Thursday, December 30, 2010

Weekend Getaway: Golden Palm Tree, Sepang Gold Coast

Guess what. We have just done with a stressful yet marvelous voyage to Langkawi (the luggage and all are still muddling at the dining hall, seriously) and this little happy family were off to Golden Palm Tree during the weekend?!

Early morning view through the veranda at Travelers Palm Villa

Err.. I don't think it's crazy enough if you're doing that at year end. One should always fully utilize the annual leaves with the beloved ones right. Hee.. How we came across Golden Palm Tree? Well dear hubby was flying from Saigon one day and he browsed the in-flight magazine as always when he suddenly got awe struck by the spectacular column of the said resort.

As soon as he reached KL, I fetched him at LRT station and we had supper at Said Ali, Sri Rampai. I get so excited with his short story-telling during the ride and eagerly to know more about the splendid water chalet. Thank god he did tag along his laptop, plus the free WiFi while having the yummy toasted bread and french fries and hot chocolate? Ahh bliss!

To cut a long story short, both of us get enthusiasted with the super nice website and we booked a room few days later. One night stay at Golden Palm Tree costs us pretty much so we just opt for a weekend getaway. Being the place wasn't that far from KL, we might come over anytime as we wish after this.

Golden Palm Tree is situated at Sepang Gold Coast and it is approximately 1 hour and a half ride by the four wheel from the KL city. But please, don't get fancied with the Gold Coast thingy, it's kind of jauh panggang dari api from the one that's in your mind. Hehe. It's actually located along side the Pantai Bagan Lalang, Sepang.

Before booked one, we get through all the reviews regarding the place, like we always did. Thank you TripAdvisor! Hmm.. I shall not reveal most of the comments. But to play safe, yeah.. We have to know what's beyond our expectation right? For such an expensive stay at such a luxury place, everyone wishes that every penny spent, worthy.

A cone-shaped bamboo roof at the main lobby..

On Saturday we jump start the event by heading to Subang in the early morning with the whole family from Terengganu to pay a visit to my aunt and uncle who's just back from performing Hajj few weeks back. Done with family get together plus yummy nasi minyak, we switched ON the navigator at that instant.

We were in front of Subang Parade when suddenly I realized, "Do we actually bring the stroller??" Aiyaa! Rushed home, picked up the stroller, went to the baby store to get Faheem's mini Pediasure, went to The Mines to have lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop, went to Uniten to drop off my little sister, then only finally we were there. Penat sangat hoke!

It's such a relief to actually has a glance of this comfy clean bed after the 7 hours trip.
We've been on the road since early morning!

The room was great! Me like it so much. Tho it wasn't spacious as such the Rainforest Studio at Berjaya Resort Langkawi, it's actually more than enough for a couple with a toddler. Dear husband was so exhausted, he had been driving for almost a hundred kilometer that morning. And so he simply dozed off on the cozy bed about an hour later. Oh the pillow was rather bigger than the ordinary ones that we usually had and it's plenty of them! I'm lovin' it.. =)

The washroom. Again, the clear glass shower room.
Dare for a naughty silhouette? =p

While papa was sleeping soundly I get myself entertained with the server supported LCD TV. Boy I fall with this one too. The in-room showbiz was fantastic. With so many radio channels, TV channels, paid movie channel, the weather forecast and the news channel.. There's also a PS3 channel! Hehe. But the channel wasn't functioning yet, they currently made them available only at a designated room.

What more to have a FREE Lan connection!

This squarish device will let you entertained 24/7 while in the villa =)

Oh I've just forgotten the little man!
Err.. He's fine with fruits.. It's a real fruit by the way.

The moment he stepped in to the room.
The fruits were all over the floor within seconds..

During night time we had dinner at Bila-Bila Restaurant. Golden Palm Tree has six in house restaurants: Bila-Bila, Stimbot, Perahu, Buloh Bar, Hai Sang Lou and Sepoi-Sepoi. We chose Bila-Bila due to the location. It's beside the swimming pool, and lucky us there's a live band performance and the restaurant is the nearest from our villa.

The swimming pool and restaurants during night

The blinking pool was just an eye opener. It looks exclusive indeed!

The live band is a must to spice up the night life!

We had Char Kue Teaw, Tuna Sandwich and Mashed Potato with hot tea and apple juice. The food was good and fresh. But frankly speaking, nothing beats the scrumptious food we once had at Taj Rebak Island Resort. Hehe. Oh the portion for each meal was plentiful I have to say. Each meal was actually more than enough for two Asian adults! I guess they cater it to fit the westerners well enough.

The Char Kuew Teaw

The Tuna Sandwich

The mashed potato

On the next day, the three of us woke up early than usual. We wished to witness the sun rise out facing the open sea from the veranda. Unfortunately it was such a cloudy morning. And Mr. Lumix can't do much with such weather. We heard the place had always been full with families during weekends and so we decided to have a morning stroll across Golden Palm Tree to the beaches..

Morning stroll.. Mr. Fitness Freak loves this so much! =)

The swimming pool in the morning.

They actually provides tandem bike, but we left Faheem's carrier at home! =(

We were quite surprise to see so many families spending their Sunday morning happily despite.. Err.. How should I put this. Ok, Golden Palm Tree was just awesome! Regrettably, the beaches wasn't that clean and clear as one might expect. I'm not 100 percent-ly sure but geographically the sea shore is actually very shallow, yellowish and it's like a mangrove swamp. You guys should come over to Terengganu, there are clear blue romantic beaches everywhere! =D

The pergolas were actually loaded with comfy cushions but the staffs took it away when it started to drizzle..

Pantai Bagan Lalang on a cloudy morning. The Golden Palm Tree staffs were setting up the gears for outdoor activities at the beach (there are various kind of gears and it's all free!). If we have brought along any other companies to supply an extra hands to cope with the little man, both of us will definitely going crazy with the water sports!

We had breakfast at the beach, get Faheem a nice cheap toys at the stall and slowly get back on track to our villa plus snapping memorable pictures with the friendly staffs: Sandy (Malaysian), Sandrine (French) and Hanoko (Japanese). There's also an Arab staff! What a multi national resort indeed.. =)

It was such a weekend well spent. We wish to return someday, maybe with the whole big family.. Err.. Only when the there's no financial constraints, at all. Haha..


  1. hi, i know this is off topic. but ur gynae is dr seri from prince court kan? hw is she? my friend did a first checkup there and it costs her rm800 - is it true? or r u a petronas worker by any chance? thanks!

  2. hi there, thanx for dropping by. i'm so sorry i tak sure sgt la psl cost tu cos my husband was the one who signed the receipt for every check ups. but if i'm not mistaken, 1st checkup tu just a few hundred je. 800 is wayyyy too expensive. or maybe ur friend tu ada complication that time kut and doctor ada buat further checkup?

  3. mesti pergi sini gak bila balik nanti...dulu sebelum ke sini tak siap :)

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