Saturday, December 31, 2011

KL Festival City Mall. Welcoming 2012 with shopping therapy?

Phewww.. Me and my lil sis has just back from KL Festival City Mall (currently that mall is one of my fav due to the ample parking space and less crowd!). She prepared yummy luncheon for us today and so as a token of appreciation I'm bringing her there to treat her anything that she wishes to. Am I too good to be true or what? Hehehe..

But no kidding. She is so into cooking (like our mom) and she's a pretty good cook too I really hv to say. She made ayam masak merah, bayam tumis air, ikan goreng & telur dadar covered with mayonnaise and Thai chilly sauce while I'm busy vacuuming the whole section of the house! Kenyang sangat mommy and baby tadi, alhamdulilah.. TQ maksu!

Well, I'm planning to get a new sandal today since my current Modermum sandal has worn out quite bad. I've spotted Hush Puppies outlet during my last visit to the mall few weeks back and I guess I should have a peek there. I spent almost half an hour trying out few pieces of sandals and I finally decided to grab this one, just perfect for the foot that slowly keeps on growing and growing! Heheh. Got 20% discount too that makes it RM178 sajo!

If there's no issue of 'growing up foot' (ok2 swollen foot sounds nicer right) and water retention and what so ever, I'm sure I'll take this one home at that instant. It was super comfy and sweet sangat! It just.. Perfectly captured my foot in to them. Ahh.. Sabar2, lepas bersalin nanti kite datang lagi ok mama.. =)

And then we headed straight to Parkson. I'm planning to get a new day curtain (with vibrant color and refreshing design) for our sliding door. The ones that we are using now (since married) looks pretty worn out and boring. But then I spotted the Gelato Fruity kiosk and simultaneously the saliva keeps on bursting out. Huhu.

And guess how much this 320g of ice cream with peanuts and choc costs us? RM25. Gosshh.. It was much more expensive than Tutti Frutti! And rasa pun biasa2 je.. Kalo mahal macam New Zealand Natural ke Haagen Dazs ke tapi sedap yang amat takpela jugak. Not value for money lah. Huhu.. No more Gelato Fruity, full stop.

Then window shopping kejap tetibe jumpe BB Oasis and Modermum! Outlet BB Oasis tu it's not that big but it has so many things that I've been searching all this while! Buang masa jek carik online selama ni. Hoho. The (husband and wife) owner of the outlet was so friendly too =)

I'm sure Faheem would love this buggy board!

I'm deeply fell in love with that red hot Inglesina and and the brand new Quinny Senzz stroller! But hubby told me he's not planning to get a new stroller for Faheem's lil sis and so.. It's a NO then. The current Maclaren Techno XT is still in a good condition tho we are using it heavy duty-ly (balik groceries shopping every weekend sume bende letak atas stroller ok, baik beras baik minyak masak, hikkk). The seat is removable and washable too so it should be no big deal la kan? (pujuk diri sendiri).

Anyway I just purchased a new Maclaren's liner and MAM's soft spout for Faheem's Pura Kiki sippy bottles. Initially I'm thinking to get the red liner since the future lil bundle would most probably be a lil princess, but my sis said dark blue looks better to fit in with the black stroller. So mama Faheem iyakan saja. Tapi lepas inform kat papa, he preferred the red one pulak. Haiyyoo.. Striking sikit red liner with black seat he said. Hmm.. Nantila, kalau rajin pergi tuka la nanti. BTW the liner is only RM119, kalau online RM149! Modernmum kat situ agak bosan - very limited products are available.

Then we proceed to Watson to top up some of the cosmetic stuff and perut tetibe berkeroncong pula. Went to Cool Blog (my sister is so crazy about this) and Hot & Roll kiosk for the yummy BBQ chicken crepe. I still remember last time during the uni years there was a kiosk named Crispy Crepe (err it sounds like that) at Midvalley Megamall and me with my colleagues were crazy about it too. But I haven't met anything similar when the kiosk closed down and today there's Hot & Roll to bring back the memories. Awww..

This pregnant lady has started to feel exhausted and sleepy and severely in need of scrumptious dinner when the clock is ticking 6.30pm so we decided to go home. Pump angin kat Shell kejap and here am I.. Bergolek dpn tv sambil gelak sakan layan Maharaja Lawak Mega finale semalam. Oh dear, rindu nya anakanda Faheem kat kampung halaman bersama atok nenek itu itu..

