Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen

Yesterday I drove by Yap Kwan Seng as usual. Just realized that Tony Roma's is fully operational now, no more Rasa Sayang.. Sedihnya.. =( Rasa Sayang at YKS was among our favorite lunch and dinner hang out place before this. Then I spotted Popeyes? Ok.. It's been a couple of times I've came across Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen at Mid Valley and Wangsa Walk. And it feels like giving it a try.. (I'm not expecting, am I? Naaahhh..)

And so that evening our to-do-list has added in another extra item =p Done with office hours we rushed to Mr tailor to pick up Mr husband's Baju Malayu Cekak Musang for this coming, most awaited wedding reception of my brother in law at Kedah. We just love the purple material and the vigilant workmanship of Mr Chang's. But quite upset because there's no discount, it's fixed at RM370. His Baju Melayu for solemnization event years back pun Mr Chang yang buat. Hmm.. Takpela duit melayang, janji puas hati. (Tapi jealous jugak a bit since his baju is more expensive than my Korean silk! Huu..)

Then we proceed with shopping spree for dear Faheem's. He's been super active nowadays, crawling rapidly from living room to the kitchen to the bedrooms as he wishes. So I need to get him more and more long pants. Selesa sikit si kecik tu nak explore rumah kan. Done with that we finally get a taste of Popeyes. Both of us weren't that hungry so we chose the couple combo set for RM19.90. There's two fried chickens, cajun fries, fried fish fillet and ice lemon teas. Hmm.. The fish fillet were fresh and nice but the chicken is not to our expectation. In a nutshell, me and dear husband would love KFC more rather than Popeyes. Or maybe there are other Popeyes' meals that you wish to recommend us?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Me, Rapunzel and Tangled Tale

On Sunday, we traveled back to ibu kota cinta after completing hundred kilometers of journey touring back to our hometown, Terengganu and Kedah. Lucky us we had clean the house before we started the trip so there's not much of headaches, body-aches and the most important part, eye soreness.. when we reached home. How relieved!

That night (oh it's a full moon if you realized), we just loafing on the couch while he's rubbing my back and the little man started his routine as usual.. messing around with his toys in front of the TV when suddenly there's a TV ad of Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale. I was starlet and I told him at that instant that I so wanna watch that movie! And out to my surprise Mr husband just burst out, "Hahaha" Err.. Pardon me? I don't think it's funny hunie, not at all..

Well Rapunzel has nothing to differ with Shrek, Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Ratatouille, Alice in Wonderland, Madagascar, Up, Wall-E, Monsters Inc. and all. I watched all of them and I like it. In fact I'm so in love with all the characters from Pixar's and Disney's. Oh I also watched most of the Barbie series ok! And I don't think it's weird or even funny because every girls went through their fancy childhood years before approaching the adventurous world of motherhood. Fair enough huh? =)

And so, this is the mission of the day: Will persuade Mr husband to accompany me watching the lovely Rapunzel and cheeky Flynn Rider soon. Movie release is in the next two days, 25th November 2010. My treat ok! Oh by the way, this is not a movie review entry, well as for now. I really hope I will come up with one after this =D

The Synopsis: "Rapunzel" is an action-packed, swashbuckling, animated musical comedy about the girl behind 70 feet of magical, golden hair. A princess stolen from her parents' castle as a baby, Rapunzel is locked in a hidden tower longing for adventure. Now an imaginative and determined teenager, she takes off on a hilarious, hair-raising escapade with the help of a dashing bandit. With the secret of her royal heritage hanging in the balance and her captor in pursuit, Rapunzel and her cohort find adventure, heart, humor, and hair... lots of hair.

