Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tentang perempuan itu..

For three consecutive days, I've witnessed something that has given an impact (more or less) in my life, precisely as a muslim. Like any other typical working days, I went to the musolla to perform the Asar prayer. And there's a women, in the musolla. The one that has given a significant transference in my life as one tiny khalifah in this world. Well she's one of the top managements here, and we have known each other ever since I was employed to this GLC company.

She has always been a very busy women. I reckon most managers are. As far as I had observed, she rushed most of the times. She talks in fast mode and she just gets her things done quickly, she can get her scarf done in 2 secs, but still look nice la. There are times she babbles a lot regarding the work loads she had and dejectedly, she used to missed the Zohor prayers when her works really ties her down. Nauzubillah..

Well, it's not that I have never missed my solat. I do missed it. I do subuh gajah and sometimes even subuh dinasour and I do 2-in-1. You know what I mean. I'm not a good muslim. But to missed it during working hours is somehow unacceptable for me. From 1 o'clock to 415pm, there is about 4hrs we have to actually arrange our times and try our best to get a 10mins slot for Zohor prayer. But deep down my heart, I do realize, I'm not in her shoe. Maybe she is such a super busy career women that is beyond my imagination. Who knows?

Until the past three days, I saw the women doing something that I have never seen before. She keeps on reciting the Quran in the musolla! Rasa sejuk hati ni tengok die baca dan dengar suara makcik tu melafazkan kalimah2 Allah. I just tengok saja. No specific feeling struck in my heart. But today, it comes to mind (and heart of course), WHY am I such an ignorant? WHY can't I just follow what she's been doing in the musolla?? It takes you just a few minutes to recite the Quran. Plus there are bundles of Quran on the shelves but I never had any intention to get it and what more to read it. And how bad was that! I feel so bad. Seriously.

It has been a while I didn't recite the holy Quran. Only Surah Yassin setiap malam Jumaat je kalo rajin. Itu pun nowadays tak dapat habiskan satu surah being the Maghrib period is short and my babysitter is staying with us. She needs to get a bath and solat too, so I have to take care of my son soon after I have performed the Maghrib prayer. Again, alasans. As far as I can remember, I only recite the Quran continuously during school days and yes, pregnancy. Huhu.. Itupun surah Luqman dengan Maryam je. Duk ulang yang tu lah hari2. Time lunch break tu rehat kat ofis sambil ON kn surah tu. Time kat rumah? Nasib baik Mr Husband yang asyik pesan baca Quran lepas solat Maghrib jemaah. Kalo die tak pesan alamatnye terus terlena atas katil la lepas solat. Biasa la time pregnancy kan. Asyik penat plus ngantuk je kerjanya.

Back to the main intention here. Finally the slightest eman in me drives me to take a Quran on the shelf. But suddenly I remembered there was iQuran app in my iPhone. I'd prefer the later one. Since it comes with translation, I can bookmark it, add some notes plus the bright colors may sooth my eyes while reading. I can also choose the reciters. But I'm afraid I'll disturb others who's performing solat with the amazing voice of the sheikhs, well from my phone? So it's a no. I had always turned ON the Quran recitation by Sheikh Husary whenever Faheem had bad dreams and he started meracau like duhh.. and I get so panic. Huhu. And the Quran helps. Alhamdulillah.. As for today, I chose Surah Ar-Rahman to begin with. And to my amazement, I can finish almost 40 lines in about 8mins! How easy it was to tambah pahala and feel good all day long. And you're still reluctant to do so?

Done with that. This is my new motivation of the day - To recite at least 30 lines of Al Quran everyday, after the Asar prayer, being there's no meetings etc. If she can do that, why can't I? I shall start with Al-Baqarah and hopefully towards the end. Lets see until when will this motivation lasts.

Oh shaytannn! Go away!


  1. Oh dear.. Just a few days back pun I started to recite al-Quran after Maghrib. Pun bermula dengan al-Baqarah. 2 pages a day plus surah al-Waqiah & al-Mulk. I forgot the specific reason that made me recite al-Waqiah & al-Mulk everyday but one of it is promised to protect you from seksaan kubur. Dan surahnya pendek je.

    But to my surprise, I guess our age in some way led us towards the better. Since dah 27 ni, in some little ways I tried to be better. Nak jaga pakaian especially. Hope we'll be a better muslimah soon.

    p.s: Yus pun selalu subuh dinasor. Tp tak buat 2 in 1 sebab kebetulan surau kt wisma ni ada solat jemaah. so tiap hari cuba solat jemaah zohor & asar. kalau kat rumah memang takdenye nak pergi surau/masjid buat solat jemaah. so just grab what we can here :)

  2. aku pun nak download yg ni... cuma hari tu terpikir nak check dulu latar belakang apps ni sama ada boleh dipercayai ke tak... ko dah check tak? *mode malas nak check.. nak merap ko.. hehe*

  3. yus:
    itula kn. makin hari rasa makin berusia. tambah2 tgk tv/paper mcm2 org mati secara tiba2. org mati sbb penyakit lg, mcm makcik yus tu kn. kalo tetibe lisa mati eksiden xdan taubat mcm mane? takutnye =( wah jemaah 2x sehari, setiap hari? besnye yus!!! jeles lisa. hukk.. lisa sejak kawen n ada anak ni jemaah dgn hubby jela. die pulak kt vietnam skg, time2 die blk jela dpt jemaah. haih. kne tambah amal kut lain ni..

    aku check cmtu2 je dlu. so far aku yakin je sbb x penah jmpe lg org ckp yg guidedways punye ni x btol =)

  4. yep.. kalo bos xpggl/xmeeting smpt la jemaah 2x sehari. org ppuan ni kena byk sedekah sbb ibadah kite separuh je dr lelaki sbb kite dtg bulan. ni dgr ms tazkirah la. so time ade peluang ni, rebut mane yg ada. tp time weekend kdg2 tlepas subuh. lg teruk. subuh dinasor tu xyah ckp la..

  5. ic. tp dlm smingggu pn da brape kali jgk dpt jemaah kn. bagusnye. keep it up yus! oo sedekah.. thanx for the info yus. tetiap mgu pg pasar malam, ramai je org2 cacat tu. salu jgk bg x sikit bnyk pn. will try to keep up the frequency la after this.

  6. as my inlaw said. masa tu mmg xde kalau kiter yg xdekan. so ada2 kan la hihi. mcm baca quran tu buat sket pn xpe kan jgn xde langsung. ur entry reminded me supaya jgn cepat judge org tambah2lagi bersyakwasangka buruk. instead lihatlah kekurangan diri kiter ni yg byk lubang2 sana sini nak kena tampung. tambah2 ibadat wajib ni should be tiada kompromi. hope we'll be a better muslim from day to day insyaAllah :)

  7. couldn't agree more with ur PIL ina. da besa pjg, pndai2 la kn nk wujudkan masa tu. we should grab the opportunity sementara bdn masih kuat dan sehat ni..

  8. yus pn salusedekah kt org cacat kt psr mlm tu. xkesah la ade sindiket ke x, tp kesian tgk dorg. btw, meby u can donate sejadah n telekung kat surau/masjid. setiap kali ada org guna, u pun dapat pahala. insyaAllah. abah dulu salu suh bwk blk telekung kt masjid/surau tlg basuhkn kalo i komplen telekung kt situ comot. sumtimes, those little things yg kite buat besar ganjarannya :)



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