5 minutes and counting. Happy New Year everyone!

Friday, December 30, 2011

40cm Tefal Wok. A surprise for someone so dear!

Finally a surprise is a surprise!
This is indeed a wish come true for my forever loved mother =')

It's a 40cm Tefal Wok with lid, being delivered directly to her home thru the Pos Laju. And she was the one who received it single handedly from the Pos Laju worker. Mama Faheem tergedik2 dlm rumah duk usha disebalik sliding door sambil SMS encik suami akan perihal itu. Hehehe

Well this event is termed a "surprise" since nenek Faheem was so interested with the T-fal wok (2 of them! TQ again sayang!) that the charming husband bought from US three months back. It was a simple non stick wok but it was huge, comes with handles on opposite sides and cleaning seriously made easy! Being a mother and nanny with Cook-ing relatively her middle name, she just fell in love with that wok since then. I told papa Faheem regarding this as I'm planning to give her one. She just love anything related with the kitchen ok!

I tried searching at Jusco, Carrefour, Parkson, Isetan etc but it was either too expensive or the quality was not at par. The ones that papa get for us (T-fal) is by far the best, of quality and value for money. Finally we decided to purchase it online. And the most anticipated gift safely reached my mom's house last Monday =)

She was delighted, as expected. Yeayy!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The pretty disgusting ERL seating

I guess those ERL cushioned seating has never been replaced, since I'm riding ERL during tertiary level until now - married, with two kids! LoL. Btw this picture was taken last Tuesday when I was on my way back home from KLIA ~ spent the precious annual leave balance at kampung =)

Dear Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd, I think you should look into this matter seriously. The totally worn out seats need to be changed with a brand new and colorful ops with your corporate color what so ever and oh more plushy ones is highly appreciated. But I'd prefer if it comes with water repellent material. Well if leather is too expensive PVC pun ok ape.. As long as it's durable!

Memandai je bagi suggestion kn? Hehe. But this thing is highly critical and unacceptable, for yours truly. Look at the picture once again and don't you feel how gross it is? I'm sure there are zillions of bacteria breading happily on the seats. "Mari mari kita beranak pinak disini!!"

Sampai rumah baju seluar terus masuk washing machine.
I soaked them for 1hr with Dettol ok! Eeeuuuu...

Friday, December 23, 2011

George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston TX

- Show and Tell Friday -

The not so cowboy hubby and wifey with the Lone Star state flag

Of an emotional airport limo driver, crazy tax refund, Mickey Leland statue,
super cheap perfumes! and the guy who patiently awaiting for Emirates' flight.

Of not so luxury business lounge to us saying good bye to Houston to
anxiously welcoming Dubai, UAE

Just can't wait for the next babymoon trip!

"You better watch out, you better not fright, you better not cry I'm telling you why..
Maaama Faheem is coming to townnnnnn.. Hohohoh.. Merry Christmas and
happy holiday everyone!"

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tony Roma's at Yap Kwan Seng

Sluggish Wednesday. Wordless Wednesday.


Our last luncheon together in 2011 : As one lil happy family of three.




Oh he's coming home soon. Very soon. Be strong. Have faith.

When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out.
- Elizabeth B

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Cheesecake Factory. Somebody please take me there!

Dear husband went to The Cheesecake Factory last week to have dinner with his colleagues. And I was like.. Duhhh?? Agak stress di situ. Well we've went to Memorial City Mall during our Houston trip few months back and the castle-like signboard was the first thing that struck into my eyes once the husband stopped our Dodge Journey at the parking lot. Oh the font style was very similar to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by the way =)

Peoples keep on posting super nice images of the meals (especially cheesecakes!) whenever they went to The Cheesecake Factory all around United States and I just don't want to be left behind. But both of us were fully occupied with shopping activity that day and we simply headed to California Pizza Kitchen for a tea break since that was the nearest eatery we bumped-to once the tummies started to growl (it was supposed to be a tea break but we had seafood spaghetti instead. lol). To cut a long story short, terlupa terus pasal TCF =(

Those were the sinfully appetizing cheesecakes and choc cakes that papa snapped for the cheesecake-maniac wifey =( He had grilled salmon and according to him it was barely fine (as the meal was the most common food he had during the past few months at the states). I asked him to try out the Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake for me but he was too full for even a spoon of it, (mind the huge US meal's portion). Huk.. Teringin nye cik isteri ini akan cheesecake tersebut hanya tuhan yang tahu..

