Thursday, November 4, 2010

His First Birthday Celebration Plan

In less than 2 months time, the little men will be turning 1. Yeah it's ONE. Oh boy! How time really flies. I still remember months back when we're just get excited with the two-lines stick, the alternating meet ups with the darling gynea, the eagerly weekend-shopping for newborn stuffs to finally in the labor room and episiotomy and all! Hence you're no longer an infant? I'm speechless.

By the way if you've missed it, you may read the whole birth story of our much-loved son here: The Delivery Chronicle. Well I've started to came across this birthday bash thingy since two months ago. I thought it will be nothing but a simple celebration with finger foods, close friends and few kids but naahh.. There are actually so many things to be considered and it keeps on mingling in mind since then!

To start with, first birthday party is really for parents and their guests. Feheem won't remember the party and may even be overwhelmed by it. But we can still enjoying the fun with a proper planning and good tips from others. According to the infos I get from the magazines, internets and consultation with good friends, these are few essential guidelines for a successful first birthday merriment of your little ones.

1. Who to invite:

Boy.. Even the first question is already hard to decide. Since Faheem is still small and he may easily gets uncomfortable with strangers around, I guess we should limit the invitees to only a small circle of friends/families. Our house isn't that spacious too if we were to invite a large number of guests. I do hope those who aren't invited wouldn't get upset nor disappointed. We just don't want the birthday boy to get cranky on his special day.

2. How much to spend:

I don't think we're gonna spend a lot for foods and decorations. It's just a small party for a little kid. More over we are having it in house. But I still need to put up a special log for that event. There's always Mr husband to monitor his wifey in order NOT to overspend every penny he allocates for the occasion. So I'd better get it ready soon before he started questioning every this' and thats'. Heheh

3. Choosing a time:
According to Annabel Karmel as above, it is best to twitch the party soon after the little men has done with lunch and afternoon nap. He's freshen up, he's in a happy-tummy mood and I do hope he's ready enough to meet his parents clique by then. The party should lasts no longer than 1hour and a half. I wish not to have to handle a cranky, whining little boy plus good friends at the same time, so please invitees.. Do be punctual will ya? =)

4. Food:

This is definitely the best part of all. There should be 1 birthday cake of course. Others? Hmm.. Home made pasta (it's the easiest to prepare after all). Then needs to tapau some Satay Kajang, book some kiddie cookies, fruit tartlets and cupcakes. Mix fruits for dessert along with fruit juice. I shall get the details (and theme) later on. Well I already have someone in mind to materialized the cutie cake and cupcakes. Unfortunately she will be on maternity leave this December! =( My second option is CuppyLicious Cupcake. Please don't let me down!

5. Goody bags:

I've found few Facebook pages that actually provides super nice goodie bags upon customers request. But I didn't seriously look into that as yet. But thanks to them, I already have few ideas in mind now =) Chocolate bars or muffins, sweets, cutie key chains along with a hand made Thank You card will do I guess.

6. Birthday present:

In parallel with his growth, I realized Faheem is keen with bigger toys nowadays. I get him one Ben 10 trailer and 1 Mega Bloks truck last month. And he likes to play with them. Most of his smaller toys have been kept safely in the toys box now. And for his birthday, we should get something bigger in size too. Perhaps a baby step walker will do? Since he always climb his current walker and tried to push it. But it won't work since the walker is too big for him. I went to Toys 'R' Us yesterday and found few walkers by Bruin and Vtech. I shall let his papa decide about this soon.

7. Photographer:

The most important person alive in that event! But still, haven't searched for one as yet. Hehe. But I know there are so many reliable pro photographer and freelance photographer here in KL. Even few of our good friends are doing the same thing as their hobby too. I can always ring one anytime. So lets just put this as least urgency.

Nonetheless, it is up to us on how we actually wish the celebration to be. I've discussed with dear husband a couple of times and I guess, we should stick to a small get together with just neighborhood friends. InsyaAllah there will always be another birthday party for our children in the next years to come and we looking forward to invite all of you to merry the joyful event, our dear friends!


  1. mama lisa, please put the girls yang suke kiss faheem tu in the guest list too ok. mesti dorang all excited to get invited.. hehehhe

  2. oh! i almost forgotten her! =D thanx for the reminder yus. will do will do.. hehe



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