Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen

Yesterday I drove by Yap Kwan Seng as usual. Just realized that Tony Roma's is fully operational now, no more Rasa Sayang.. Sedihnya.. =( Rasa Sayang at YKS was among our favorite lunch and dinner hang out place before this. Then I spotted Popeyes? Ok.. It's been a couple of times I've came across Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen at Mid Valley and Wangsa Walk. And it feels like giving it a try.. (I'm not expecting, am I? Naaahhh..)

And so that evening our to-do-list has added in another extra item =p Done with office hours we rushed to Mr tailor to pick up Mr husband's Baju Malayu Cekak Musang for this coming, most awaited wedding reception of my brother in law at Kedah. We just love the purple material and the vigilant workmanship of Mr Chang's. But quite upset because there's no discount, it's fixed at RM370. His Baju Melayu for solemnization event years back pun Mr Chang yang buat. Hmm.. Takpela duit melayang, janji puas hati. (Tapi jealous jugak a bit since his baju is more expensive than my Korean silk! Huu..)

Then we proceed with shopping spree for dear Faheem's. He's been super active nowadays, crawling rapidly from living room to the kitchen to the bedrooms as he wishes. So I need to get him more and more long pants. Selesa sikit si kecik tu nak explore rumah kan. Done with that we finally get a taste of Popeyes. Both of us weren't that hungry so we chose the couple combo set for RM19.90. There's two fried chickens, cajun fries, fried fish fillet and ice lemon teas. Hmm.. The fish fillet were fresh and nice but the chicken is not to our expectation. In a nutshell, me and dear husband would love KFC more rather than Popeyes. Or maybe there are other Popeyes' meals that you wish to recommend us?


  1. kak popeyes tue halal ek? hehe kitorg ingat nk try mkn tapi was2 lak.

  2. haiyoo.. akak lps mkn bru teringat hal tu asna. sbb slame ni tgk 'org2 kita' yg ramai msk popeyes tuh. kt blog kwn pn drg slambe je mkn, so duk terpk mcm kfc la, halal. x dan nk carik logo sbb nk rush blk nk kejar maghrib. ade org ckp x halal eh asna?

  3. hi lisa...

    saya pun 1st time mkn kat popeyes at mid valley hari tu sedap..but ayam lg best kfc la..
    salam kenal..already follow n linked u. Kiss2 to Faheem cute :)

  4. hi there elin, thx for following blog yg x seberapa nih :p itula, nothing beats KFC nye chicken kan. hehe :D take care n big hugs to wina too!

  5. ohoo.. bagus was2 bab cmni, boleh elakkan syubhah. smlm pg wgsa walk usha2 jgk logo halal dr luar, mcm xde. hmm nnt nk call jakim trus la senang.



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