Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Restoran Istana Bambu - Reloaded

Yesterday, KL city was blasted with thunder storm and heavy rains. Few places were hit with floods and that had caused traffic snarls every here and there, not to be forgotten Jalan Tun Razak! Due to the event, the fitness freak husband wasn't able to brisk walk from his office to my office as usual. But fortunately luck was a bit on our side since Mr ride was parked at my office and it's easier to fetch him from here.

Get so frustrated with the extensive lines of stood still vehicles, I turned to Kampung Baru as I'm planning to have dinner at our forever favorite Sukhumvit (we went here quite often during the days before we get married, hee..) while waiting for the traffic to become smoother as times went by. But it was already closed for Hari raya Aidil Adha celebration! Huhu. And so I drove straight to Akleh (Ampang-KL Elevated Highway) to get rid of the massive congestion in MRR1.

Suddenly dear husband voiced out :
Hubby: "Yang jom makan kat tempat yang syg nak pegi sangat tu.."
Wifey: "Hmm?? Istana Bambu? Jommmmm... My treat ok!" =)

Finally we are here baby! Hehe =) We have went here several times before this but the nicely bamboo decorated restaurant has always been fully booked with various events. Being it was so late in the afternoon, there's only 3 couples dining inside Istana Bambu. We were greeted with a broad smiling staff and being seated just in a short while. We wished to dine in at the small designated bamboo hut but it is reserved for only 4 diners and above. So we chose this rumah-panjang-like bamboo hut, just me and him =)

Well we already consumed heavy luncheon at Pelita KLCC so we opt for a ramen-ish meals instead. I get myself Kuay Teaw Goreng Seafood and Kuay Teaw Tom Yam for Mr Man with carrot and apple juice. The food was nice, I just love the Tom Yam.. Though it was a bit too spicy for me but it tasted so yummy just like ones at Pha Pha Garden. Whilst the Kuay Teaw Goreng Seafood is rather plain and a bit oily (I was thinking about arteriosclerosis while having it.. Erkk!) Oh the juices were super sedap!

By the way this Istana Bambu is situated alongside MRR2 near the DUKE exit and just few minutes away from the other famous eatery which is Intai Intai Restaurant. Done with Azan Maghrib, we rushed home. We had another appointment with a colleague at Old Town White Coffee at 9pm. And we missed Faheem with the new hair cut too! =) The traffic treated us better that time. Alhamdulillah..

Oh, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha everyone! Tahun ni dapat jugak saya menunaikan ibadah korban di kampung halaman. Syukur ya Allah di atas segala nikmat yang telah Engkau berikan kepada kami sekeluarga selama ini. Semoga dengan korban mama faheem tahun ini dapat mendekatkan lagi hubungan kami dengan Mu ya Allah dan berkatilah hidup kami sekeluarga dunia dan akhirat. Amin ya rabbal aalamin..


  1. aaaaminnnnn....!! slmt "berkorban" mama...err jgn lupa banje mkn2 bess lg pahni..weee



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