Monday, November 22, 2010

New gadget in the house - Lumix LX3

This tiny happy family has a brand new gadget! It's Lumix LX3 a digital compact camera. Well I already have a four-year-old Olympus μ Tough Series compact camera. But I get so upset when trying to snap few pictures in one time. The shutter was rather slow that I have to wait for two to three seconds before the camera is ready for a second scene. Being the little kiddo is becoming more and more aggressive each days, oh I need a faster shutter!
Been searching for a suitable compact camera but still comes with high end specs since October. I did wish upon any DSLRs but it's so bulky and I'm sure it fit none of my handbags nor the little man's diaper bag. I once opted for Nex5. Just fell in love with the amusing design and classy furnishing from the first day I saw in the net to finally experimenting it my own-self at Fotokem Mid Valley. But it costs us sky high.. =( Half heartedly, we slashed down Nex5.

By the way LX3 has been in market since 2 years ago if I'm not mistaken. It has surprisingly hit the digital camera market those days with the vividly clear images near to what most DSLR produces, but from a way smaller size camera! The first time I managed to get a touch of LX3 was two years back when I'm on a baby-moon trip with dear husband at Caravelle Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City. Our good friend (an Indonesian guy which is also Mr. man's office mate) owns an LX3 and he just back from a holiday at Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam. And I was amazed to see the pictures captured by his LX3!

The updated version of LX3 which is LX5 has just been launched four weeks back. We make visits to various digital camera centers and quite shocked to know that LX5 is almost the same with LX3 but the differences are the LCD screen is just a few millimeters bigger and it comes with slightly wider aperture and boy, you need an extra of RM300 for just thats? Hmm.. Being that we are not a pro photographer that needs some kind of oh-so-high resolution camera, so we just grabbed LX3 at that instant.

By the way, these are few pictures taken with our new LX3.

Mr husband's caffe latte at Kenny Rogers Roasters

Fresh white meats at Penang

Quarter roasted chicken at Kenny Rogers Roasters

Spaghetti bolognaise at Kenny Rogers. I'd rather vote for Pizza Hut's meatballs bolognaise!

And now we have a better camera so what's up fellas?? The end-of-year school break (the longgg holiday) has just started so lets go jalan-jalan cari makan and snapping real nice happy family pictures! =) Langkawi? Weee!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Restoran Istana Bambu - Reloaded

Yesterday, KL city was blasted with thunder storm and heavy rains. Few places were hit with floods and that had caused traffic snarls every here and there, not to be forgotten Jalan Tun Razak! Due to the event, the fitness freak husband wasn't able to brisk walk from his office to my office as usual. But fortunately luck was a bit on our side since Mr ride was parked at my office and it's easier to fetch him from here.

Get so frustrated with the extensive lines of stood still vehicles, I turned to Kampung Baru as I'm planning to have dinner at our forever favorite Sukhumvit (we went here quite often during the days before we get married, hee..) while waiting for the traffic to become smoother as times went by. But it was already closed for Hari raya Aidil Adha celebration! Huhu. And so I drove straight to Akleh (Ampang-KL Elevated Highway) to get rid of the massive congestion in MRR1.

Suddenly dear husband voiced out :
Hubby: "Yang jom makan kat tempat yang syg nak pegi sangat tu.."
Wifey: "Hmm?? Istana Bambu? Jommmmm... My treat ok!" =)

Finally we are here baby! Hehe =) We have went here several times before this but the nicely bamboo decorated restaurant has always been fully booked with various events. Being it was so late in the afternoon, there's only 3 couples dining inside Istana Bambu. We were greeted with a broad smiling staff and being seated just in a short while. We wished to dine in at the small designated bamboo hut but it is reserved for only 4 diners and above. So we chose this rumah-panjang-like bamboo hut, just me and him =)

Well we already consumed heavy luncheon at Pelita KLCC so we opt for a ramen-ish meals instead. I get myself Kuay Teaw Goreng Seafood and Kuay Teaw Tom Yam for Mr Man with carrot and apple juice. The food was nice, I just love the Tom Yam.. Though it was a bit too spicy for me but it tasted so yummy just like ones at Pha Pha Garden. Whilst the Kuay Teaw Goreng Seafood is rather plain and a bit oily (I was thinking about arteriosclerosis while having it.. Erkk!) Oh the juices were super sedap!

