Monday, November 22, 2010

New gadget in the house - Lumix LX3

This tiny happy family has a brand new gadget! It's Lumix LX3 a digital compact camera. Well I already have a four-year-old Olympus μ Tough Series compact camera. But I get so upset when trying to snap few pictures in one time. The shutter was rather slow that I have to wait for two to three seconds before the camera is ready for a second scene. Being the little kiddo is becoming more and more aggressive each days, oh I need a faster shutter!
Been searching for a suitable compact camera but still comes with high end specs since October. I did wish upon any DSLRs but it's so bulky and I'm sure it fit none of my handbags nor the little man's diaper bag. I once opted for Nex5. Just fell in love with the amusing design and classy furnishing from the first day I saw in the net to finally experimenting it my own-self at Fotokem Mid Valley. But it costs us sky high.. =( Half heartedly, we slashed down Nex5.

By the way LX3 has been in market since 2 years ago if I'm not mistaken. It has surprisingly hit the digital camera market those days with the vividly clear images near to what most DSLR produces, but from a way smaller size camera! The first time I managed to get a touch of LX3 was two years back when I'm on a baby-moon trip with dear husband at Caravelle Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City. Our good friend (an Indonesian guy which is also Mr. man's office mate) owns an LX3 and he just back from a holiday at Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam. And I was amazed to see the pictures captured by his LX3!

The updated version of LX3 which is LX5 has just been launched four weeks back. We make visits to various digital camera centers and quite shocked to know that LX5 is almost the same with LX3 but the differences are the LCD screen is just a few millimeters bigger and it comes with slightly wider aperture and boy, you need an extra of RM300 for just thats? Hmm.. Being that we are not a pro photographer that needs some kind of oh-so-high resolution camera, so we just grabbed LX3 at that instant.

By the way, these are few pictures taken with our new LX3.

Mr husband's caffe latte at Kenny Rogers Roasters

Fresh white meats at Penang

Quarter roasted chicken at Kenny Rogers Roasters

Spaghetti bolognaise at Kenny Rogers. I'd rather vote for Pizza Hut's meatballs bolognaise!

And now we have a better camera so what's up fellas?? The end-of-year school break (the longgg holiday) has just started so lets go jalan-jalan cari makan and snapping real nice happy family pictures! =) Langkawi? Weee!!


  1. wahh..pasni leh snap pic byk2 =)

    syoknya lisa...seme latest entry gi jalan2 je...
    hubby dah dpt tukar kat sini ke?

  2. Wah! new gadget!! seronok banget gitu. hehe..

    p.s: I'll opt for Vivo spaghetti. So yummy!! (and menggemukkan! duh!)

  3. ab: yup ab. encik suami da blk KL da. selamat tinggal vietnam! heheh. yela, since hubby attach sane susah sgt nk pg mane2, even blk kg ok. skg weken2 xde ape nk buat blk la kg halaman jenguk ayah bonda tecinta. eceh.. =D

    yus: oh vivo eh. lisa x pnh try lagik. tp aritu try pizza milano nye spaghetti mcm bes gak. nt nk try vivo nye lah!

  4. wahhh... dah ada camera baru... lawa2 gambar dia... *clap clap*

  5. aku xmo ko clap.. aku nk eesya clap kn bru commey! kekeke



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