Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Langkawi Trip: The Excitement The Introduction

YES! We're going to Langkawi this school holiday! To be exact, in the next 7 days! Oh yes I'm so excited =) This will be the 3rd time I'm stepping onto Langkawi. The first one was a primary school tour (we went across seven states in Malaysia) just when I'm done with UPSR and the second one was with my dear family years back. And this time around I'm spending the annual leave balance with the beloved husband and one adorable kiddo! =)

Enough with the over excitement Lisa. Frankly speaking I'm quite nervous knowing that we shall be flying with the little man. This will be the third time he's flying being the first time was when he's 2 weeks old (the 4 of us were boarding MAS from KL to my hometown, KT). But those days he was still small and knows nothing but sleeps and breast milks. The second trip was when he's 6 months and again, we're traveling by air for 50mins heading to his grandparent's at the east coast region of Malaysia. He's a bit cranky, I guess it's due to the various kind of unidentified resonances reaching his cochlear. But still, mommy nips solve everything. And now, being a super active little explorer at 11 months plus? Oh god, please make him behave on the plane!

Yes.. That's the little explorer with a new hair do
by none other than the best hairstylist at home, his very own papa! =D

Nevertheless, I'm so thankful to the world wide web. I've found so many tips such as Flying with Baby: What to Pack and 15 Flying Tips for Families with a Little Kid. Though I'm not relying 100% on them but at least I already have a clear view on what to expect and most importantly to get to know all the Dos and Don'ts and yes, to have the traveling-with-baby checklist handy!

Currently I'm browsing the interesting activities in Langkawi:
  1. First thing first, Langkawi is a duty free island so I need to buy some Corelle, Arcopal or Visions!! Weee... I wish to have a few collection of them just like my mom =) It's a dream come true!
  2. Underwater World Langkawi. I've went to Aquaria KLCC and many reviewers stated that Underwater World Langkawi was so boring compared to Aquaria. What ever it is, I still wanna bring Faheem there! =p
  3. Cable Car. Riding on a cable car up to Mount Mat Cincang? Err.. I know this is the main highlight when people arriving Langkawi. But I burst some tears during Eye on Malaysia years back and I'm shivering like hell on our baby-moon trip to Genting Highland. I'm not keen of heights, so this would be the last thing we do :p
  4. There are bird park, sunset cruise and so many seems-to-be-interesting doings but we still have to reconsider every this and that since we are bringing a toddler with us. I did some searching to blog entries with postings on Langkawi trip. And it helps too. TQ folks!
Langkawi Langkawi langkawi..!!


  1. muke faheem dah mcm muke papa dia dah hehe

  2. itula.. da makin besa n aktif, da kurang bulat da muka die. oval mcm papa da skg =)

  3. Wow...besh2 g langkawi...leh borong pinggan mangkuk bebanyak... ;)
    Chot aritu g masa Irdina 3 bulan..bawak naik ferry... ;) Alhamdulillah, irdina tak buat hal sgt...hehehe...

  4. itula.. x saba nk pilih pgan mangkuk cantek2 ni. zuhey plak da bg green light. hehe. oh lisa naik flight nt chot. sbb duk pk2 aritu takut faheem ngamuk ke hape ke dlm ferry. ghisauu mak!! :D tp nnt naik speed boat jgk, 15mins je. sbb kami stay kt rebak island.



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