The varieties of scrumptious cheese/choc cakes served at The Cheesecake Factory

To ease the crave for cheesecakes I hurriedly went to Gloria Jean's Coffees at the office lobby during lunch hour. Unfortunately, there was no cheesecakes available on the shelves that day. Only a variety of choc cakes and pies with sandwiches left. (Ikutkan hati rasa nak drive pergi Secret Recipe kat Wisma MCA tu. Tapi alhamdulillah, masih ada sekelumit sabar dalam diri ini. Hehe.) And so I had Moroccan strawberry chillers with choc lava cake that day. The choc lava was not bad but it's a bit toooooo sweet I really have to say. I might be getting gestational diabetes if I were to have more than one cakes! Huhu. Hence, the choc baked pudding at The Apartment KLCC is still the best rated by yours truly..

I wish The Cheesecake Factory would open up a franchise here in KL one fine day..

Friday, December 16, 2011

Khairul Fahmi Che Mat di URTV

Lunch hour tadi singgah kedai runcit sekejap nak beli Ribena and Chipsmore.

Tapi terjumpe KFCM pulak. With baby blue fitted Hard Rock t-shirt?


Kepada encik suami yang dicintai lagi dirindui selalu,

Jangan miss pergi gym tau! =D

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Lil Explorer!

Yup. The most loved Faheem Darwish just hit 2 years old today!

Those happy faces were taken 2 days before the 13th December,
during our routine groceries shopping on Sunday.

And this is the birthday wish from momma!

I'm so sorry dear Faheem. Mama is so running out of time these days, the workload is driving me crazy and the fatigues are cracking my body =/ I'm not able to make up such a sweetly lovey dovey entry for your special day today. But I promise you darling, everything will turn out back as the good old days once papa is back from the states ok. He has so many surprises for you my boy. Pls pls be good, and just wait patiently for mama at the lobby in a few minutes time ok. Kite dinner dengan atok, nenek and your cousins too!
I'm thinking of Secret Recipe, but nenek told me few days back that she wished to have satay.. So kiddo, kite pegi Satay Kajang dulu ok, this coming weekend mak long datang kite pegi somewhere else more special pulak. Hugs!

Happy Birthday once again my love!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pediasure Special Redemption

Yet another text msg from Mr. Abbot. Well well.. Currently our scoop collection is nearly 40 pieces. It's pretty hard to gain rapidly more within a few months since we tend to purchase the biggest can (1.8kg) - more economical obviously. 4 cans each month that equals to 48 scoops per year? So it seems that we will only be able to do so by the end of next year? Hoho. Itu pun if we're still in the country lah..

I wonder how much would the formula costs us at the first world countries. Is it gonna be cheaper or more compare to what we've been dealing here. Dear husband if you are reading this, please make a price survey when ever you're going out for groceries. Or else dearest Faheem will be settled down with fresh milk instead, or momma's milk!

Well if the supply is sufficient enough for an infant and a toddler. Amin

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The most heartwrenching events in my motherhood journey.

I have two of them. The first one was - Faheem stumbled on the floor when my lil sis was feeding him some bread. He was 18 months plus that time if I'm not mistaken, nearly half of the teeth were already in placed - that explained the bloooooodddd on his lips and pajama! ='( Both lips were cut by the impact from his teeth and tiles. Luckily there's no scar to the lips and the doctor told us that no suture is recommended since the blood had stopped flowing when we reached the clinic.

Pheww.. We don't have any idea how the incident happened. There's nothing blocking his feet and the floor wasn't slippery at all. He walked, he slipped by himself and he fell. I can still remember vividly his loud cry and the blood (banyak amat) all over his his mouth and on my kaften! Pergi clinic pun belasah je pakai kaften dgn slipper jepon sebab da panic sangat time tu.. Hee.. Tho the incident might looked devastating as I witnessed it and as I wrote it here, he actually stopped crying few minutes later and he had his milk with no signs of pain at all. Alhamdulillah.. Super Kid!