By the way this Istana Bambu is situated alongside MRR2 near the DUKE exit and just few minutes away from the other famous eatery which is Intai Intai Restaurant. Done with Azan Maghrib, we rushed home. We had another appointment with a colleague at Old Town White Coffee at 9pm. And we missed Faheem with the new hair cut too! =) The traffic treated us better that time. Alhamdulillah..

Oh, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha everyone! Tahun ni dapat jugak saya menunaikan ibadah korban di kampung halaman. Syukur ya Allah di atas segala nikmat yang telah Engkau berikan kepada kami sekeluarga selama ini. Semoga dengan korban mama faheem tahun ini dapat mendekatkan lagi hubungan kami dengan Mu ya Allah dan berkatilah hidup kami sekeluarga dunia dan akhirat. Amin ya rabbal aalamin..

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Fitness Freak Husband

Mr Man is a sportsaholic guy. He doesn't only loves sport, but he plays various kind of sports and he's so into exercises, outdoor activities and getting fit most of the times (Oh I just fell in love with his tough wings from the first day we met almost 4 years back! Hee..) His forever favorite sport is field hockey but he plays tennis, badminton, football, futsal, golf and he does swimming, jungle trekking, kayaking and what ever it is that strengthen your muscles, prevents a bulgy tummy and makes you one sexy human creature of a kind. Ok, I'm exaggerating now.

Hit the Decorplace plastic bag! =)

We went to Mid Valley after the office hours yesterday to pick up Mrs Wifey's kind of forever favorite stuffs at Decorplace. Yeayy!! Thank you so much me love =) I do appreciate it from the bottom of my broken heart.. Eh Britney Spears pulak, hehe =D Well, In spite of heading to the car park soon after that, he leads me to Fitness Concept. Ok, What's now? I don't think he's gonna get the treadmill because there is NO space available in the house plus he always prefers outside jog.

Nope.. He actually gets himself something smaller. It's a Dual Action Door Gymbar! (also knows as pull up bar) Oh now I remember. He did mentioned about this pull up bar thingy so many times before this. And he did asked around for the steel bar at few fitness centers in KLCC, One Utama, Wangsa Walk, Jusco, Carrefour et cetera but to no avail. Boy he was so excited to get one that day =) There's only a few of them left on the shelves.

By the way this is the Trax: Dual Action Door Gymbar specifications and it priced at only RM68.50 :
  • Extra heavy duty chrome plated steel bar
  • Fully adjustable - Extends from 62cm to 100cm
  • Doorway mounting hardware
  • Rubber ends & support brackets
  • For all men/women/children
He fixed the thing to the door frame as soon as we reached home. What ever honey, as long as you are happy =) Me tumpang happy jgk cos the thing can be treated as ampaian during rainy days! =p By the way, I've been eying for this skeleton stepper while he's busy at the payment counter. Nice isn't it? But I don't think I have any urgency for that I guess, well for now la. My BMI is still on the convincing line. Heheh!

Referring to the nice picture below, that's what we called a yummy blueberry muffin by Famous Amos! Oh Please slash the Coffee Bean's one, as I mentioned earlier in the Penang trippin' entry. While on the right side is mama Faheem having vanilla ice cream at Burger King with beloved hubby during lunch break that day. Hm. I think I've consumed a lot of unhealthy foods ever since he's back for good. Oh yes I'm worried.. Hmmm..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Penang and Cameron Highlands Trip - Part 2

As promised this entry is the continuation of the one before this: Balik Kampung plus Penang Trippin! Done with Queensbay Mall, we decided to have a stroll at the latest Hard Rock Hotel Penang which is at Batu Ferringhi Beach. I'm thinking of one night stay but the distance from the hotel to my MIL's house is not that far away so I guess there's no point for it.

