroll his fav baa baa black sheep/hush little baby/row2 your boat etc via mama's iPhone.

  • By end of 8 months he can call me "maaammmmma eeemmaaaammaa!" Sukeeeenye! :) I know you love me more than your week-end papa aight! :p
  • He waves both hands' Bye Bye! That makes me smiling all the way from home to the office each days.. :)
  • Can panjat2 the sofa/TV cabinet/ottoman/his bakul baju excellently. Beginning to cover more territory!

  • Panjat my back when I'm lying in front of the TV is his fav. Me likey so much! Sedap sangat.. It feels as if papa is rubbing my back ok! :D
  • Loves to 'play' with Men'sHealth/World Oil/Pa&Ma/T3. Err.. Tearing them innocently one by one. And he can stay put while tearing them up to pieces for about half an hour!! Syoknye mama boleh rehat.. :)
  • He's teething now! 2 ups and 2 downs. And he'll try his heart out to bite my nose, mouth and cheeks whenever he's angry. Haha..
  • He started to have chicken in his menu now. With apples and bananas puree. (Apart from the common salmon, broccoli, carrot and potato).
  • Hate strangers if we hold him. But if we just let him freely on the floor, he socialize nicely. That's my boy!
  • No more bathing in the baby's tub. He loves to stand up and play around with the water hose. And he laughs a lottttt in the bathroom. He just love bathing-hour since newborn!
  • Last but not least. He started to understands and realized when he's being scolded. Well yesterday I snapped his hand for pouring his porridge on the floor twice. And he cried! Tho for only 4 seconds :D Before this pukul sikit2 die buat dunno je. Siap gelak lagi! Hehehe..
I guess that's all I can remember for now. Looking forward to see his greatest achievement next. WALKING. Ya ya.. I know it's wayyy too early for that :D Luv you loads little munchkin! Keeps us amazed!


  1. hi lissa,

    Irdina sama mcm faheem...dia nangis bila kita marah - bila chot ckp 'haippp'...terus diam statik dan start nanges... ;)sgt teruja bila tgk peningkatan dan pencapaian our baby kan... :) tiap2 hari xsabar nak balik umah, jumpa irdina, tgk keletah dia...geram!
    faheem nak tak dgn org lain? Irdina memang tak nak dgn sesiapa kecuali uminya, abinya dan neneknya (mak chot)...dgn org lain cuma boleh pandang, tp jgn pegang (mcm lagu tu...hehehe)..kalau diambil, dipegang, didukung, dia akan nages mcm org dera dia tu lakonan semata2...pas ktorg ambil balik, dia senyum gelak2...

  2. hi hi mama chot! faheem dlu x pnh kne mrh pn. tp sejak maken besa ni, bnyk jgk la akalan die. since that la lisa mrh2 die sket. sblm ni haip2 cmtu faheem wat dunno je tau. siap gelak lagik kdg tu! :D tu pn bru skali la lisa pukul sikit tgn die. sbb terkejut n x tahan sgt lps tgk bubur die jatuh atas lantai n walker. da la walker tu lisa bru je basuh. mula2 panik gak tgk die nanges kuat. die tekejut kut tp seb baik je 4saat cmtu je nangis. lps tu bole gelak blk da. hehe..

    faheem suke tego org. tp ble org nk amik n dukung die, cpt2 die peluk kte blk. hehe. :D irdina ble nk masuk setahun ek?



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