Friday, May 28, 2010

Pulau Lang Tengah

I'm so not in the office-mode right now. Only two things that keep on mingling in my mind these days: Faheem's first day of munching good food and that holi holi day this coming July. Hmm.. While searching for local vacation spots I have stumbled upon this beautiful place that I have went before. And I got a feeling like making a 'belated' review of my stay there. Well I didn't manage to babbles about it in my previous blog. Due to the time constraints (as always). Been busy with weddings, then expecting, then JCI Accreditation, then having a kid and bla bla..

The wonderful collage as above was captured on 2009 during our 1st honeymoon at Pulau Lang Tengah, Terengganu. Our 2nd honeymoon was at Bali Island, Indonesia. I shall update the later in the next post. Pulau Lang Tengah is actually very small and it is a secluded island sandwiched between Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian. But the tourist density at Pulau Lang Tengah is way lower than both of them. Redang and Perhentian somehow are too crowded with homo sapiens, especially during the peak seasons. Even the cutie nemo gets afraid of them I guess. Hehe

We stayed at D'Coconut Lagoon for 3 days. And we just love it to bits! We went snorkeling in the calm blue sea, walking side by side at the sea shore, swimming in the sexy pool out facing the beach, having a romantic candle light dinner with the fresh sea breeze and jungle trekking too! :) We wished to go round the island. Especially that sportsaholic husband, he's the one that was over excited about it. Ngee..

It take you only 2 hours to complete the whole trek round the island. Can you imagine how small the island is? :) But we have been advised by the rangers not to do so since it was still in monsoon season and the trek was slippery. It's too risky. Moreover we'll be going without any rangers accompany. Big NO. And so, we just strolled along the mighty white beach for about 1 hour.

And the negative side? FYI there are only 3 resorts available for accommodation (pls refer to the map above) hence it is a good idea to book in advance. And for those who have been staying in any small islands before, you have to agree that the price of a clean drinking water is sky high. Hence, purchase few bottles of mineral water before you off to that scenic island.

Clean water is crucial for a healthy body!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Family Day at Vietnam?

About last week, husband dearie told me that his company will be organizing a Family Day this coming July at Hue, Vietnam. We are so excited, especially me! That will be our first holiday as one small happy family-of-three :) My husband eagerly asked me every single day to check out the air tickets and also make a survey regarding the destination that we shall be heading for.

As for the air tickets, I guess there will be no hassle at all since there will be no public holidays here in Malaysia neither in Vietnam during the said event date. That means the chances to get the tickets is there, no need for early purchasing. Fair enough.

Unfortunately, there are few things that came to my highest concern while searching information about Hue. Is this the place we are going? Along with that little boy? Hm..
  • First and foremost I searched all the pictures related to Hue. And surprisingly what i saw was that very classic pagodas? I may be enjoying it if I were to travel with the husband. But with a small kid that knows nothing about history? Err..
  • According to Wikipedia, Hue is an ancient capital of Thura Thein and used to be the imperial capital of Nguyen dynasty. As such it is well known for its NUMEROUS monuments and architecture. I don't think little Faheem wants to see those rigid and off colored buildings? Do you?
  • Referring to my best travel guide, Trip Advisor. The best things to do at Hue are: motorbike adventure tours and visits to numbers of tombs, pagodas and monuments. Erk..
  • And the climate? It's hot and generally wet. Similar to Malaysia but more rains. Duh.. My husband did mention that it is a 2 hours up-north flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Hue. And the location of Hue is nearby the 4 season boundaries. His Vietnamese mates informed that Hue will be super hot during July! Oh boy..

After few times of discussion with dear husband, we have made up our mind. Hue is a big NO. We preferred a place whereby both parents and children will get the best out of it. He suggested any local places would be nice. Less travel hours, less tiring too :)

Ok, lets started searching for a local cuti-cuti destination now!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

His First Food

In two weeks time, that little gentlemen will be having his first food! Being a new mother, oh yes I'm excited :) I'm planning to consult Faheems' pediatrician first to get the best ideas on what and how to serve him. Cereals or self made foods? Or jarred foods? The feeding schedule? Hm. His next appointment at Prince Court is this coming 16th of June. That is just 3 days after he will be turning six. Good. No need to make another appointment. You will get your food honey. Sabar ya Faheem. Good boy waits! :)

During Faheem's last vaccination, I did ask the pediatrician regarding the right age to feed him solids. Since he seems to put anything into his mouth. I've been wondering is he's hungry or it's just because of the itchy gum. But the answer was 6 months. Nothing solids until he reach that age. This is to prevent any allergies reaction to the baby since his digestive system isn't ready yet.

