Monday, December 6, 2010

My Companion My Travel Mate

Introducing you my 10-year-old notebook. Goshh..! Seriously, this heavy squarish device is ten years old now. I've started using it since my sophomore year at the university! *Roll eyes* It is a 17'' Acer TravelMate 2900. Actually during junior year my mom had given me a brand new Compaq desktop PC. It's a very cute white color PC with sleek curves, unlike common desktops those days. But realizing that I need to travel balik kampung quite frequent and the ride from KL city to the east coast region is somehow very much tiring and boring, I decided to persuade my mom for a portable PC which is of course, a laptop. And I get it. Hehehe..

Believe it or not the 10-year-old bulky gadget is still functioning. Despite it's hulking physical my lappy has never turned me down. Only that once, while I'm in my senior year I had to upgrade the RAM since I need to install an amira program for my thesis project. The program was quite big and it happily eats the memory. Duh! By the way amira is a software platform for visualizing and manipulating the life science and bio-medical data coming from all types of sources and modalities. As for my thesis I'm using data from the CT Scanner. Hold it. What was my thesis title? Umm.. Umm.. I just can't recall it! Haha.. All I can remember now is it deals with the human liver images. Okla.. At least I didn't totally forget it! =DAnd believe it still, I'm using it when I started working. But not to do any office related nor anything official. Just for internet browsing. Sebab da slow sesangat dah.. And the battery kong already. Need to connect to AC at all time. One of my office mate (the IT staff) once shocked to know that I'm still using the TravelMate. According to the IT man, those models were considered junks nowadays and it is near to impossible to find one that is still functioning. Hehe. See the leg la bang.. =p

But then, one has to agree that the technology improves rapidly every single days. The small chip has become tiny and tinier yet cheaper! If I'm not mistaken the TravelMate costs us almost 5k plus those days. Plus the size and weight? Bluergh.. Luckily nowadays you may afford the holy sexy sleek MacBook Air for just RM3299. Oh great. I'm dreaming to have one!

This happened for a reason: My computer lab at the uni was fully equipped with Mac desktops, it is dedicated just for our department. Well we have gained a lot of contributions form the Prime Minister (the current and previous PMs) and and the ministry itself since they are pretty much interested with the medical cum engineering projects we run every year. Thus me and my friends have to get used to Mac since our first day at tertiary education. To cut a long story short, I fell in love with Apple products since then!

iPad is coming to Malaysia now.
Just can't imagine my life if I were to have these:
uniFi plus ipad? Crazy!

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