The second incident just happened 4 days ago. No more bloody incident. But it's a fractured bone! Goshh.. I've just performed the Isya' prayer and I went out from the room to check him out. He was playing happily with his cousins. I was a few steps behind when the poor little boy accidentally stepped on his fav toy (remember the red Ferrari at Colmar Tropicale?). He just slipped to the front at that instant. I ran to pick him up and he was crying (almost screaming) in so much pain, it was indescribable. He was crying out loud while looking fiercely into my eyes. I'm sure he was badly badly hurt. I hugged him tight and tried to caress the butt and ankles but what surprised me the most was - he repetitively told me that his right thigh was terribly in pain, not the ankles, the knee nor the butt. He was crying for almost one hour and then he fell asleep, he's too tired to continue crying I guess.

Few moments later my parents was back from Bangi and he suddenly woke up. And started whining saying that his right leg was in pain. I got myself changed, called few clinics and fortunately there was our fav GP on duty that night. "No bruises. No swollen areas". So the doctor claimed that he was just fine. Maybe the incident caused his thigh a muscle-pull etc. but nothing near to bones-related. I've experienced a terrible muscle-pull during my 3rd trimester on the previous pregnancy and I clearly understand how it feels. But knowing my boy all this while, he hardly cries when in pain. Jarang2 la menangis sebab sakit. But that incident mcm teruk sangat je die menjerit.. And that's awkward.

He finally went to sleep peacefully few hours later, when we reached home. But he woke up around 4am whining again and again while pointing to his right leg. I was so exhausted since he only wanted me to cuddle him, biasala da sakit2 camtu asyik nak dengan mama jela. Atok nenek nak dukung pun die refuse. I'm carrying him around the house with this bulgy tummy, trying my best to distract him from the pain. Macam nak pengsan dah. Around 6.30am he fell asleep once again on my shoulder. Ini sudah serious. Tak bole jadi ni.. There must be something wrong. I discussed with my parents then we decided to bring him to the orthopedist at Prince Court for further check up, x-ray etc.

The patient radiographer with the injured lil boy and his nanny..

And it turned out YES, his right tibia cracked! (It's not the fibula, but that longest and strongest leg bone instead, the shin). Oh dear.. Luckily the bones are still parallel with each other. The orthopedist suggested the orthopedic cast but me and his nanny refused it since we might be facing troubles while bathing him. And kids recover faster than the adults right. Moreover I don't think the doctor may apply the cast peacefully on him. Doctor nak buat clinical examination pun die meraung meronta2.. Ini nak suruh die stand still while the doctor is doing his job on his leg? No way..
The happy faces before seeing the orthopedist. Sayang sangat!

He was doing just fine when we went out from the doctor's room (He's a bit traumatised with doctors because whenever we took him to seek medical attention, the doctors will (well most of the time) use the spatula to check out his throat. And he hates it the most). He played with his toys, he laughed and he communicated with us as usual. But he refused to get up and walk. He will starts to whine when he accidentally forced the right leg while moving and then he senses the pain. And yesterday his granpa put him on his tricycle since he's screaming to get on it - his fav bike. So atok kesian sgt letak la die atas basikal tu, kayuh dengan sebelah kaki. Aduhaiiii Faheem...

Day 1: He played patiently on the sofa or on on the floor
Day 2: He screamed for help if he needs mobility from A to B
Day 3: He screamed to be on his tricycle. He can stand up now.
Day 4: He played his tricycle like always, but cycling with one foot. And he crawls like baby while playing with his cousins =( This is the most sadden part for me..

I really hope the lil explorer may recover his leg soonest possible. Kesian sangat tengok Faheem terpaksa duduk je atas sofa or tilam while playing with his toys and cousins. Atok, nenek and mama pun penat yang amat sangat sekarang sebab terpaksa dukung cucunda yang tah brape belas kilo tu untuk ke sana ke mari. Nak mandikan pun sorang kena pegang sorang lagi mandikan. Just can't wait for the husband to be back at home next month too. Just can't wait for 2012.. YaAllah, lindungilah keluarga kami dari segala musibah dan permudahkanlah segala urusan kami di dunia dan di akhirat. Sesunguhnya Engkaulah yang maha mendengar lagi maha mengasihani. Aminnn..

