Saturday, January 22, 2011

ATV Adventure Malaysia @Bukit Tabur

We have just done with the weekend's luncheon at home and beloved hubby went loafing on the reclining sofa with his laptop, like always. I kept myself busy with dish-washing at the kitchen and then prepared the little kiddo for his afternoon nap. Mr husband calls me up the moment I laid snugly beside my chubby little baby.. Arggh!

"Jom ATV yang!"

Image: Google

Said Mr. Sportsaholic with full excitement whilst his index pointed the LCD. I looked at it and ahh.. I know this! I've seen few friends at Facebook posted this kind of 4-small-wheeled thingy covered with mud but I have no idea what's on earth was it. It is actually an ATV - All Terrain Vehicle. It's like a motorcycle with four wheels (also known as quad bike) and it is designed to handle variety of terrains.

Currently, the nation most talked about is ATV Advanture Park at Kg Kemensah, Hulu Kelang. According to hubby it is near the Zoo Negara junction. Looking at the 'fierce' physical of the four-wheeler, the full face helmets and the thick mud.. I don't think someone petite in size like me will be able to drive such thing. But I love the scenic green view up hill and down hill of Bukit Tabur! To be able to breath in such fresh air in the forest.. Bliss!

The packages range from a base training track to the Sofea Jane Waterfall to the Bukit Tabur Dam! And it's as affordable as from RM50 to RM300 per pax. Oh by the way, dear hubby and his friends have went up Bukit Tabur years back. These are few breathtaking pictures taken during the hiking journey! Images: Credit to hubby's colleague

Marvelous isn't it! Ahh.. I love to see him sweating like that! Weee.. =D Ok back to the main topic here. I told him I don't think I have the courage to handle the quad bike. In a forest through the watery spots some more! But he challenged me to! Err.. Frankly speaking I started to like the adventure with the quad bike but I'm so afraid I might gain excessive blisters and injury, well if I fall down from the machine..

Who's gonna take care of my little muchkin if I'm lying hopelessly on the hospital bed for days? Hmm.. Maybe I'm exaggerating here.. I don't know. But it's quite a headache when he kept on asking me when should we give it a try. I'm sorry hunie, I'm just too concern about the safety aspect. Please make sure I'm very well protected with shin guards, elbow guards and cutie full face helmets and insects repellents when the right time comes aip =)


  1. ajak la cik abang saya tue.. dia pun mmg teringin benar nak main ATV tue hehe

  2. la yeke.. ada geng ghopenye! nt akak bgtau die =)



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