Monday, November 1, 2010

No more weekend-husband!

Finally I'm riding to the office with the easy company (macam The Band of Brothers la pulak) of beloved husband. I'm blessed! Alhamdulillah.. =) He touched down KLIA on the 30th October, the night Kelantan won over Negeri Sembilan! Hehe =D Feels like updating so many contented things here, but I'm a bit messed up with the office work now. Though he's physically here already, but still.. It's mournDay! Ai yaii..

Let me just postpone what happened yesterday and proceed to what actually happens today. Shall we? It's a sunny working day, so there's nothing much interesting agendas that we had planned. We get up early since Faheem wakes up at 430am! Duh.. He had bad dreams last night and I tried to comfort him for almost half an hour. To the event he wakes up by himself, sitting there in his cot and watching us innocently. With super sleepy eyes papa gets him to our bed and the little men kept on rolling and babbling in the middle of the night without any signs of tiredness nor sleepy-ness. Maybe he just too excited for having his papa back at home =)

We dropped by McDonald's to have breakfasts for two. We managed to discuss the holidays that we've been planning months back. Plus the wedding event of my BIL and also the Hari Raya Korban. Oh I just can't wait for our 3D 2N stay at Golden Palm Tree! Weee.. Done with happy tummy we rushed to the office and meet again during the lunch hour.

My my.. Finally I'm able to have something different from the routine. Huhu. All this while I keep on having mushroom rice with roasted chicken at the office cafe. That's the yummiest and healthiest lunch meal I may get here. Hehe. Nevertheless I'm having nasi lemak for today's luncheon at KLCC. Tengok tu lauk dia! Huhuu.. No heavy dinner for Mrs. Wifey tonight, enough said.

Next we went to Habib Jewels to get a new.. so called wedding ring for Mr. husband. Wondering why? Well his wedding ring has been RIP-ed in the washroom of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight to Saigon few weeks back. Unbelievable? Yup, It's Ripley's believe it or not babeh! Heheh. So I need to get another wedding ring for him. Unfortunately as what we expected, Habib only provides gold, white gold and suasa for men. Which is, muslim guys are forbidden from wearing those (FYI There's a slight percentage of gold in suasa). The best options left are platinum or silver (with palladium.) We opt for the later one since platinum is so pricey. Huhu

And the best part of all is we went to Cool Shades! I need to get a brand new eye wear since I already get uncomfortable with the current one. Faheem keeps on ripping it off aggressively from my face. Huhu. I almost purchased the super flexi Silhouette at Mid Valley yesterday but the flexi frame and super hard glasses cost me Rm1.3k! I don't think that is a good spending. Seriously. It was so hard to get a small size frame that fits a small lady like me.

But I get it at Cool Shades! Leganya.. =) Finally I'm able to get a perfect one for own-self after been searching for one since 3 months ago. By the way hubby dearie also gets his forever favorite Oakley at Cool shades before this. Lucky us his ex-classmate, which is also the optometrist, is on duty today. He just knew which one is suitable for me and he gets it right at the 1st attempt! I said YES for that cool frame at that instant. That will be the first Rip Curl stuff I ever had!

Err.. I think I've written down more than I should now? Enough for today la. I'd better get my stuffs ready as dear hubby will fetch me in 10mins time! Yeayyy.. =)


  1. Hoyeh! hoyeh! for adik faheem soon kekeke ;D

  2. alamak.. ramai sgt da ckp cmtu.. :D insyaAllah kalau ada rezeki tahun dpn. hehe

  3. eh, your hubby dah pindah balik mesia for good ke lisa? good news aaa kalau camtu... haha.. kemain nak gi honeymoon yer...

  4. yup mash. mmg good news of the year la nih. hehe. yela.. asik2 ko je jejalan situ sini. aku pn nk pg jgk! haha

  5. hahaha... nampak cam best gak golden palm tree tu.. nanti update dgn gambar yer..

  6. itu aa.. mcm bes gle. tp aku bc review ade je komen2 x bes tu. biaq pi lah.. nk pg jgk. haha. plan nk pg nx weken, tp da fully book. weken2 seterusnye kne blk kg pulak raya haji n BIL kawen. dec kut! =)



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