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mengidam nenas. Ada makna kah?

I think I've stated in this blog some where in the early pregnancy that I've never had any kind of cravings. Well actually soon after I have completed the 1st trimester cycle I've gradually started to have the feelings of fondness to every meals that are served with pineapple. However I don't think that was some sort of cravingness since the urge to have the so called thorny fruit was not that critical.

I had Hawaiian Chicken Pizza at Pizza Hut and Asam Laksa at Laksa Shack without any bad feelings. Err.. Well I do worried (a bit) since pineapple is an absolute No No during pregnancy - according to our great great great grandmothers lah. I've asked my gynae regarding this and luckily there's no scientific research that proves this tho. But it's a good thing to obey the elders, she quaoted. My hubby lagi best, he was the one who gave me the green light to have all that because from his manly understanding; they are in a very small portion and I'm having it along with other food and it was cooked to the highest temperature bla la.. =p

As days went by, the anxiety to have dishes with pineapples suddenly arisen. Nak makan nasi minyak ada acar nenas, nak makan KFC's double zinger burger baru tu ada nenas, nak minum Minute Maid Tropicale tu pun ada nenas, pajeri nenas lagi la bernenas nenasan. Ada banyak lagi makanan masam manis dalam dunia ni but why it has to be the pineapples! I asked my elder sis and she advised me the same thing, Not to take it. Some people seems to be just fine with nenas during pregnancy but some of them not. It's better to play safe, she said. I agreed half heartedly.

And yesterday an office mate treated the whole division with yummy luncheon and one of the menu was scrumptious dory fish with pineapples? Arghhh.. Bersabarlah wahai mama!

Oh by the way, the tiny one in my tummy turns 19 weeks few days ago (its gestational week is advance by a week). I went to PCMC accompanied by my darling Faheem and my lil sis. As expected I gained 4kg plus this month! Hoho. The sugar level was ok, Alhamdulillah.. The baby weighted 263g and actively waving his hands to momma when the doctor was scanning my bulgy belly and guess what, it might be a SHE!

If it is a boy we can clearly notice his scrotum by now but for the lil one inside my womb, it seems to be a flat surface with 3 lines. I'm sure you guys are imagining it now =p Well well. I know it's still early to overjoyed with the gender news but I'm just so exited to know that the second baby's gender is visible now. There are many cases where the scanned result is M/F but you actually delivered the opposite sex baby. It's totally common. So let's just wait for the next appointment with the gynae. Tak sabar nak shopping baju baby dah ni. Year End Sale plus Black Friday!

Mengidam makanan masam = mengandung baby perempuan

Lets see whether the elderly was right, in my case! :)


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Friday, November 18, 2011

Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi. Room Rate and The Resort Views.

We've spent our 1st babymoon trip for this second baby at Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi, not that truly Colmar in France. Heee.. This is definitely an unplanned trip. Hubby was back in KL last 2 months to settle few issues that the wifey was unable to resolve by herself i.e banking stuff, the home, the ride. Upon completing all items in the to-do-list, hubby had suggested a babymoon trip. I was electrified with that plan, who doesn't?

After few days of searching the web we have decided to spent the babymoon at Universal Studios Singapore. I even surveyed the AirAsia tickets (RM800 return tickets for three that would be on me) and hubby contacted the Resort World Reservation and Hard Rock Hotel Singapore for bookings but the flow suddenly came to a halt when we realized the package would only be cheaper if we make bookings via MasterCard. Hubby only has Amex and Visa and the wifey is left with only Visa. MasterCard da potong last year sebab tak guna sangat.

Lepas berhari2 buat dunno je pasal trip tersebut, tetibe encik suami tersayang ajak pergi Bukit Tinggi. I'm saying NO at that instant. Why? Err.. actually da bnyk kali review pasal Colmar Tropicale ni time nak pergi holiday dulu2. And sadly, I noticed the bad feedbacks were much more than the good ones (at Colmar Tropicale). Sorry YTL for I have to claim it here! =D

However, hubby insisted on going somewhere just nearby KL, nice and cooling to treat the beloved wifey and that active lil boy with good food in a soothing environment. I was on leave that Friday. We woke up early to do the routine grocery shopping and the short discussion during picking up packets of carrot has led us back to our home, express hotel booking, express packing and within 1 hour, we were here!

