Thursday, October 14, 2010

From Nasi Dagang to Red Velvet Cake

It's 12.45pm and I'm so so full right now! Burrpp.. Well today is another makan2 event at our department. As I repeatedly quoted before, happy tummy brings happy faces! =) Pay revise? Bonus? Annual increment? Birthdays? Weddings? Naaahh.. We're not celebrating anything. It's just that we are so blessed to have such a bountiful (yet still single) Mr. Manager who loves giving us treats at any time of the day! Hee.. Thank you Boss! =) And this is what we're having today..

The Coffee Bean's signature classic of scrumptious Royal Chocolate Cake, which is my favorite! I still remember having a slice of it with beloved husband at Low Yat just last month! With yummy hot chocolate.. Ahh.. Tempting. Enough Said. (And suddenly I miss my dear husband so much.. He's still at offshore.. On the oil rig.. But he did rings me up almost every hours! =) Hugs meLove!)

Oh by the way, Coffee Bean is a Halal franchise outlet certified by Jakim Malaysia (Referring to the Halal logo). So muslims, you may check out ANYTHING at Coffee Bean! Halalan Toyyiba! Where as Starbucks, they are only certified halal for ONLY the coffee products. I mean their coffee drinks but not the food. I've contacted Jakim myself. So, choose wisely fellas!

There's also Red Velvet Cake! I have never get a taste of it before. But I do read some where in the net that says the cake used some kind of rich coloring to make it look such red hot. But who cares. As long as it's tasty (for your own taste buds) and you never consume it like every single day?! Hehe.. But regrettably, I don't really fancy it. It's too sweeeeeeeeeeeettt!! Just like the macarons that I've tasted for the first time last 2 months. Eeeuuu.. Enough. I will never get a slice or even half a spoon of it.

Next is the Chicken Mushroom Quiche, Chicken Pie and Tuna & Spicy Chicken Puffs. All of them comes in In A Puff party packs. Not to be forgotten the pretty pack of Chocolate Delight. Speaking of chicken mushroom quiche, it has turn out to be one of my favorite too ever since I have safely delivered my 1st son. I'm having it on the 3rd day of confinement at Coffee Bean, Prince Court Medical Center with my husband! Haha..

No joke fellas.. :p I don't really believe with that pantang larang berjela2 during confinement. You have to eat each and every kind of HEALTHY and nutritious meals in order to build up the over stretched muscles and gain back the strength after such massive battle that you have gone through in the labor room. Even my confinement nanny at kampung says so! But still, slash the hot and spicy food yaa..

As for the Chocolate Delight, there's Brownie's, Opera Cakes, Royal Chocolate, Chocolate Tarts and Chocolate Eclairs. Need not to elaborate more I guess. Happy salivating loves.. :D

Oh not to be forgotten, there's also makanan tradisi Malaysia! Which is actually the main course. Makanan tradisi kene letak last2, sebab hari2 bole makan.. Ngeee.. The Nasi Dagang is from Restaurant Ulek Mayang. Where as Karipap and Koleh Kacang was purchased earlier by my clique, not sure from where.. via her good friend I supposed. Nasi Dagang and Koleh Kacang are actually a signature course and dessert from my hometown, Terengganu! =) FYI Ulek Mayang is a traditional Malay dance originated from Terengganu. It was believed (those days) to cure sick fisherman with the help of seven beautiful princesses. Nice huh.. =D

This is a more appropriate sentence to describe it by Tourism Terengganu:
The ulek mayang is a pre-Islamic religious trance dance accompanied by singing and music in Terengganu, originating from an unknown nearby island in which the Malay orchestra, comprising drums, gong, violin and accordian is used (Shafiee Ahmad 1992).

Tarian Ulek Mayang is another worshiping dance in the Malay dances. The dancing always begins with a person who is suffering from illness either when he catches fish, in the paddy field or any other daily activities in the society.

I went to Ulek Mayang in the early morning to tapau 15packs of Nasi Dagang, tho actually there are only 7 staffs here. Haha. Nevermind, if we just can't finish them all, we can always tapau back home. Heee...

Ok lah. I should stop typing now.
It's almost 2pm.
And I should be concentrating on abundant of reports on my desk now.


  1. sayangkuu really miss those suwwiitt moment with you...we'll be together after dis...eppily ever afta... =) big hugss n kissess!!

  2. miss u too papa! make sure u'll be back for good by next month ok. golden palm tree!! just can't wait laa.. hehe. lps tu nexus karambunai! weee.. =)



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