Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Penang and Cameron Highlands Trip - Part 2

As promised this entry is the continuation of the one before this: Balik Kampung plus Penang Trippin! Done with Queensbay Mall, we decided to have a stroll at the latest Hard Rock Hotel Penang which is at Batu Ferringhi Beach. I'm thinking of one night stay but the distance from the hotel to my MIL's house is not that far away so I guess there's no point for it.

Batu Ferrighi has always amazed us when ever we went up there. It seems more and more beautiful buildings are being developed each days! I wish to capture the nice scenic views while we were traveling up the tourism hill but Faheem was awake and he needs my full attention. Sigh.. But he fall asleep just when we reached HRH Penang! Good boy =) Enjoy the pictures fellas!

The car park inside the hotel compound was full when we arrived, so we have to park Mr Ride at the outside car park in front of the hotel. Just across the road and we're there baby! =) By the way, the weather was a little bit cloudy that day plus it was almost dusk. Lucky us the little boy was sleeping like nobody cares! But still we can't help ourselves from being in a hurry since we are afraid the rain might fall at anytime.

Mr Man and Little Man in front of the hotel

We opt to get inside the hotel and check out the rates (and the rockin' interior deco of course) but as expected, the sounds of the pounding music has been a huge obstacle for us. Well the music wasn't that loud actually but we just don't wanna let the little men awaken from his afternoon nap.. and spoils his parents rockin' mood wandering the second Hard Rock Hotel in Malaysia. Hehehe.

So we decided to go to the Hard Rock Cafe that is just few steps away from the lobby. The live band wasn't kick off yet since it's still day hours. If I'm not mistaken there will only be live music bands during night life. Great, we can get Faheem inside then! =) Mr hubby insisted to get some souvenirs (he's a Hard Rock T-shirt collector) but the cafe wasn't that big, as you can see in the collage. Six peoples can already occupy the whole section. Huhu. Tak maula sesak2 di situ, with him holding the 9kg boy some more..

The center stage. Super nice chandelier!

Done with hotel wandering, we rushed home! It was dawn and the traffic really treats us cruelly. Both of us were so exhausted and starving. We only managed to get home by 9pm. Get ourselves cleaned and by 10pm me and the whole familia off to Puncak Mutiara Cafe! Wondering what's so special about it? Well the restaurant is an eatery inside the farm itself and it has been promoted through Jalan Jalan Cari Makan (JJCM) last month. And guess what, I was watching the TV that time and I did wondering boy.. This place is near my MIL's and I should give it a try soon. And here I am! =)

The restaurant compound was so big that you may enjoy brisk walk all around happily. We even met the ostrich and rabbit but it was pretty dark during the night. There was no sufficient lightings in the animal barns, I guess that's to prevent them from being uncomfortable and become aggressive towards the visitors.

Ostrich, Puyuh, Rabbit, Goat, Chicken, Fishes, Lamb.. You name it you get it!

Happy tummies and we drove home to get a quality sleep and getting ready for a long journey back to KL the next day. On our way to KL we stopped by Cameron Highlands from the Simpang Pulai exit. Well we already booked a room at Cameron Highlands Resort for next weekend =) Can't wait for another happy holidays with hubby and the little boy!

Sneak peek of the resort that we shall be staying soon!

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