Monday, December 20, 2010

Langkawi Trip: Berjaya Resort Langkawi

On the second day, we wished to wake up a lil bit late (it's a holiday for god sake!) but the little man was awaken as early as the birds started to churp. And he needs his parents attention at that instant since all of his toys were in the baby cot (he's sharing the huge bed with his parents by the way). Boy oh boy.. Or maybe he just can't wait to get into the bath tub or the swimming pool again? Whatever sweetie! =)

Done with breakfast and morning stroll we spent time loafing in the room. At 1130am we started packing our luggage since we will be shifting to another hotel at the main island! Mommy needs to do some kind of shopping therapy, it's a duty free island! Heheh.. We checked-out at 1230pm and our boat to Jetty Langkasuka was ready 5mins after that. It was such a clear bright sky that day! That makes me even more eager to jump start the bargaining activity =)

Arriving jetty, our Vios was already there. Great! With not much of hesitation, we drove off to Berjaya Resort Langkawi! Thank goodness there's Google Map on my iPhone and dear hubby has Ms. Garmin on his. They have been such a good help. Like seriously. We arrived at each destinations without any helps from the locals =)

Nice isn't it!

Spacious and neat! The LCD can be swiveled to 360 degree =)

Just love the wooden sliding door at the wash room..

At Berjaya we stayed at Rainforest Studio Chalet and it was huge!! I just love it to max! What more to see your little one crawling happily and he just can't get enough of exploring every inch of the room generously.. Oh I just don't now how to describe this kind of excitement. I wish other Berjaya hotels also have this kind of room or maybe a lot more better than this?!

I always love the clear glass shower rooms.. =)

There are three places that we wish to visit during our four days stay at Langkawi: Underwater World Langkawi, Chocolate & Pinggan Mangkuk shopping at any duty free store and lastly the cable car ride to Mat Chincang Mount. Unfortunately we missed the last one, though the cable car center was just beside Berjaya Resort! =(

Remember last time I did mention earlier that I wasn't that keen of heights? So I've put it as the last agenda in the plan. And it turned out the weather wasn't on our side at the 4th day. It was raining (drizzles since early morning) so we just say no for the ride. I'm afraid Faheem will catch a cold due to that. But we went to Underwater World Langkawi (UWL)!

I read reviews regarding the UWL and and quite shocked to know that most of the reviews were on the negative sides. Well we can just skip from going there but I don't know. I still insisted on going. Degil? What ever.. =p And my personal review is.. Ok. I'm sorry, but it is definitely so boring. Aquaria KLCC is much more merrier that UWL.

The environment was dull, we hardly met the staffs, the cafe was duhhh?? I don't know.. The ticket price was MYR38 for adults and it's FOC for children under two. It would be worth the visit if the ticket price be cut to half. FYI, the official website wasn't running too! Underwater World Langkawi officers, you should do something with that asap! Ggrr..

The corals and fishes do look nice in pictures, but the facility surround them doesn't.

Done with UWL we went for chocolate shopping at Langkawi Saga! I have no idea by how much lower the price was from the normal price. But since everybody I knew keeps on mentioning the cheap chocolate at Langkawi, I just bargain them full-heartedly. Haha. Ya ya.. I'm not a good spender, I know. My bad.

Anyway it took me some time to pick the chocolates because of the halal issue. There are some of them which doesn't have the halal logo, so I need to browsed through the ingredients first. I grabbed them if there's no animal fat or anything liquorish.

We fill up the hungry tummy here - Artisans Pizza.
You may found this western eatery anywhere in Langkawi.

The spaghetti bolognaise was good!

But my dessert was even better! =)

As for dinner, we went to Phan Tai Restaurant at Berjaya Resort that night. The restaurant has received such an impressive compliments by the reviewers. Regrettably, the restaurant will be closed at 10pm and we just reached there with the buggy at 945pm. The staffs were willing to take orders but we just felt half-hearted by then. Seeing the English men group and Taiwanese fellas already done with their meals and just enjoying the live band happily with the cool sea breeze.. Ok, it's a NO. So we switched to Dayang Cafe which opens 24/7 just beside the lobby.