And so approaching June, yours truly has eagerly browsed through few ranges of baby foods at the baby store. The simple one would be the cereals. Cerelac by Nestle is the most common brand that I found. You know the smooth rice and grains with milk. All you have to do is pour in some milk and it's ready. As simple as ABC. There's also ready-to-eat baby food such as Heinz and Petit Gems. The Petit Gems seems more convincing since it has the Halal (UK) certification. I get to know about that through Pa&Ma magazine, of last month's edition if I'm not mistaken.
At first I thought his first food has and has to be the cereals. Since it is way simple food. Easy digestion! That's the word. And only after that I may slowly change it to the real yummy foods that comprise of chicken, fruit, vegetable and all. But according to my few good friends, it is to no harm to serve him real food (grinded) directly. Hm.. I'm a bit confused here. I shall ask the doctor's opinion first. I'm a newbie!

By the way, these are a few good notes, related to introducing your baby to his first food (for all the new mommies like me!).
Credit: Gourmet & Babycenter

  • A good rule of thumb is to start with rice cereal, which is gluten-free and less allergenic than other foods.

  • Introduce other solids gradually, one at a time, waiting at least three days after each new food. This way you'll get a heads-up if your baby has an allergic reaction to one of them (signs of an allergy may include diarrhea, a bloated tummy, increased gas or a rash).
  • Each baby will have unique food preferences but the transition should go something like this:
  1. Semi-liquid cereals
  2. Strained or mashed fruits and vegetables
  3. Finely chopped table foods, including meat and other protein sources
I should read more about this during the Wesak day off!

Monday, May 24, 2010

From bad day to mother earth

Yesterday my handsome Swift has been knocked up again. But this time it got hit at the back. After the disgrace story in the afternoon, now it's a bad event in the evening? What a day :( I was at the car wash center and yours truly was reversing her car until suddenly there's a knocking sound appeared at the back. Owh dear.. That guy went out from his car and man.. He was mad. The Indian fella was wearing a black t-shirt and he drives a black Proton Saga with more than 50% tinted screen and black sport rims! Only god knows how frightened I am that time. Being my husband is not around? Ammaa!!

But Alhamdulillah.. I had reversed the car smoothly and the bumper has done a very good job. Lega nya.. :) There's no scratch at all but a slight gap between the rear fender and the bumper. I had to push it up to close the gap. I guess the hook inside had broken because of the sudden impact. We have to wait for dear husband coming back from abroad, in order to get you fixed ok!

After that distressing incident I decided to take a stroll up the Cemerlang Height. I brought along the little men and the babysitter. Faheem loves to explore nature so much. When he's out from the house he will stare and started jumping at everything he has never seen in the house. The green tress, the flying birds, the fast cars, the peoples and all. Until sometimes he even forgets his milking hour! Dear boy.. :)

Papa Faheem loves to jog up the hill when he's still a bachelor those days. He always pursue me to be his jog partner. But he will only receive a yes from me if the event is at the resident's gym or Taman Tasik Titiwangsa or any other gardens or park. I don't want to be lying flat soon after that. I have a cutie little baby to take care of! Hehe.. But I will get you accompanied my dear. One fine day!

It is really an eye opener to drive up Bukit Cemerlang. The pictures below worth a thousand words. Another interesting 'activity' while you are up there is to gaze at the luxury houses. Some of them can't be categorized as a house though. It's almost a palace! Huu.. I wish to snap few pictures of that palace-kind houses but don't have the guts to do so. Those houses were VVIP's. I don't want to get involved with any problems after wards.

Speaking about luxury houses. Have you ever went to Nadayu Melawati? I mean the show house. That multi-million project is still under construction. See the web page and you may start day-dreaming now.

By the way, me and the babysitter keeps on wondering yesterday, which one is Bung Mokhtar's house? :) You know, That oh-so-lucky but not-so-young guy who married the beautiful actress. The wedding ceremony was taken place at his house in Cemerlang Height. Well, according to the newspaper la. What ever. May you both live happily ever after!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Surprise Guest

Approximately mid day, i have received a surprise visit from Pak Tam and family, that is my husband's side from Kulim. As what i mentioned, it's a surprise visit. They never inform me that they're coming over. And FYI me and the babysitter haven't taken our bath yet. As so you know.. It's Sunday! I woke up as early as 7am but so busy with the housekeeping and playing around with the little kid and this and that and it is as simple as.. I just forgot to take a bath? Oh lord!

I was even so panic because there's nothing to serve them. I'm planning to do some grocery shopping at Carrefour that evening. It's my Sunday routine by the way. To cut a long story short, Mak Tam had to take care of Faheem first while me and my babysitter is having shower. Well, at 12pm? Duhh! And i can only serve them with sirap limau and keropok. "Better than nothing!." Said the babysitter. Haha.. I'm dead meat if my mom knows about this. No Joke.

