Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When the little men refuses spoonfed..

Just two days before the little one turns the figure to 10, he has started to refuse his main course, which is the chicken porridge. He only consumes about half of it and sometimes even lesser than that. And it took us 1 hour plus just to feed him! I'm so upset and this has given me headaches since than. What's wrong my boy?

On the second day, the babysitter texted me again regarding his food refusing behavior. I was like.. Oh boy. Not now please. Momma is so stressed out at work and you don't want to finish your meals? Momma made you the chicken/vegetables/fruit rice porridge - NO. I tried Cerelac (Rice & Chicken) - NO. Cerelac (Rice & Mixed Fruits) - NO.
Aiyohh.. But lucky me Faheem wasn't cranky or whining or crying or what so ever. He's just.. Tak mau makan!
Before going back home that day I tried searching the baby recipes in the net. Especially from Annabel Karmel and Wholesome Homemade Baby Food. My head keeps on spinning. Why oh why.. Maybe he's getting bored with that same thing everyday? But he only has 4 teethes, what choice do I really have? I mean besides puree?

Or maybe he started to fall with something a bit sweeter, such as fruit juice? Apples.. bananas.. When suddenly I realized there's Farley's Rusk in the cabinet! I purchased it about weeks ago when my mom advised me to started feeding Faheem something coarser in texture. I ring the babysitter at that instant and directed her to feed him the biscuit. Alhamdulillah.. Faheem likes it! He keeps on munching and asking for more =)

Ohh.. Now I know. You're a big boy now huh? Wanna eat like ones too!

I'm feeding Faheem just Farley's for the next 2 days. I know it's not nutritious enough to give him just a plain biscuit to crunch for a day. But it's way better than nothing right? On the third day the chicken porridge routine feeding was a success and the rusk has been treated as his snack between meals. Though he didn't consume the porridge as much as before, but he started his makanan ruji back again. And that was a huge relief for me.

While today, that big question mark has now come to an end. Now I totally understand why in the whole world is Faheem behaving such ways. Oh thanks to the internet! Wholesome Homemade Baby Food
Suddenly your baby has refused to eat her food when you try to spoon feed her. She may refuse to eat from the spoon in a variety of ways that are a bit upsetting to parents. Relax Mom & Dad, your little baby is growing up and refusing to eat from a spoon is part of this blooming.

And what does the internet recommends me?
We have found that when our babies reach this new milestone, offering them a bowl and a spoon is one of the simplest ways of appeasing and encouraging them. We mix up their meals as usual and let them try to feed themselves.

Oh yes indeed, this is quite messy and you'll be cringing as food flows down the highchair and over those plump, cute little baby legs; the food will make it's way through baby's hair and probably into the ears too. And just when you think your baby will never manage to find her mouth - Success. Sit back and watch your baby delight in her newfound sense of independence and accomplishment.

I've been planning to let him feed himself before this. But imagining the disastrous floor and the murky kid I'll be facing? Aahh.. But now I realized it's a good thing to do in order to deal with the growing up kid. Sooner or later he will properly-eat by himself too isn't it. Lets kick off the self feeding outline this coming weekend!


  1. hi lissa...
    very good info! terima kasih yer...Disebabkan usia anak kita lebih kurang jer, apa yg lissa lalui lebih kurang sama dgn chot... ;)
    Dah baca entry lissa ni, barula chot tau nape irdina kejap2 xmaw mkn bubur nasi dia...dan...dia sebok nak mkn apa yg kami mkn...huhuhu...nanti nak try la, bg dia mkn sendiri... :)

  2. oh same2. good to know i can share some knowledge with others kt sini =) haah. msti risau kalo irdina xmau mkn kn. pening duk fikir aritu. skrg da tau nape. n x perlu risau ape2 pn. org tua2 ckp - dh smpai masa 'nak pandai'. hehe.

    ok. jom bg drg mkn sndri! hrp2 lisa x emo mane lah lps tgk umh n faheem comot2 nt. heee =)

  3. been there! mmg pening! but actually that's one of their development. moving towards independency so on and so forth. but still aku tetap xsuka bila dia buat perangai xnak makan. sbb ihsan kalau time xnk mkn dia mmg makan sket sket je bg la apa2 pun. hihi mcm2.

  4. ya sohabat! =D bru bc msg ko kt fb td. so glad the three of u have safely arrived in tanah malaya! alhamdulillah.. nt aku rply k.

    haah. mase 2 hari tu faheem pn cmtula. bukak sikit je mulut die. xleh nk cucuk pn sudu msuk. lps 2,3 sudu trus die xmo da. tutup mulut rapat pstu sebok nk main bnde lain. kte risau takut die lapa ke saket perot ke. huhu. tp skg suda x risau lagi! =)

  5. eesya masa 10 bulan dulu takmo makan gak.. tapi kalau kasik nasik yg kita makan tu, dia makan pulak... hahaha.. pastu aku pun kasik jer ler dari dia tak makan apa... pastu owner nursery dia marah.. abih takkan nak biar dia melalak.. masa tu dia duk sakit tekak.. susu pun tak bleh isap.. sangat tension dgn owner nursery tu, terus aku pull out eesya dari situ.. hahaha

    habis skrg ni dah nak masuk 3 tahun, buat perangai nak makan porridge balik.. hahaha.. maleh mengunyah.. ntah hape2..

  6. oo. aku pnh gak bg faheem secuit due cuit roti plain gardenia tu. duk cungap2 mulut die tgk aku mkn, sian jgk. huhu. last week bbsitter die nk try jgk bg nasik 2,3 ketul tp aku x bg. bukan ade gigi geraham lg. mcm bole kunyah je bdk kecik tu. kang tersedak terlekat. huhu..

    haha.. eesya2. mcm2 btol die kn. da la talkative. sila kan buat kerja2 mem-blend nasik kembali mama mash! :D



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