Nasi Dayang. Ok laa.. =)

Wifey's ceasar salad. Err.. I think the one at Prince Court is much better =D

And the best part of all was, the operation of finding the right casserole!! =D I went to Idaman Suri and Langkawi Saga but non attracts me. One of Haji Ismail Group store was just opposite the Langkawi Saga so I decided to give it a peek. And yes, the right one for me was there! It was a 10 pieces Corningware casserole set, warm pansies to be exact =)

It coordinates with Corelle dinnerware set but how are we gonna carry those heavy boxes full of clay plates and bowl and all? We already have 2 luggage bags, 1 bag pack, 1 laptop bag pack (been treated as diaper bag), a stroller and a box of 10pieces casserole set. Huhu.. So I just postponed that one. If god's willing we might come over Langkawi next time.. To bargain more, definitely!

For the past three days at the main island we spent time mostly at Pantai Chenang and Pekan Kuah and of course, at Berjaya itself. This resort was huge, it comprises of hundreds of chalet. Or maybe, near to that. Quite surprise that we didn't get the chance to visit the pool as we need to travel with buggy to reach the pool (it's near the lobby) and mommy always gets malas to pack. The bath tub is more than enough I guess. Hehe..

By the way, we once had dinner at Rasa Restaurant. It is situated at the happening Pantai Chenang, opposite the Langkawi Tailor. I ordered chicken satay for starters, siakap tiga rasa (as always), kailan ikan masin, hot tea, sour sop drink and mashed potato for Faheem. Guys, I'm having any kind of fish cooked TIGA RASA for a zillion times before but never have I seen such at Langkawi. It was like ikan masak kicap!!!

I was really taken aback with the 'black' fish in front of me and I did query the staffs regarding the fish. But they keep on mentioning that it was exactly Siakap Tiga Rasa, NO JOKE. I told them the one that we always had at Semenanjung was sweet sourish with pineapples and the great smells of lemon grass and all, but they just went speechless. Half-heartedly we finished up the fish. Maybe that was their very own kind of Tiga Rasa..

Here comes the most exciting part at Langkawi. LAKSA POWER!!

Frankly speaking, we will definitely return to Langkawi merely because of this super yummy laksa power. I'm serious guys. It was so tasty, delicious and everything similar. We have never heard of this stall before this. It happens to be that the stall was near the airport and just beside Pantai Chenang. We drove through the road few times and the place had always been fully occupied with guests. Dear hubby decided to give it a try, having cendol pulut at the sea shore was just splendid isn't it!

And we ended up 3 bowls of cendol pulut, 1 bowl of mee rebus and 3 bowls of laksa power =) On the next day, we checked-in at the airport and one hour before take off we get a taxi ride to the place once again! How crazy was that? Haha.. Pakcik, kenapa sedap sangat laksa tu pakcik!

On the fourth day at Langkawi we went to the Berjaya souvenir store to get some knickknacks, the fridge magnet is a must! =) The place was big with so many cutie and colorful keepsakes. I've spent almost half an hour in there, thank goodness dear hubby wasn't brag at all. He just understands his wife.. Forever and always. Hehe. Luv u darling!

Dear hubby and little Faheem in the souvenir store =)

How does it feels to have a hot cup of earl grey with the beloved ones at the balcony in the rainforest jungle? Bliss! Will definitely return to Berjaya Langkawi one fine day.. =)


  1. lisa, ab mkn tom yam, ikan sweet sour kt chenang (tak ingt nama kedai) tp tak sedap..
    aiyoh..aritu kitorg cari laksa kt airport tu tak jupe lak..nak kn pi lagi ni!hehe ;)

  2. itulaa.. abg lisa ye ye pilih siakap nk mkn 3 rasa. skali die msk kicap daaaa... haduu..

    oh x jmpe ke. btol2 kt laluan epot tu. maybe die cuti kut ritu. ade 2,3 kedai laksa kt situ. yg laksa power ni btol2 kt selekoh jln..

  3. menarik.... 2-2 resort pun menarik... bestnye gi holiday... jeles2..



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