Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Langkawi Trip: TAJ Rebak Island Resort

I'm back! Oh it has been days I wished to come out with an entry regarding our jubilant four days trip. Only now I really have the right time to do so. Boy, how to begin with?

Well, we've been planning for a holiday with the little man ever since dear husband was at Vietnam. Why Langkawi? Err.. There's nothing specific though. Being it's among the places in Malaysia where you may find numbers of extravaganza hotels in one region and it is actually an island.. Err.. Or maybe because it's a duty free island? I don't know. I think we just picked Langkawi merely because TAJ Rebak Island Resort is there. Heheh..

We're flying off to the historic island with Air Asia and going back home with MAS. The reasons of choosing both airlines were due to the luggage charge and the take-off time. MAS provides a first 20kg FOC luggage fee. The inbound luggage would most probably be exceeding the 'red line' (as dear hubby keeps on mentioning) so we simply chose MAS. Hehe

While for the outbound journey, only Air Asia tickets left for the specific hour (touch down half an hour before check ins). So we just grabbed them half hearted-ly. FYI the Air Asia tickets were more expensive than MAS! And we just booked them a week before? Boy, we should have a proper holiday planning next time.. Oh we picked 2 hot seats (with additional of RM50) to give the little man some space of his own. And that's somehow a relieve flying Air Asia!

We had breakfast at Coffee Bean, LCCT and Faheem was so happy! I have no idea but he does gets excited when ever we get him out from home =) And he behaves so well during the 1 hour trip. Upon arriving, papa booked a Vios at the car rental center (we'll be at the main island on the 2nd day) and we were greeted with a smiling face of TAJ Rebak's staff (So sorry I've forgotten your name mister!). He then drove us to Jetty Langkasuka. It's just less than 5 minutes ride to reach the jetty. We took a 5 minutes break and then we're off to Rebak island!

Private boat ride to the private island =)

The garden view villa we're staying! Nice.. =)

Massage treatment anyone? With the sea breeze.. Oh boy!

Rebak Island is a private island and the main highlight is the only hotel on the island - a 5 star TAJ Rebak Island Resort and of course, the astonishing Rebak Marina! It's just a 15 minutes boat ride to the island and with no hassle the staffs will bring you to the lobby with a super silent electric buggy. Arriving lobby, every guests were greeted personally with a charming staff and of course a welcome drink. She gets the details delivered to us in 5 minutes and it ended with a picture taken of us tiga beranak! It's for their resort's portal I guess =)

Our room. The huge wardrobe!

Super spacious wash room: The bath tub, the shower room and the toilet

Soon after that we've been transported to our room with the buggy. The room was just as we expected from the website. It was roomy indeed. Just fits a couple with a toddler. Let's just pictures do the talking shall we? =) Faheem had started to became cranky that time - it was his nap hour! So we get him cleaned, serve him the yummy milk and he dozed off at that instant. The parents get themselves cleaned and we both enjoyed the serene place for a while before we're off to the restaurant for lunch.

Sesame Street plus Bob the Builder plus Thomas and friends? Hehe

Believe it or not, it was just us being the local and Malay guests at the resort! I did wonder where are other Malaysian families? It's school holidays.. Maybe they are prone to be at the main island, more interesting activities can be done right there. Whilst at Rebak Island, most of us are just enjoying the peaceful serenity far away from the hectic traffic on the road with the beloved ones. Oh more than half of the guest were on their honeymoons here =)

Our lunch meals! It's fab fellas..

And this is what we had for lunch. Nasi putih with Tom Yam Kung plus nasi putih with butter fish and there's some sort of kerabu manggo. We waited almost 20 minutes plus for the meal. But I'm not that pissed at all since Faheem was asleep (less the stress, haha) and we were enjoying a quality talk facing up the nice pool and south china sea from afar. And yes, good things come to those who waits.. The dishes were simply delicious!

Oh by the way, we even talked with the chef himself regarding the halal status of the restaurant and the feedback we received was pretty much convincing. The chef who's spoken to us was a Malay local guy and he insisted that they're in the process of getting the Jakim's halal certification and indeed they were serving only halal foods all this while. It's just a matter of time - the halal cert. Fair enough. We quickly finished up the marvelous meals!

Having delectable luncheon facing up these scenic views.. Heaven huh?

The yatchs!

The weather was treating us great that afternoon. We went for a stroll around the hotel compound and not to be forgotten the Rebak Marina that was full with various sizes of yachts. I was dreaming for a sunset cruise on one of the yacht! Hehe.. But I'll just wait till Faheem can eat and play by himself =) More pictures in my Facebook page by the way..

The fun activities that the little happy family had.. =)

Faheem first bicycle ride with his papa. Off to the pool!

What a great day we had! We should have done this more often sayang! =)

And those were the dinner meals. Sinfully appetizing, It looks as good as it tastes!

Hubby's beef burger..

Wifey's chicken sandwich..

The super cozy restaurant. The friendly waitress even provides the little man his own plate! hehe. And that's what Faheem had that night, mashed potato. It looks simple but boy.. it's so tasty though it came plain with no gravy and what not! And Faheem loves it! And mama was even happier to see her son has no problems when dining out =)


  1. Hi,
    Thank you for the lovely article. I would require your feedback as to which resort is better in Langkawi to stay. Is Taj Rebak better or Berjaya. I am planning to visit Langkawi for honeymoon and will appreciate your suggestion.


  2. Hi Rahul.

    Thank you so much for dropping by. And thousand apology for I'm only able to reply to you comment today.

    From my experience, if it is a honeymoon trip, Taj Rebak is pretty much suitable for you. Since it's a private island and there's not much of guests there at one time. The food was fantastic too!

    But Berjaya is also fine. Berjaya has so many different kind of chalets and maybe there's one that suitable for you, a honeymooner =) you may check out their website first.

    hope that helps!



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