Batu Ferrighi has always amazed us when ever we went up there. It seems more and more beautiful buildings are being developed each days! I wish to capture the nice scenic views while we were traveling up the tourism hill but Faheem was awake and he needs my full attention. Sigh.. But he fall asleep just when we reached HRH Penang! Good boy =) Enjoy the pictures fellas!

The car park inside the hotel compound was full when we arrived, so we have to park Mr Ride at the outside car park in front of the hotel. Just across the road and we're there baby! =) By the way, the weather was a little bit cloudy that day plus it was almost dusk. Lucky us the little boy was sleeping like nobody cares! But still we can't help ourselves from being in a hurry since we are afraid the rain might fall at anytime.

Mr Man and Little Man in front of the hotel

We opt to get inside the hotel and check out the rates (and the rockin' interior deco of course) but as expected, the sounds of the pounding music has been a huge obstacle for us. Well the music wasn't that loud actually but we just don't wanna let the little men awaken from his afternoon nap.. and spoils his parents rockin' mood wandering the second Hard Rock Hotel in Malaysia. Hehehe.

So we decided to go to the Hard Rock Cafe that is just few steps away from the lobby. The live band wasn't kick off yet since it's still day hours. If I'm not mistaken there will only be live music bands during night life. Great, we can get Faheem inside then! =) Mr hubby insisted to get some souvenirs (he's a Hard Rock T-shirt collector) but the cafe wasn't that big, as you can see in the collage. Six peoples can already occupy the whole section. Huhu. Tak maula sesak2 di situ, with him holding the 9kg boy some more..

The center stage. Super nice chandelier!

Done with hotel wandering, we rushed home! It was dawn and the traffic really treats us cruelly. Both of us were so exhausted and starving. We only managed to get home by 9pm. Get ourselves cleaned and by 10pm me and the whole familia off to Puncak Mutiara Cafe! Wondering what's so special about it? Well the restaurant is an eatery inside the farm itself and it has been promoted through Jalan Jalan Cari Makan (JJCM) last month. And guess what, I was watching the TV that time and I did wondering boy.. This place is near my MIL's and I should give it a try soon. And here I am! =)

The restaurant compound was so big that you may enjoy brisk walk all around happily. We even met the ostrich and rabbit but it was pretty dark during the night. There was no sufficient lightings in the animal barns, I guess that's to prevent them from being uncomfortable and become aggressive towards the visitors.

Ostrich, Puyuh, Rabbit, Goat, Chicken, Fishes, Lamb.. You name it you get it!

Happy tummies and we drove home to get a quality sleep and getting ready for a long journey back to KL the next day. On our way to KL we stopped by Cameron Highlands from the Simpang Pulai exit. Well we already booked a room at Cameron Highlands Resort for next weekend =) Can't wait for another happy holidays with hubby and the little boy!

Sneak peek of the resort that we shall be staying soon!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Balik Kampung plus Penang Trippin!

Hello world! Finally I'm back on track after the never-get-enough of Deepavali holiday (plus one day of MC). Hehe. We went to Kulim, which is my hubby's side on early Friday morning. At first we thought of starting the long journey during midnight, but I was so busy preparing and packing mine, his and the little men's stuffs all night long. Exhausted ok! So we decided to take a quality 5 hours nap first before jump start the exciting journey.

FYI Kulim is just nearby Penang and it took you approximately 20 minutes to get there from my MIL's house via the Butterworth-Kulim Expressway (BKE). So whenever we went back to Kulim, visiting Penang is a must! Hehe. I just love Penang because of the food (of course) plus the super nice bungalows, malls, condos and hotels. In fact the houses there are much nicer rather than KL's!

Well I should started day dreaming of one now since we're not going to live in this pigeon hole kind of house forever. Condos (whether luxury or semi luxury) are never a good place to live if you are growing a FAMILY with you. Seriously - I just hate the madden noise from the nigger family on top of our house and it's even unbearable if your son can't fall asleep due to that! Besides, I love gardening and my husband loves car-wash by himself =) So we need some green people! Let's new-house-sight-seeing now. Heee...