Ok, enough with the humiliating story. Ngee.. :p Take a look at this mug mat. I only manage to use it when we have guest coming over. Do you like it? Well i do! Hehe. It's one of the birthday presents i get from the lovely husband this year. He bought it at Ho Chi Minh City. And the glass? I guess everybody knows it is Ikea's Diod, handcrafted. It does match with each other right? :)

Tiny yet precious

I just found out that one blade of Faheem's tiny fan has torn :( It's the Little Bean's Flexi Clip Fan. Though this small fan seems nothing to him (since he easily get bored with his toys), this fan is crucial when there is a routine maintenance by TNB and worst of all, a sudden electricity cut off. With the extreme hot and dry weather these days? I can't bear to see him sweating and cranky. I need to get another one at Jusco this evening!

By the way, it's just RM19.90 :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Shoe Cabinet

Finally there is a cabinet to fit in all the shoes?
Err.. Especially Mr. Husband's..
  1. Futsal boot
  2. Field hockey boot
  3. Football boot
  4. Jog shoe
  5. Tennis shoe
  6. Golf shoe
  7. Crocs
  8. Sandal
  9. Safety boot
  10. Office shoe
  11. And his wide range of selipar jepuns?
Gosh that is a lot. That's just his, what about mine? Thank goodness few of mines are nicely kept in the car and in the office (for a quick grab during exchanging of plans. Ngee..)

It has been a while actually I've been longing for a perfect shoe cabinet. But doesn't have the time to search for one. More over, ever since i have to take care of an active little boy and my husband is working abroad, 24 hours a day doesn't seem enough for me. Until one boring Friday.. I decided to find one! By hook or by crook.

And so during Jumaat break i drove off alone to Danau Kota. There's a Cavenzi store. Frankly speaking Cavenzi (being quite a big local furniture store in Malaysia), i do have doubts especially when it comes to Q. You know what i mean. But i have NO say to its design. Some of them somehow looks very trendy too. Seriously. But what I'm searching for is only a shoe case. I think i can just close one eye when it comes to that Q factor. Heh..

At first i was quite surprised to know that they have quite a lot of designs too. Big or small, medium.. High or low. Conventional type or the Ikea type. I'm so delighted that day. I know i have come to an ideal store to shop during a limited lunch break. Hehe. Among all of them I've spotted this nice white cum dark brown shoe case. It's the only Ikea-like design shoe cabinet with solid wood! It is spacious, you can even adjust the shelf in order to fit in bigger boots plus there is a place for umbrellas at the center. And how lovely is that? :)

I had take a look at the shoe cases at Ikea before. But it was rather small. I don't think it can occupy our shoes (me, hubby, that little kid with his babysitter?). Hm. Moreover most of them has to be fixed to the wall. Leceh meh..

In less than one hour, yours truly has purchased the said shoe cabinet. Yeay.. Time very well spent Lisa!

Nice to look at.

I always love to continuously change my phone's wallpaper. It's good to see nice things on your palm during office hours.. When you're spending like 9 to 10 hours everyday in the office! Sigh.. I just downloaded this cutie wallpaper from background apps. Isn't it sweet and colorful! As if you're living in a land of far-far-away..

Well, having a little baby makes you think like a baby. Seriously! :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Siakap 3-Rasa

This is our forever favorite white meat dish.. Siakap 3-Rasa. If you have Kerapu? That would doubles the excitement. Mr. Husband has been traveling back to KL almost every weekend from Ho Chi Minh City. As a token of appreciation I'm making his favorite meal during Saturday's luncheon last week. The crunchy salad may looks a bit overloaded and kinda messy I really have to say. But who cares. We love it to bits! =D

It's such a wonderful feeling to see your loved ones smiling broadly when he knows that he'll be having his favorite meal that day. And with that naughty hugs and kisses while you are busy with the hot pan and turner? Ahh.. Don't you think that marriage life is so beautiful?! =) Alhamdulillah..

A good friend of mine, which is also a bride-to-be requested this recipe. That's the reason why I'm uploading this post. Thanks Asna! At least akak da bole slowly menaip balik! Ngee.. Anyway, this is a very simple kind of 3-Rasa. I just use anything that is already in the kitchen. Hehe. Give it a try to impress your beloved ones. As Chef Gusteau (Ratatoille) keeps on repeating, Everyone Can Cook!

The Ingredients:
  • 1 ekor ikan siakap (of course)
  • Chilly Sauce (pick your best brand)
  • 6 ulas bawang merah (or you can use bawang besar if you like)
  • 1 ulas bawang putih
  • 10 tangkai cili padi (if you love to have it spicy)
  • 2 batang serai
  • Beberapa helai daun limau purut
  • 3 tangkai cili merah
  • 2 biji tomato (chopped)
  • 1 btg timun (chopped)
  • nenas (chopped)
  • gula, garam & perasa
Fried the fish first and put aside. Then you may start to saute the bawang besar+bawang putih along with serai, daun limau purut and cili padi until it becomes yellowish and smells good! Then pours in some water accordingly, chilly sauce, timun+tomato+nenas and gula+garam! When the 3-Rasa sauce tastes exactly as you wished for, pours it onto the fried siakap. And your yummy lunch is ready by then! =)


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