Thursday, October 7, 2010

Of Haagen-Dazs and Tissot Touch

Papa Faheem is in KL! =) He touched down KLIA at 12pm yesterday and rushed to the office. I only managed to meet him after the office hours. Well I think I was among the early birds to step in to MRR1 but it turns.. Naaahhh! I was tucked in the heavy traffic for almost 40mins, for a 3km route?? What ever..

Upon arrival at KLCC we went to the musollah first since he doesn't perform his Asar prayer yet. Here comes the interesting part. When I was about to have a sit at the bench near the Haagen-Dazs outlet, "Yang.. Haagen-Dazs..." I whispered.. Heee.. He smiled and all of a sudden I was being seated and the menu was in front of me. He asked me to choose anything as I wish and off he goes to the musollah :)

And this is what I'm having for dessert last night! Yum yum.. The paradise by Haagen-Dazs. This is the first time I'm having The Paradise and it was superb. The waffle was so crunchy just like a tasty danish butter cookies! And the sorbets, ice creams, chocolates and strawberries? It's sinfully appetizing. Thanks me luv!

Done with the pre-dinner we heading upstairs to the food court. My hubby insisted on soupy hot ramen and me, Kyros Kebab will do. Chicken kebab used to be my family favorite's since ages. But nowadays, it turned out not as what we always had. The chicken seems a bit spicy than usual and the french fries and veges.. Have been cut to half I reckon! :( Takpelah, syukur alhamdulillah dapat makan hingga kenyang kan!

Healthy tummy brings healthy faces! :) Done with munching session we off to the center court. There's a Tissot exhibition in conjunction with the KL MotoGP tomorrow. Again, he just can't take his eyes off the Tissot Touch. He's been fantasizing to have one since 2 years ago. Well we opt to have it as the wedding gift (hantaran) since mine is also Tissot (Fabulous Garden). But have to slash it due to financial constraints. Nak kawen dulu banyak duit nak pakai.. So hold la dulu. But now duit da ada sikit, tapi anak da ada sorang.. Most of the earnings will be channeled to the little one literally. So he postponed it again. Takpela yang.. Your current Victorinox pun still looks good with you :)

Time flies. Tetibe teringat Encik Faheem di rumah. Rindunye!! Terus bergegas pulang ke rumah. (Dengan meredah MRR1 yang macet banget buat kali ke dua. Sigh..)


  1. mmg sodap. lps mkn tu mcm hormon gembira terus pumping in! happy semacam.. hoho =D

  2. u mentioned ramen reminded me of the ramen in here. kat sini d ramen noodle itself xleh makan sbb proses buat dia melibatkan oink2. teringat kt mesia ada ramen shop. i wonder noodle apa dia guna. pernah gak jmpa foods yg kt sini kitorg xmkn but kt mesia nmpk org slumber je bli. mebi sbb xsemua ingredients dia xtranslate kot. but anyway i knew u actually meant d usual mesian noodle ;)

  3. Ina: yezzzaaa.. U know me better than anybody else! ;) btw Faheem da baek demam. Die mcm seseme main2 je ritu. Mcm ko ckp tula, just come n go.. Lega!
    Zull: kiv dlu yg tu. Golden palm tree!!! :)



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