Anyway I'm not in the mood of typing so many words today. Lets just pictures do the talking aip! =) Our ride started at 715am after sending the babysitter (she's staying with us) to her aunt's house. Since I'm so tired the whole night, there's no breakfast-from-home made available. Huhu. Dear hubby stopped by Rehat & Rawat (R&R) Rawang to get us egg sandwich and a soy drink. While Faheem? He's already sleeping soundly when we just hit the road for half an hour. Boy he's so heavy now! I almost cramped my thighs and legs while holding him. Thank goodness we brought along his carseat. It's been such a great help!

We reached my MIL's nearly noon. There's nothing much activities during the day. We just get laid and let my in laws families entertained the little kiddo. It took some time for him to get used with the new environment and the new kind of 'pamperings' since this is the first time he stepped down Kulim. He has never been there before this since his papa was so attached with office work abroad. But no more! =)

During night we had dinner with the whole family at this seafood center. Unfortunately, no body knows what's the exact name of the place. I asked my auntie, hubby and SIL but the answers were all negatives. Haduii.. I can only describe you the landmark of the place: It's nearby the Penang Bridge and Nicol David's condo (the one that the Penang government gave her as a gift for becoming The World Number One Squash Player years back).

We traveled with MyVi, City and Grand Livina and you just count the heads yourself ok. We had nasi with the main course of Kerapu Tiga Rasa, Kerapu Masak Stim, Tom Yam Ayam, Kailan Ikan Masin and Kerabu Mangga. Plus Sotong Celup Tepung as starters! The foods were nice, and it was even nicer because the little men has fallen asleep while we were enjoying our meal! =D The place was jam packed that night, with lovely peeps bringing their families and there's also convoy rides with various kind of associations. Being it was a long holiday I guess. But the service was fast and reliable and the ambiance during night time was kinda serene.. =)

While the next day, we went to USM to send off my SIL. She gonna seat her exam this coming Wednesday. All the best sista! Before that we went to have our lunch at a sea side eatery. This place is around the Queensbay and facing the Pulau Jerejak. My SIL had no idea what was the exact name of the place, yaa again! But I spotted the eatery beside us named Hammer Bay. Hmm.. What ever la =D Actually this place is such an awestruck during night. But we're running out of time to search around for another restaurants etc so we settled there for a happy tummy. Lucky us lil Faheem wasn't cranky at all! I guess he just loves the seaside breeze =)

After safely delivered my SIL at USM we drove off Queensbay Mall! Thanks to Mr. Garmin that lead us the way to the correct destination tho you've annoyed us so thousand times with that "recalculating" words. Duhh.. Upon arriving we stumbled The Streams which is a Reflexology and Fish Spa Center. I wish! But it costs us RM28/pax. Hubby and wifey equals to RM56? Hmm.. Balik rumah dapat top to toe complete massage by beloved hubby, FOC lagi worth it kan! =D

The super cutie baby chair and super adorable cupcakes!

Loafing with Mr Man & Little Men at Coffee Bean. Never get enough with the ice blended mocha and ice blended caramel but get so disappointed with the blueberry muffin! It tasted rather plain, the blueberry was thick and hard and it's not even reheated. Hmm.. Nothing beats Famos Amos blueberry muffin lah!

And this one is interesting.. Toilet Bowl Concept Cafe. Sebelum ni tengok kat chain email je. Sekarang da jumpa depan mata. Hehe. Tak selera ok! =p Next in queue are Hard Rock Hotel Penang, Puncak Mutiara Cafe and Cameron Highlands spree. I shall update the later part of the short holiday in the next entry. I'm getting dizzy seeing all these pictures now. Aiyaiiii...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

His First Birthday Celebration Plan

In less than 2 months time, the little men will be turning 1. Yeah it's ONE. Oh boy! How time really flies. I still remember months back when we're just get excited with the two-lines stick, the alternating meet ups with the darling gynea, the eagerly weekend-shopping for newborn stuffs to finally in the labor room and episiotomy and all! Hence you're no longer an infant? I'm speechless.

