Monday, October 11, 2010

Just another feel good Saturday

I started my week end as usual. Nothing so special about it. Lead the shiny day with grocery shopping at Carrefour. But it was almost noon and my tummy has started to grumbles ever since I get inside the car. So we stopped by The Chicken Rice Shop and had a Twin Delight menu plus kerabu manggo. Oh I just can't get enough of it! Sedapnye.. Kenyang toksah nak cakap la. Huhu.. The happy tummy then drives the mommy to jump-start her shopping session at that instant. (I just can't stand the crowds at Carrefour during weekends!)

Half done with the groceries but get so upset with the lemau dan sungguh tak bermaya apples and broccoli =( So we off to Cold Storage to get a better ones. And indeed.. Cold Storage has never turn me down when it comes to freshest vegetables and fruits! Yeay.. Before heading home I went to the magazine-and-book's outlet to get something nice to read since I'm gonna start my sluggish weekend just at home soon after that. We already have the latest edition of Pa&Ma and Men'sHealth and T3. But this one??

Rahsia Anak Cerdas & Cergas
Tahun-tahun pertama anak yang serba mencabar

I know we can get just about anything with a click. You name it you get it. But I'm not spending my weekends in front of the lappy! With a boy that aggressively conquering the whole section of the house everyday? Nahh.. Me myself want this book. It's medium in size, it has every infos from a newborn till 6 year-old kids and oh it's a fully colored book. And most of all, it's cheap! =)

And this is where I started to read it. Facing up the swimming pool and greenery hills while feeding the little men his yummy dinner! Nice.. When Faheem's done with it, the babysitter strolls him along the pool and playground while me? I tuned in to Fly FM and started reading. And for god sake it was Saturday. With wonderful weather.. With the cool breeze.. With the cutie kids playing around the gazebo.. I'm blessed!

Half way with the reading there's Farah, my soft spoken neighbor came and we had a conversation mainly regarding the current resident issue. Well one lot of the club house was once to be renovated as a musollah but the other group insisted it to be remained as a kindergarten. And the space end up vacant till now? Sigh.. Being a working mommy, of course I choose the later one. There's more than enough mosques and musollahs all around this Malay compound. We really need the day care center here. The babysitter isn't going to live with us forever! So I need to consider this too. Hopefully in the next residence annual general meeting next week, the majority will votes the kindergarten. Amin!

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