Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wawasan MRSM Taiping

It was Friday and it nearly reached the end of the office hours. I'm getting slothful and so I browsed through Facebook when suddenly I noticed my ex-school mate had posted something that had given a significant effect deep into my heart at that instant. It was our school song! Named Wawasan MRSM Taiping (Maresmart). I haven't listened to the song (neither sang it) ever since I have left the school, in 2000.

We had two songs actually, the Wawasan MRSM Taping (just for the Maresmart's and the MRSM song (for all the MRSMs throughout Malaysia).

The melodramatic beat form the piano flashes back all the memories I gained as anak MARA:
  • The girls dorm (Kenanga and Cempaka)
  • The boys dorm (Err.. ape eh?)
  • The extraordinary alert siren - It's not the same loceng we had in the sekolah harian. And yes, we get so alerted when we heard it (Time freshies je kut? Haha)
  • The great Bukit Larut just beside the school. Bukit Larut is the place with the most humidity in Malaysia. It's a great place to study I guess.. And falling asleep too.. Haha
  • The very caring teachers =)
  • The over-protective wardens, heheh
  • The seniors (assalamualaikum kak =D)
  • The great classmates! You know who you are!
  • My deskmate! She's beautiful, excellently creative, loving and she sneezes 20 times every morning before the class started =D
  • The homeroom mates (Berlian is dynamite don't play with dynamite! Boom boom! Haha)
  • The DS (Dewan Selera - pecal itu sangat sedap! And we had delicious meals 6 times a day!)
  • The magnificiently clean and green Taiping Lake Garden
  • The super sedap Yong Tau Foo Bomba!
  • The yellow reverse-call phones for the homesicks =D
  • The morning pep talk plus morning exercise (Inhale exhale, but still we're sleepy in class?)
  • The afternoon & evening prep class (Oh the library.. The naked aborigines in the encyclopedia? Duhh.. Heheh)
  • The burger goreng every night (This wasn't served by the DS, so we had 7 meals per day? Hoho..)
  • The suave blue and sweet peach uniforms =)
  • Oh the graduation day!
  • Earth Day - Hari Bumi! Tak study dalam kelas pun, we learn indirectly through various booths set up by the students.
  • Activity Week (Our maresmart juniors hosted the Minggu Aktiviti se-MRSM while we were seniors)
  • The thesis program at form 4. Our thesis project was 'The Potential of Bunga Tahi Ayam as Pharmaceutical Substance' and we deals with University Putra Malaysia (TRG branch), currently known as Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT). And guys it works!!
  • Oh I should stop now. The memories keep on flashing non stop! Ohh.. =/
Ini bumi yang ku pijak
Ini langit yang ku junjung
Taiping bertuah, bersejarah
Subur, indah dan menghijau

Di sinilah gedung ilmu
Generasi berwawasan
Harapan masyarakat, dan ummah
Bakal pemimpin nusa bangsa


Wawasan MRSM Taiping
Suci, ideal dan realistik
Menuntut kemuafakatan sejati
Cita rasa inovatif dan kreatif

Lima jari digenggam dijulang
Lima cabaran seiring harapan
Bersama doa restu semua
kecemerlangan pasti abadi.
source: syanur


  1. crap! i forgot mine! giler la lisa. dah lupa terus cemana lagu mrsm. lagu srss1 ingat lg. lagu smkss mcm blur2 lg. tp lagu mrsm?? hancus!! hahah

  2. eh aritu lisa ingt lagu ss2, arini mcm xleh recall, haha. lagu Allah selamatkan tuanku sultan ingt x yus? 6 rangkap je tau! kekeke..
    lagu ss: ingt sket2 sbb ayat pertama sama dgn motto ss kn.

    usaha tekun jaya, itulah amalan kita
    bersatu menjadi teguh, cari ilmu dan pengetahuan
    kita memupuk tenaga, dlm semua lapangan
    usaha tekun tentu jayaaaaaaa
    tradisi kekal abadi. hahaha.. ingt lg ok! =D

  3. The boys dorms are AB and UO (2004)- aminudin baki and ungku omar

  4. haaa correct correct! my super, super, super, super junior i supposed? heheh =)

  5. lisa.. lagu terengganu mmg ingat sokmo.. nnt kena buang negeri pulok.. kekeke..

  6. siti: haah.. plan2 jan or feb next year nk jejalan taiping jap. week end je, nk mkn yong tau foo bomba! heee =D

    yus: haa tau pun! haha



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