Pinky window pane. Nice one!

So simple yet so mesmerizing..

It has started to drizzle when we arrived at Bukit Tinggi. Luckily Faheem's Maclaren stroller (Techno XT) can be expended so that the little one is being covered from the rain. I've forgotten to bring along the stroller's rain cover, kalau tak mesti lagi secure kan. Papa hurriedly brought our luggage to our room, sampai tak nak tunggu bell boy pun. Risau sangat die takut Faheem demam kene hujan. Dah la he's going back to US in a few days time.. Mesti risau and rasa bersalah je hubby nanti..
This is where we were staying. One-bedroom suite which is an apartment equipped with kitchen and one bedroom (RM368 if I'm not mistaken, but I'm booking with govt rate so the rate was RM298). Murah kan! It was sooo spacious as what I've been expecting through the journey. I was thinking to bring along Faheem's tricycle tapi sebab kelam kabut sangat, unplanned kn.. So tertinggal. Kalau tak, mesti Faheem duk main non stop smpai penat tertido sendiri atas lantai kut! Oh the kitchen is just a kichen, you're prohibited from any cooking activity. Hehhehe.. Tapi pandai2 lah kan.. =D
The washroom. It's not that kids-friendly. Not that nice lah. Tapi okla when you are looking back at the room rate. Huhu. And the golf course/hill view from the balcony. Oh there was one wide balcony in the bedroom and the other one it's like a big window at the living room. The view was marvelous. The hill view was a bit hazy and blurry as the rain was pounding down during the picture was snapped. And I'm only using my iPhone to capture the moment..

The balcony in the master bedroom

Once the rain had stopped we went out to find something nice for dinner. And we had chosen La Flamme, an eatery that served variety of pizzas. I seriously wanted something with pineapples, just like the Hawaiian Pizza in Pizza Hut, and they have it. Tapi risau lah.. Sebelum ni da makan Hawaiian Pizza tu, I'm ok je. Maybe perut kuat kut, bak kata orang2 tua. Tapi lepas kene sound with my sis and a few good friends, rasa bersalah tak hingat =( Luckily the ones that we ordered at La Flamme was indeed satisfying! Tho with no pineapples.. Sigh

There's an entertainment show each nights..

Colorful horses!

Supper. Da penat bawak Faheem jalan sana sini, lari sana sini, we decided to take a break with a cup of cappuccino at La Boulangerie when suddenly this friendly Filipinos came by. We chit chat for a while and surprisingly they sang us Leaving on A Jet Plane!! Waaa.. Memang da bergenang air mata masa tu.. Feel habes mama Faheem terkenang papa yang akan balik US after the trip. Sobs.. Anyway, thanks guys..

Oh the arcade and video games center at Colmar Tropical were awesome! It was plenty of them and semuanya nampak baru and well maintained. Berkilat lagik! Bersih pulak tu..

Your boys will truly madly in love with this! My hubby was not an exception tho. Sempat lagik die beli few tokens sebab nak main motorcycle tu. Dengan Faheem2 skalik die bawak race =D

The black swan and white swan at the entrance of Colmar Tropicale. This might be the second place I'm seeing that huge swans for real. The first place I met one of them was of course kat Zoo Negara. Hehhe.. =D We can actually feed the swans. They were selling the swans' food at the merchandise store. Spotted the super nice view?

The view from the downstairs, while we were feeding the swans..

There are more pictures that I really wish to paste in here. There's mountain bikes for rent (hubby said the bikes served are from really good brands), the glamoures clock tower, the hit-them-and-you-get-this-huge-teddy, more restaurants including the Le Blason where we had our breakfast (the food was nice and wide variety) and lots more! But I'm seriously tied up with work right now. My own work tak setel2 lagi but then I need to attend meeting pagi dan petang. Balik rumah Faheem asik ajak main sama2, dancing sama2.. Haiyoo. A bit tense I really have to say! Rasa nak amik MC seminggu je, sobs. So this is what I managed to serve in my blog post today. Hope you enjoy it.