By the way if you've missed it, you may read the whole birth story of our much-loved son here: The Delivery Chronicle. Well I've started to came across this birthday bash thingy since two months ago. I thought it will be nothing but a simple celebration with finger foods, close friends and few kids but naahh.. There are actually so many things to be considered and it keeps on mingling in mind since then!

To start with, first birthday party is really for parents and their guests. Feheem won't remember the party and may even be overwhelmed by it. But we can still enjoying the fun with a proper planning and good tips from others. According to the infos I get from the magazines, internets and consultation with good friends, these are few essential guidelines for a successful first birthday merriment of your little ones.

1. Who to invite:

Boy.. Even the first question is already hard to decide. Since Faheem is still small and he may easily gets uncomfortable with strangers around, I guess we should limit the invitees to only a small circle of friends/families. Our house isn't that spacious too if we were to invite a large number of guests. I do hope those who aren't invited wouldn't get upset nor disappointed. We just don't want the birthday boy to get cranky on his special day.

2. How much to spend:

I don't think we're gonna spend a lot for foods and decorations. It's just a small party for a little kid. More over we are having it in house. But I still need to put up a special log for that event. There's always Mr husband to monitor his wifey in order NOT to overspend every penny he allocates for the occasion. So I'd better get it ready soon before he started questioning every this' and thats'. Heheh

3. Choosing a time:
According to Annabel Karmel as above, it is best to twitch the party soon after the little men has done with lunch and afternoon nap. He's freshen up, he's in a happy-tummy mood and I do hope he's ready enough to meet his parents clique by then. The party should lasts no longer than 1hour and a half. I wish not to have to handle a cranky, whining little boy plus good friends at the same time, so please invitees.. Do be punctual will ya? =)

4. Food:

This is definitely the best part of all. There should be 1 birthday cake of course. Others? Hmm.. Home made pasta (it's the easiest to prepare after all). Then needs to tapau some Satay Kajang, book some kiddie cookies, fruit tartlets and cupcakes. Mix fruits for dessert along with fruit juice. I shall get the details (and theme) later on. Well I already have someone in mind to materialized the cutie cake and cupcakes. Unfortunately she will be on maternity leave this December! =( My second option is CuppyLicious Cupcake. Please don't let me down!

5. Goody bags:

I've found few Facebook pages that actually provides super nice goodie bags upon customers request. But I didn't seriously look into that as yet. But thanks to them, I already have few ideas in mind now =) Chocolate bars or muffins, sweets, cutie key chains along with a hand made Thank You card will do I guess.

6. Birthday present:

In parallel with his growth, I realized Faheem is keen with bigger toys nowadays. I get him one Ben 10 trailer and 1 Mega Bloks truck last month. And he likes to play with them. Most of his smaller toys have been kept safely in the toys box now. And for his birthday, we should get something bigger in size too. Perhaps a baby step walker will do? Since he always climb his current walker and tried to push it. But it won't work since the walker is too big for him. I went to Toys 'R' Us yesterday and found few walkers by Bruin and Vtech. I shall let his papa decide about this soon.

7. Photographer:

The most important person alive in that event! But still, haven't searched for one as yet. Hehe. But I know there are so many reliable pro photographer and freelance photographer here in KL. Even few of our good friends are doing the same thing as their hobby too. I can always ring one anytime. So lets just put this as least urgency.

Nonetheless, it is up to us on how we actually wish the celebration to be. I've discussed with dear husband a couple of times and I guess, we should stick to a small get together with just neighborhood friends. InsyaAllah there will always be another birthday party for our children in the next years to come and we looking forward to invite all of you to merry the joyful event, our dear friends!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kacak Luar, Kacak Dalam, Kacak Dengar Sini!

