Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our First Treatment at 5-Star Dental Centre

This was our first visit to the dentist ever since we have left the school years! Haha. I do believe everybody out there is aware that we should meet the teeth doctor for at least once a year. But yeah.. Food is always crucial in our daily life but taking care of the natural food grinder has always been the least importance in the list. Blame the community! Alright I'm joking here.. Heh

I have never had any intention to seek dental check up before this since I haven't experience anything that needs their attention. Until I get pregnant, realizing the little miracle in tummy land is consuming my calcium every now and then (the calcium supplement by dear gynae has been a good help too, TQ!) I told dear hubby that I wish to meet Mr dentist soon.

I don't have any idea what they are called, but they do look like a drill bit, don't they! Scarrehhh... Gulp!

Unfortunately, being dear husband has been attached to Vietnam for 13 months, the scheduled event has been KIV-ed for a few months. And now he's back in KL and we do have some free hours to actually set a time for this, hence we booked an appointment at Kuala Lumpur International Dental Centre (KLIDC) at that instant. We chose the place simply because it's just minutes away from our offices =)

And we were starlet as we reached the facade glass entrance. Boy this place is seriously beautiful.. I just love the interior decorations! The huge green tree, the flowing water, the bamboo images, even the furniture arrangement.. Ahh.. It gives such a Zen-ly look! The front officer greeted us nicely with our very own name. How glad does it feels? =) Our appointment was at 2pm and we reached there just in time. FYI they also provide services during lunch time. Nice nice..

We were asked to fill up the consent form as usual and off we go to see Dr. Shirleen Wong. Dear doctor and her nurse were so polite and full of smiles. It does fits KLDIC tag line: Smiles Guaranteed. Frankly speaking I was terrified a bit especially when seeing the so called drill bit! And you know what, after all of these years only now I get to know that the scary sound when a dentist is doing her job is actually the sound of highly pressurized water pounding the teeth and also a rapidly moving little brush with a pink colored toothpaste! Haha.. Now I know the real thing so I guess I have to be firm on annual dental check ups after this =)

Dear husband, please take note!

Foot note: KLIDC is having year end promotion on Zoom! teeth whitening now. It priced at MYR1500, NP is MYR1800.



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