Anyway, we've got 2 FREE admissions to the Mini Animal Park and Japanese Village in Bukit Tinggi. But I refused to go since hubby is leaving in a few days time and I think the best way to enjoy that precious moment is to sit together and have a super nice conversation along with a good food to munch. Malas lah berjalan ke sana ke sini.. And he agreed with that =) Hubby's gonna be back for good in a month-time. Can't wait!

Friday, November 11, 2011

My husband cooks. Like seriously.

Spicy prawns with asparagus and celery. Believe it or not, my darling husband made this for dinner yesterday. Mind you, apart from chicken curry ok! I was delighted, seriously. Tho I'm not sure about the taste, technically speaking the garnishing is an A from me =D Knowing the most loved Mr. Z for the past few years, he only cooks Maggi kari at his best. Memang sedap, totally his signature dish la tu. Dengan bawang putih banyak yang amat beserta asap2 tumisan memenuhi segenap ruang di dalam rumah. Even the kitchen hood pun surrender for him =p

But now, after several months in the states he proves me that he can actually cook. Thanks to his colleague who used to study in Tulsa back then (students who studied abroad usually knows how to cook. No?). He also spent 4 years working at Turkmenistan that resolves to -- by hook or by crook he has to cook since halal food was pretty hard to get. Unlike USA, halal restaurants can be found within a click on your iPhone and it's not expensive at all. However the mother tongue is seriously in need for a truly Malaysian nutriment every now and then. And that is why they really enjoy cooking in their fully furnished apartment =)

As far as I can remember he has mastered tomyam, telur dadar, black pepper beef, spaghetti, nasi goreng etc. Oh to my surprise he made nasi goreng for dinner when he's back in KL last month and it was beyond my expectation, sedap ok! And he promised me he's gonna cook us dinner when he's back for good by the end of next month. That time mama Faheem da start nak sarat, and it's just a bless when a husband willingly to be in the kitchen? Alhamdulillah.. Kalau macam ni, berpantang nanti tak payah balik kampung pun takpe. Papa bole je masak untuk mama kan! Heee..

The beloved smoochy moochy munchkin at Rocky Mountain National Park, CO.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dubai International Airport. My first experience!

One of the long-dormant draft in my list. Teehee..
Been here in Dubai with the darling husband during transit for our Houston trip.

Top from left: The roman pillars and ceiling were glittery shone. Exclusive habes! Right: The elevators. I have no idea how tall is this airport but the floor buttons are numerous! We get confused with the floors each times we're using it. Hehe. I think it was merely because we get overjoyed with the scenic view of the airport (first timer katekan..) and sort of missed focus about where we were heading to actually =p

Bottom from left: I'm not sure what was this. Macam tempat santai2/lepak while having tea with the arab's style la kut. Teringin sangat nak duduk2 and snap few pictures but the 16hours flight was forcing our legs to walk straight away to Le Meridien Dubai. We need shower and good sleep! Right: The complimentary meals for all who's flying Emirates. It's FREE so please don't expect more than what should be expected ok =)

The walkway heading to the departure hall

Beloved husband checking in

First Class and Business Class Lounge. Of course la lagi elegant dari yang KLIA punya =D

Hubby checking-in the business class lounge

The Dubai souvenirs. Burj Dubai and Burj Al-Arab were top in the list but the three of us just can't stand the extreme heat outside the airport! =( Baru faham why are the arab women wearing that burqa, covering their whole face: to totally protect them from the heat and dust. So tak jadi pergi.. Sob sob.. Nak beli abaya cantek mantek pun tak jadi sebab my hubby's colleague yang nak bawak kitorang pergi tempat abaya murah2 tu kebetulan balik KL on that weekend. Hopefully ada rezeki lagi pergi Dubai lepas ni..


The FOC Maclaren strollers for your traveling-with-baby convenience, in the airport.

Papa asyik mention pasal kurma pelbagai perisa ni kat Dubai..

That's all I guess. Need to make each posts as short, simple but full of infos starting now as I have tonnes of draft entries! What an eye sore, seriously.. By the way, next entry would be the Le Meridien Dubai and the restaurants they have. Stay tune!


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