Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Balik Kampung plus Penang Trippin!

Hello world! Finally I'm back on track after the never-get-enough of Deepavali holiday (plus one day of MC). Hehe. We went to Kulim, which is my hubby's side on early Friday morning. At first we thought of starting the long journey during midnight, but I was so busy preparing and packing mine, his and the little men's stuffs all night long. Exhausted ok! So we decided to take a quality 5 hours nap first before jump start the exciting journey.

FYI Kulim is just nearby Penang and it took you approximately 20 minutes to get there from my MIL's house via the Butterworth-Kulim Expressway (BKE). So whenever we went back to Kulim, visiting Penang is a must! Hehe. I just love Penang because of the food (of course) plus the super nice bungalows, malls, condos and hotels. In fact the houses there are much nicer rather than KL's!

Well I should started day dreaming of one now since we're not going to live in this pigeon hole kind of house forever. Condos (whether luxury or semi luxury) are never a good place to live if you are growing a FAMILY with you. Seriously - I just hate the madden noise from the nigger family on top of our house and it's even unbearable if your son can't fall asleep due to that! Besides, I love gardening and my husband loves car-wash by himself =) So we need some green people! Let's new-house-sight-seeing now. Heee...

Anyway I'm not in the mood of typing so many words today. Lets just pictures do the talking aip! =) Our ride started at 715am after sending the babysitter (she's staying with us) to her aunt's house. Since I'm so tired the whole night, there's no breakfast-from-home made available. Huhu. Dear hubby stopped by Rehat & Rawat (R&R) Rawang to get us egg sandwich and a soy drink. While Faheem? He's already sleeping soundly when we just hit the road for half an hour. Boy he's so heavy now! I almost cramped my thighs and legs while holding him. Thank goodness we brought along his carseat. It's been such a great help!

We reached my MIL's nearly noon. There's nothing much activities during the day. We just get laid and let my in laws families entertained the little kiddo. It took some time for him to get used with the new environment and the new kind of 'pamperings' since this is the first time he stepped down Kulim. He has never been there before this since his papa was so attached with office work abroad. But no more! =)

During night we had dinner with the whole family at this seafood center. Unfortunately, no body knows what's the exact name of the place. I asked my auntie, hubby and SIL but the answers were all negatives. Haduii.. I can only describe you the landmark of the place: It's nearby the Penang Bridge and Nicol David's condo (the one that the Penang government gave her as a gift for becoming The World Number One Squash Player years back).

We traveled with MyVi, City and Grand Livina and you just count the heads yourself ok. We had nasi with the main course of Kerapu Tiga Rasa, Kerapu Masak Stim, Tom Yam Ayam, Kailan Ikan Masin and Kerabu Mangga. Plus Sotong Celup Tepung as starters! The foods were nice, and it was even nicer because the little men has fallen asleep while we were enjoying our meal! =D The place was jam packed that night, with lovely peeps bringing their families and there's also convoy rides with various kind of associations. Being it was a long holiday I guess. But the service was fast and reliable and the ambiance during night time was kinda serene.. =)

While the next day, we went to USM to send off my SIL. She gonna seat her exam this coming Wednesday. All the best sista! Before that we went to have our lunch at a sea side eatery. This place is around the Queensbay and facing the Pulau Jerejak. My SIL had no idea what was the exact name of the place, yaa again! But I spotted the eatery beside us named Hammer Bay. Hmm.. What ever la =D Actually this place is such an awestruck during night. But we're running out of time to search around for another restaurants etc so we settled there for a happy tummy. Lucky us lil Faheem wasn't cranky at all! I guess he just loves the seaside breeze =)

After safely delivered my SIL at USM we drove off Queensbay Mall! Thanks to Mr. Garmin that lead us the way to the correct destination tho you've annoyed us so thousand times with that "recalculating" words. Duhh.. Upon arriving we stumbled The Streams which is a Reflexology and Fish Spa Center. I wish! But it costs us RM28/pax. Hubby and wifey equals to RM56? Hmm.. Balik rumah dapat top to toe complete massage by beloved hubby, FOC lagi worth it kan! =D

The super cutie baby chair and super adorable cupcakes!

Loafing with Mr Man & Little Men at Coffee Bean. Never get enough with the ice blended mocha and ice blended caramel but get so disappointed with the blueberry muffin! It tasted rather plain, the blueberry was thick and hard and it's not even reheated. Hmm.. Nothing beats Famos Amos blueberry muffin lah!

And this one is interesting.. Toilet Bowl Concept Cafe. Sebelum ni tengok kat chain email je. Sekarang da jumpa depan mata. Hehe. Tak selera ok! =p Next in queue are Hard Rock Hotel Penang, Puncak Mutiara Cafe and Cameron Highlands spree. I shall update the later part of the short holiday in the next entry. I'm getting dizzy seeing all these pictures now. Aiyaiiii...

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