Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Fitness Freak Husband

Mr Man is a sportsaholic guy. He doesn't only loves sport, but he plays various kind of sports and he's so into exercises, outdoor activities and getting fit most of the times (Oh I just fell in love with his tough wings from the first day we met almost 4 years back! Hee..) His forever favorite sport is field hockey but he plays tennis, badminton, football, futsal, golf and he does swimming, jungle trekking, kayaking and what ever it is that strengthen your muscles, prevents a bulgy tummy and makes you one sexy human creature of a kind. Ok, I'm exaggerating now.

Hit the Decorplace plastic bag! =)

We went to Mid Valley after the office hours yesterday to pick up Mrs Wifey's kind of forever favorite stuffs at Decorplace. Yeayy!! Thank you so much me love =) I do appreciate it from the bottom of my broken heart.. Eh Britney Spears pulak, hehe =D Well, In spite of heading to the car park soon after that, he leads me to Fitness Concept. Ok, What's now? I don't think he's gonna get the treadmill because there is NO space available in the house plus he always prefers outside jog.

Nope.. He actually gets himself something smaller. It's a Dual Action Door Gymbar! (also knows as pull up bar) Oh now I remember. He did mentioned about this pull up bar thingy so many times before this. And he did asked around for the steel bar at few fitness centers in KLCC, One Utama, Wangsa Walk, Jusco, Carrefour et cetera but to no avail. Boy he was so excited to get one that day =) There's only a few of them left on the shelves.

By the way this is the Trax: Dual Action Door Gymbar specifications and it priced at only RM68.50 :
  • Extra heavy duty chrome plated steel bar
  • Fully adjustable - Extends from 62cm to 100cm
  • Doorway mounting hardware
  • Rubber ends & support brackets
  • For all men/women/children
He fixed the thing to the door frame as soon as we reached home. What ever honey, as long as you are happy =) Me tumpang happy jgk cos the thing can be treated as ampaian during rainy days! =p By the way, I've been eying for this skeleton stepper while he's busy at the payment counter. Nice isn't it? But I don't think I have any urgency for that I guess, well for now la. My BMI is still on the convincing line. Heheh!

Referring to the nice picture below, that's what we called a yummy blueberry muffin by Famous Amos! Oh Please slash the Coffee Bean's one, as I mentioned earlier in the Penang trippin' entry. While on the right side is mama Faheem having vanilla ice cream at Burger King with beloved hubby during lunch break that day. Hm. I think I've consumed a lot of unhealthy foods ever since he's back for good. Oh yes I'm worried.. Hmmm..


  1. after bersalin 'abid aku exercise guna stepper ni la lisa. pastu cycling dlm rumah besides buat yoga. fuh kurus peha n bontot. bagi aku lah stepping tu nampak je senang. tapi mula2 buat tu semputtt ko hihi. aku recommend la kalau ko nak beli. beli jgn xbeli! now aku dh mengembang balik. since pregnant n bersalin ihsan xpernah dah workout :P

  2. ohoo yeke.. itula. aku main2 gak dgn stepper tu aritu. mcm susah gak, tp ble da lama da dpt rhythm die ok la agak nye kn. berangan jgk nk bli, tp takut x gune jek nnt ina. umh aku sbelah je dgn bukit, jog naik bukit lg syok rs nye. hehe..

    alah, ihsan da 1yr plus da. ko bukan nye kembang pn. ko fully breasfeed ihsan lg. cinonet mcm dulu jgk! =D

  3. finally my top secret revealed...urmmm..hehe

  4. hehehehe.. it's a good kind of secret. takpela kn kn kn =D



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