Gosh.. I just can't get rid of this cheeky yet suave song from my mind now! It's Senyum by Malique ft. Najwa. I don't have any idea who is that Najwa but she really has such a good voice! =) And the best part of all is the lyrics. Most of the lyrics rhymes (of course, it's a rap song) and I guess that is how it easily intermingling in your head when you started to listen to the song for the first time.

By the way, from my personal point of view this song is a very good social contribution to the public. Apart from "Ohoiiii..." Chek Mek Molek by Datuk M. Daud Kilau. Remember the TV ad with the old men refuses to smile because he's actually tooth-less? Haha.. That was hilarious =) By the way enjoy the nice song of the day and SMILE people! It costs you nothing but you'll never know who will fall with that lovely smile! =)

"A smile is a curve that sets everything straight" - Phyllis Diller

Monday, November 1, 2010

No more weekend-husband!

Finally I'm riding to the office with the easy company (macam The Band of Brothers la pulak) of beloved husband. I'm blessed! Alhamdulillah.. =) He touched down KLIA on the 30th October, the night Kelantan won over Negeri Sembilan! Hehe =D Feels like updating so many contented things here, but I'm a bit messed up with the office work now. Though he's physically here already, but still.. It's mournDay! Ai yaii..

Let me just postpone what happened yesterday and proceed to what actually happens today. Shall we? It's a sunny working day, so there's nothing much interesting agendas that we had planned. We get up early since Faheem wakes up at 430am! Duh.. He had bad dreams last night and I tried to comfort him for almost half an hour. To the event he wakes up by himself, sitting there in his cot and watching us innocently. With super sleepy eyes papa gets him to our bed and the little men kept on rolling and babbling in the middle of the night without any signs of tiredness nor sleepy-ness. Maybe he just too excited for having his papa back at home =)

We dropped by McDonald's to have breakfasts for two. We managed to discuss the holidays that we've been planning months back. Plus the wedding event of my BIL and also the Hari Raya Korban. Oh I just can't wait for our 3D 2N stay at Golden Palm Tree! Weee.. Done with happy tummy we rushed to the office and meet again during the lunch hour.

My my.. Finally I'm able to have something different from the routine. Huhu. All this while I keep on having mushroom rice with roasted chicken at the office cafe. That's the yummiest and healthiest lunch meal I may get here. Hehe. Nevertheless I'm having nasi lemak for today's luncheon at KLCC. Tengok tu lauk dia! Huhuu.. No heavy dinner for Mrs. Wifey tonight, enough said.

Next we went to Habib Jewels to get a new.. so called wedding ring for Mr. husband. Wondering why? Well his wedding ring has been RIP-ed in the washroom of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight to Saigon few weeks back. Unbelievable? Yup, It's Ripley's believe it or not babeh! Heheh. So I need to get another wedding ring for him. Unfortunately as what we expected, Habib only provides gold, white gold and suasa for men. Which is, muslim guys are forbidden from wearing those (FYI There's a slight percentage of gold in suasa). The best options left are platinum or silver (with palladium.) We opt for the later one since platinum is so pricey. Huhu

And the best part of all is we went to Cool Shades! I need to get a brand new eye wear since I already get uncomfortable with the current one. Faheem keeps on ripping it off aggressively from my face. Huhu. I almost purchased the super flexi Silhouette at Mid Valley yesterday but the flexi frame and super hard glasses cost me Rm1.3k! I don't think that is a good spending. Seriously. It was so hard to get a small size frame that fits a small lady like me.

But I get it at Cool Shades! Leganya.. =) Finally I'm able to get a perfect one for own-self after been searching for one since 3 months ago. By the way hubby dearie also gets his forever favorite Oakley at Cool shades before this. Lucky us his ex-classmate, which is also the optometrist, is on duty today. He just knew which one is suitable for me and he gets it right at the 1st attempt! I said YES for that cool frame at that instant. That will be the first Rip Curl stuff I ever had!

Err.. I think I've written down more than I should now? Enough for today la. I'd better get my stuffs ready as dear hubby will fetch me in 10mins time! Yeayyy.. =)


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